Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy 2021 New Year

On behalf of Terence and the Team (Admin, Moderator, Co-Hosts and EOs)

We would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every SHC Members tonnes of greetings…

  • Wishing all a Christmas that’s merry and bright…
  • Have a safe and relaxing holiday season albeit CoronaV shouldn’t be ignored…
  • Is it just us, or does Santa look younger every year?
  • Christmas is usually for children but we adults can enjoy it too, until our credit card bills arrive…
  • Christmas is magical because we are all together…
  • Eat… Drink… Be Merry… Have a wonderful season!
  • New Year is always followed by Christmas…sending you Bountiful Blessings for year 2021…

20 thoughts on “Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy 2021 New Year

  1. With this current Covid Pandemic, time flew by real fast! The hardworking ‘OX’ is patiently waiting at a corner to dash in after our dear Santa Claus ends his quarantine in early Jan 2021~!

    Nevertheless, Best Wishes to all as we look forward to a Better & Promising OX Year in 3 weeks’ time!


  2. Yeah, Christmas is just around corner….Follow by New Year & we are going into 2021. Hope the pandemic will end by then. Here is wishing all SHC members a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

  3. To Terence, Sally & SHC members,

    During this festive time of faith, family & friendships, may the true meaning of Christmas fill us with joy, peace & happiness. Wishing all a Merry Christmas 2020 and a blessed New Year 2021.


  4. Dear Sally, Terrence and all at SHC…..

    ” T’was Christmas 2020
    And all through the town,
    People wore masks,
    That covered their frown.
    Airplanes were grounded,Travel was banned.
    Borders were closed
    Across air, sea and land.
    As the world entered lockdown
    To flatten the curve,The economy halted
    ,And folks lost their verve.
    It’s true that this year
    Has had sadness a plenty,We’ll never forget
    The year 2020.
    Now cases are spiking,Much to our disliking.
    And just ‘round the corner –
    The holiday season,But why be merry?Is there even one reason?
    Christmas ain’t cancelled
    and neither is hope
    if we lean on each other
    I know we can cope


  5. Greetings from Malyne Suen aka Catherine

    May this festive season of Christmas be more meaningful despite the current pandemic.

    And a blessed New Year 2021 ahead of us .

  6. To Terence, Sally & SHC members
    May the holiday season end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year.
    Merry Christmas!
    Yoon Chin

  7. Dear Terence/Sally and All Members…

    This Xmas and NY, no partying, no swee swee dresses to show off and finally no pom cha cha too…

    But then, it is always good (especially at this moment) to give greetings to everyone for a blessed Merry Christmas for Y2020 and Happy/Healthy New Year in Y2021 to ward away those Covid-19 virus and also praying out loud that this pandemic fast fast end liao…

    Let’s keep our fingers xxxxx…..Cheers… Dolly

  8. 2020 a year of coronavirus
    Started January the first case
    We will once model to the world
    To keep the virus slow and low
    Death count remains zero

    We set the Dorscon to yellow
    But soon it goes to orange level
    And then the Circuit Breaker race
    Follow by the 1 and 2 Phases

    People rushed to queued for groceries
    Rice and canned food are essentials
    The world is mocking at our behaviors
    Even TOILET PAPERS is like our saviors

    Not too soon countries in the world
    TOILET PAPERS became a common goal !

    2020 coming to near end
    Christmas is marching in as a final event
    Santa Claus flying with his reindeers
    Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas to all my Dear

    Have a Wonderful and Blessing festive day
    Safe distancing we shall peacefully celebrate
    Limit to 5 and be reminded law not to break

    2021 Happy New Year will be followed after
    We wished COVID19 will be gone forever


    ~~~~~~~~~~~by June Peh

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