Zonal Meeting @ NEX – 28 December 2020

Our 4th Hangout at Food Junction – NEX with EO Melissa Khng assisted by ChanKN [from 11:30am to 03:00pm].

Our darling, EO Melissa, was there at 10:45am, putting bag, water bottles to chop 3 section of 6-pax seating arrangement to ensure that all members can be seated comfortably upon their arrival.  But, regret to say that at times, situation just not in our favour, so, very unreluctantly, we finally decided to say bye bye to 1 section as the lunch crowds kept increasing and every eyes were staring at our sides liao… paiseh lah!

At strike of 12.15pm, members were seen coming towards us with Melissa busy allocating seats for them since there was only 9 seats reserved instead of the original 15.  Then came a member with shiny armour (Bobby Bok) had graciously offered to buy each and every member a drink.  Sue Chan and Lina Ng were also sharp enough to spot on another table near to us to make the group complete in 1 corner.  It was indeed a show of cooperation among these members to ensure a safe distancing.

What happened next – Aiyo!!!  Of cos, chatting, networking and taking of photos lah.. and not forgetting our lunches too.  It was indeed an afternoon well spent.  Till we meet again…

Dolly Lim

Author: Dolly Lim

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4 thoughts on “Zonal Meeting @ NEX – 28 December 2020”

  1. Thanks Melissa, ChanKN and Dolly for your great effort in putting this gathering together. We had a wonderful time chit chatting ….. non stop interacting, Excellence ! when shall we meet again……

    Ah Nee

  2. ANee dear,
    Akan datang or as soon as another EO is born to champion this exciting meet-up lor.. Perhaps, your goodself, David Ong or Lilian Chua… We will be waiting…. On Bo?… Cheers.. Dolly

  3. Hi
    Dolly ,Chan ,Melissa

    Thanks for organise this monthly gathering.
    Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.The Gathering was super . You made my day.”
    I’m touched beyond words.”

    Cola Tan

    1. Hi Cola,
      Thank you for your participation to this meet despite of your heavy schedule. Hope to see you again in the next Zonal meet.. Cheers.. Nex Zonal committees

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