Dancing at Kovan Jam this Friday, 27 Apr 2012

Dear all………

See you at Kovan Nite.!     emoticon

***Tickets for the event are available on the very evening***    emoticon

  • Date: Friday, 27 Apr 2012
  • Time: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm
  • Fee: $3.00  with Mineral water
  • Venue: Paya Lebar Kovan CC (Multi-purpose air-cond Hall)
  • Blk. 207, Hougang Street 21

Ah Nee, Event Co-ordinator   emoticon

Those coming :

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Lily Ho
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Janie Leong
  5. Laura Wee
  6. Thomas Loh
  7. Peri
  8. Gingko Tay
  9. John Howe
  10. Yatsing
  11. Eileen Thean
  12. Bobby Bok
  13. Lydia Chin
  14. Richard Hee
  15. Gabriella Chua
  16. Patrick Oei
  17. Linda
  18. Molly
  19. Joe Leow
  20. Bessie Lam
  21. Terry Tang
  22. Anymore coming ……

16 thoughts on “Dancing at Kovan Jam this Friday, 27 Apr 2012

  1. Dear all,

    I don’t see any selection for “Edit”, so can’t edit my post.

    Just to update who’s coming to the JAM….

    Ah Nee
    Lilly HO
    Dolly Lim
    Janie Leong
    Laura Wee
    Thomas Loh
    Gingko Tay
    John Howe
    Eileen Thean
    Bobby Bok
    Lydia Chin
    Richard Hee
    Gabriella Chua
    Patrick Oei
    Joe Leow
    Bessie Lam

    Anymore coming….pls join me if you are free and feel like letting your hair down on a Friday evening!

    Just come lor….
    Cheers! Ah Nee
    Ah Nee

  2. Hi Ah Ni,

    Oh, I’m coming. I have to “dance(work) down” my stomach pouch
    (fat), no thanks to over-eating. Life is still good in Singapore, never mind the heartaches and stresses that come with it as a package.

  3. Hi Ah Ni,

    Wah! you not only cycle you also dance. Btw what is dancing at Kovan Jam? Is it the dance we need to jump up and down? This will be good excercise too. Please include me.

    Cheers! :)

  4. Hi Johnny,

    Dancing is equally FUN like cycling…..Great workout, you can jump up & down, shake & shake, twist to the right & twist to the left…up to you, very eazy wan. hahaha…will see you this Friday //(*_*)\\

    Ah Nee

  5. Hi Lynn,

    Welcome you and Molly Quek to Kovan Jam. Tomorrow I will be around at the CC Hall entrance, so look out for me and see you! @(~_~)@

    Hi Johnny,

    Yes, you can bring your own kaya. But if you get “sien” with kaya, there will be peanut butter, cheese spread, Garlic spread…hahaha just joking, see you and Annie tomorrow.

    Ah Nee

  6. Hi Johnny Pow (#8),

    During dance interval, can you give us tips on how to make dai pow, char siew pow, tau sa pow, har gau and siew mai, can or cannot, please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Terry Tang

  7. Hi Johnny Pow,

    If I am not wrong, you could be a descendant of Imperial China’s very serious and righteous judge, the famous Chief Justice Pow Gong. Because of this, may I apologise to you for making a stupid statement via item no: 10 above.

    Sorry Sir.


  8. Hi Ah Nee,

    #9 Very thoughtful of you.:) I also like pb, cs and gs. With my watchful kaya is ok but not behind kaya back.:) When I eat food I like I cannot stop. So usually kaya will stop me.:)

    Terry #10: Me very poor maker. Only know how to eat.:)

    Terry #11: Yes,got little bit of his blood. The reason why I join Kovan Jam is to loosen myself. If not I look very serious and ppl don’t talk to me.:)

    Now going to join Inez and James for badminton session. Warm up so tonight got stamina to jump up and down.:)

    I also hope there are chairs to sit and rest.:)

    See you all ladies and gentleman tonight !


  9. Hi Terry & Johnny….

    You guys are real jokers……we can continue to joke this evening!

    For those who feel like letting your hair down, just come lah…. we partying and have FUN together lor….

    Cheers! Ah Nee

  10. #13 Ah Nee,

    Sometimes I shave myself botak to keep a cool head. Many SHC members ever saw me sporting a botak head.

    Being a hairless, I have ‘zero’ hair to let down! Maybe, I’ll apply another idea. I’ll come in wearing a long-haired hippie wig at the next Kovan jam.

    Cheers/Yum Seng!

  11. Hi Terry,

    First time I met you at Kovan Jam….wow! you are so energetic and sporting. Dancing and enjoying yourself…so dancing can made someone look young right? See you next Kovan Jam on 29 Jun.

    Ah Nee

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