how did you spend your 21st birthday !!

halo hiah ti jie mui ( brother & sisiter )

as for myself ,it was a damn awesome day to remember it lor…

my so called sworn brother flat in toa payoh was being use  for de 21st party celebration.

i ,ve two group of kakis or hiah ti jie is de hippie &  de other the ah beng , ah seng ah hui ah lian group.. as it too big group ..i only call de hippie brothers..wat a balddy fool of ah beng ah seng group got wind about it..& came gate crashed…

there after u can imagine de havoc created..whole house kena whack flying cakes cup drinks ,urine &

even de flower pots will not spared lor…wow wow  time flies real super fast liao..cos yesterday i had my b/day good makan with my dolly & de tok kong ah jie lilly ho…thks for de fellowship hor….

now , buddies can share bo how u had yr 21st birthday ..mai pai sei hor….( dun be shy )

sam huat huat

10 thoughts on “how did you spend your 21st birthday !!”

  1. Hi Ah Sam


    I spent my 21st Birthday working. We don’t celebrate 21st Birthday or any birthdays during those yesteryears, unlike our children and grandchildren today. Hee2

  2. Hi Sam,

    At 21, I did not have a girlfriend. So, it was me and a few male friends. My 21st birthday was spent with some NS friends at the Jurong food market, along Corporation Road. I remembered a few drafts and chilly BBQ fish. That’s my 21st Birthday.

    Terence Seah

  3. Happy belated birthday Xiao Di.

    Sorry did not know it was your birthday. I would have loved to celebrate with you all if i had known.

    I had my engagement party on my 21st birthday. It was a big party held at a chalet (Telecom’s). My sisters helped me prepare the dinner for the party. Our families were invited, together with my hubby’s friends and colleagues and mine.

    He gave me a little diamond studded key and the engagement ring :) I wore a pretty baby blue organza gown. Such lovely memories.


  4. Hi Caroline #3

    That was a beautiful sharing… wow, you were engaged at 21.

    I had not started dating then. Only started dating when I turned 22. Kekeke


  5. Thanks Gebby Dear

    I am kiasu. Better quickly chope before he kena snatched away. Haha! He became my fiance that night and not hubby yet. That happened one year later :)


  6. Hi Sam
    Happy Belated Birthday….stay young and chubby…hahaha..

    #4 Hi Gabriella
    Dating at 22 ok la…..not too late le…

    #3 Hi Caroline
    Wow!!! Romantic le…

    My 21st..hmmm can never forget. Recovered from very bad flu after weeks, cannot even stand for too long, dizzy and fainting spell. Only a handful of close friends celebrated with me and mum cook it for us.

    Lai Fong

  7. Dear Lai Fong

    ^ _ ^ Thanks. Yes, was a bit young though but no regrets!

    Good thing you recovered, with Mum to the rescue for your party?


  8. At aged 21, I must confess I was not at all street smart. I held my 21st birthday at a pub in a hotel for my friends. I remembered the bill came up to 2k plus (that was a lot, a lot of money in those days). Later I found out that gatecrashers charged their drinks to my bill. Stupid me hor? :(


  9. Hi Sam Kor Kor,

    Sure. You can borrow from me the collection of No Regrets Canton HKTVB drama but how to pass to you ?

    PLs. reply . TQ.

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