Soh Yew Tiong – Introduction

Hello Everyone,

Though I had signed up with SHC for quite a while, I have as yet to join any activities. Now, I thought it is
time to join the fun. A little about my humble self…

I am a retiree, a family man who lives in the east. I have been a learner of buying and selling of currencies and;
to a lesser extent, stocks and unit trusts for a few years already. I spend much of my time looking and studying fractal geometrical charts and reading
trading books apart from trading. At times, I would share this passion with my friends
on the little I know.

Besides, I play golf locally and
overseas though my back injury had been preventing me from playing as well and as often as I wanted. I also walk and cycle while I would frequently jog in my dreams.

I look forward to making more
friends at the SHC.

Yew Tiong

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  1. Hi Soh Yew Tiong,

    Welcome to SHC!!

    Since you live in the East, would you like to join our SHC East Group gathering this coming Thursday 19 April?
    Venue: Changi City Point Foodcourt 2nd Level near S’pore Expo MRT.
    Time : 2.30pm – 4.30pm.

    Do look into “SHC Gathering for Members in the East on 19 April 2012” post by our leader Robert Ong. Write in to register on this post that you are joining us so that Robert could add your name in our list.
    Email me – so that I can mail you Robert & my mobile no. incase you cant find us.

    In our East group, we have a few golfers, walkers & cyclists. Will introduce you to them so that you can join them for these activities whenever. Am sure you will have a hearty chat over a nice cuppa.

    Looking forward to seeing you at our East Group meetings and other SHC activities & events too.

    Be There!

  2. Yew Tiong

    I am sb. Although I seldom post, I am prompted by your saying that you spend quite a bit of time trading.

    I am also retired, and as you, I am interested in trading and learning about trading. I mainly trade Singapore stocks, although I do follow the US market.

    I do not know anything about fractal geometrical charts. For my trading, I use a mixture of fundamental information and technical indicators (e.g. RSI, MACD, GMMA, Bollinger bands, MAs, etc.), sometimes with gut feeling thrown in.

    I would be interested to exchange info, tips, alerts with you (or anyone in SHC) if you have the same interest.

    My email :

    Thank you.


  3. Hi Yew Tiong and sbkhoo#2

    I hope to have an opportunity to introduce myself when both of you attend the next SHC monthly gathering. For the time being I briefly tell you what I am learning and working on.

    I am still in the learning stage in regards to fx trading.

    I started using Oanda’s trade pratice recently. I will only go live when I reach my goal of gaining 100 pips a week constantly for a period of 3 months. I protect my capital base on sl/tp at 30/50 or 50/80.

    I prefer swing trading and only focus on eurusd. I use Bolinger Band and RSI. Do not want to add more indicators because I will be confuse and become undecided. Do observe candle stick for price action and mainly monitor H1, H4 and daily time frame. Trade within my forcasted daily and weekly range.

    I did’nt trade Singapore stock #2 sbkhoo, but not sure whether the reading of RSI and BB similar to FX trading. Would appreciate if sbkhoo can share your knowledge when we meet.

    As to fundamental, I do check the calenders on the day and time of data to be publish. I will avoid entering a trade during the release time. Too eratic in movement and scalp trading not suitable to me.

    I also did track the forecast of some 12 expert and only found few of them with about 50% accuracy. I won’t said they are not reliable because I believe their prediction is base on fundamental to guide mainly investors. I also believe the speculators are the one who moves prices and that could be the reason why only a few can succeed being a trader.

    Soh #1, I went to the Bukit Batok Hometeam golf driving range recently to realise that I have slacken alot with my swing. Not been playing and practicing for decades. Hope one day can join you in your practice and ask you to corect my strokes if you allow.

    Looking forward to seeing both of you at the next SHC gathering.

  4. #1

    Hi Pearl,

    Thanks for those kind, warm words of welcome. It’s much appreciated.

    Yes, I will certainly come for the coming Thurs gathering. I will register immediately after this.

    Looking forward to meet you and the others.




    Hi Soo Beng,

    Thanks for sharing. The indicators you mentioned are great for trading SG Stocks although they may be passive and lagging.

    However, they were not as helpful during my infant Forex trading years. It was only when I switched to Price Action and use of active indicators that I started to recover my losses.

    I am frightful of sharing signals as our SG market is small and susceptible to many influences, least members here lose precious money.

    I understand that there is an investment forum here, perhaps, we could catch up with our sharing there.




    Hi Johnny,

    I am an Oandanian too. An intra-day trader who trades mainly EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD and Gold. I believe in price action and use of active indicators of support and resistance, trendline, channels, fibo, candlesticks and chart patterns whereby they project to the future.

    Suggest don’t spend too much time on Demo/practice as the real thing is trading live afterall, you can trade micro (or even smaller)in Oanda platform which means a loss of 1 pip costs only 0.10cent (and not likely to lose more than $10 or 100 pips in a day). Hone your skill through the seriousness of live trading and you will improve very fast.

    I have used BB, RSI, MACD, Stoc, PSAR, ADX, ATR before and found that these lagging indicators not very useful as they could not match up with the fast fleeting price movement of currency trading.

    Yes, keep away from the red hot news, particularly the NFP.

    Lets catch up at the investment forum or at the golf range/course perhaps.


    yew tiong

  5. Hi Yew Tiong#4,

    Welcome to our SHC East gathering!
    Do email me for the exchanges of our contact numbers as we are not allowed to post them here under our club’s rule.

    We’ll be looking forward to meet you this coming Thursday 19 April, 2.30pm.


  6. Hi Yew Tiong,

    Thank you for your advice. May I ask which investment forum you referring to and the driving range you go to.?


    johnny pow

  7. JohnnyP

    I am a member of HomeTeam Club and also use the driving range at Bukit Batok. I try to go to the Gym at the club every Tuesday and Fridays. On Fridays sometimes I use the driving range instead of the Gym. These are usually the days when I am tired or loss a little money the day before at the golf course.

    I am not in town this coming Friday but we can meet on other weeks.

  8. #5

    Thanks, Pearl, much appreciated.




    I mean “Trading and Investment” Forum here in SHC. See above, to “choose your Category” window for this and click “view”. I think it is hosted by Kenneth.

    Will be going there to ask Tiang Soon to share with me (us) on how to trade news successfully. You may be interested.



    #6 & #7

    I stay in the east, thus I go to Marina Bay diving range albeit not often because of occasional relapse of back pain.
    Have hc of 24 but most of the time play like pc/cow standard.

    We can have games at Poresia, Palm Resort or at the beautiful Bukit Banang course in BP. Since I am staying in the east I can drive and fetch both of you enroute. Will send both of you my email address/HP no.

    Small wager ok, otherwise just treat both of you to black pepper crabs lor.



  9. #11

    Hi Rosalind,

    Thanks for the kind words of welcome, much appreciated.

    I believe you will be going to the gathering tomorrow, see you there.



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