Walking groups – finding your own kakies. Closing 20 Mar 2021

SilverHairsClub has many walkers, in different corners in Singapore.  If you like to find other walking kakies, Whatsapp text 9489 4360 “RSVP Walking”.  We will connect you with one another.  Closing date: 20 Mar 2021.

We hope you can find other walkers, with your preferred dates, time, location and walk pace preference.  Feel free to lead a group or join other groups.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


3 thoughts on “Walking groups – finding your own kakies. Closing 20 Mar 2021”

  1. Hi walkers, TQ for responding to find fellow walking kakies. Many members love walking, and have preferences for certain types of walks, different location, day and time of the month. To make it easy, we would arrange a few days for members who have responded to find walking kakies. Because of Covid restrictions, we would arrange one day where all of you can come into zoom.

    During this first meeting, indicate your walking preference, your day and time of the week and where to meet.

    If someone meets your oreference, you can send a private msg during zoom, and arrange a private chat.

    You may also leave a post in SilverhairsClub.com, indicate your walk preference. If u need a password, plse contact shcadmin Sally Foo.

  2. We have 4 meetings for members to find walk kakies.

    Some members have their own walk preferences esp region, date and time, while others are still unable to find their own walk kakies.

    For their convenience, we will start a Whatsapp “SHC walking kakies group”. Here, members can announce their routes and preferences. For those who wish to join or stay in this group, pls whatsapp 9489 4360 “SHC walking group”.

    We will expand this group with more members from SHC who were unable to join the Zoom sessions.

    Terence Seah

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