Weekly Mandarin Chit chat Session-Monday @10:30am

Fun way to learn Mandarin on the GO!

A get-together session in speaking the language on anything under the sun, understanding each other better and of course building stronger friendship ties especially in this covid-19.

Mistakes to avoid – Chinese character do have multiple pronunciation and meaning. Some will treat as a joke and laugh it off and some will treat it seriously and get offended.

We are here to improve more conversational Mandarin at the same time know more of our Chinese Culture and customary Practice…

Please join me on every Monday.

Vivian Lai

5 thoughts on “Weekly Mandarin Chit chat Session-Monday @10:30am

  1. Reminds me of China Reality Game Show – looking for a fun way to improve your Mandarin Skills – I really had a good laughter cracking so loud just by watching it and I believe yours will be too, JIA YOU…

  2. ???? Vivian ????????????????????????????

    i am using “translate” for the above, please feel free to correct me, thanks in advance

    cheers to all – Freda

    • Hi Freda, it is ok… so you will remember WordPress do not recognize… It will be good for u to crop and send as image for Vivian to view… I believe u can… Jia You… alternatively, we practice our PinYin here… Laoshi duì ma…

  3. Morning Everyone

    Attached i pluck it out from d media not sure it will pops up as WP does not recognised chinese characters. Anyway, as advice i snap d pic to attached it. Basically I m asking if any SHC members here know calligraphy? If so maybe we can meet & chat more on Monday 10.30 at SHC zoom event.


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