SHC home cooking program

Many SHC members are into cooking and baking. They cook tasty dishes and desserts while others bake aromatic nonya cakes, kueh2 and bread. As an extension of our Yummy yummy and cooking programs, we hope to make available home cooking to fellow members.

To start, step 1, we will collate a group of members, who cook at HOME and are ready to sell to other members. We will start with 10 interested members.

This program is meant for homecooked food, not for commercial businesses. Participants advertise their dishes, determine price, collect payment and organise deliveries.

In step 2, we open this home cooking service to other SHC members. Members can order directly to the chefs or bakers, pay direct and arrange deliveries.

To participate in step 1, plse whatsapp 9489 4360, indicating cooking or baking interest. There is no fee. Closing date: once 10 participating members reached .

Terence Seah

2 thoughts on “SHC home cooking program

  1. We shall be closing participation for the SHC home cooking service very soon.

    To make it easy for participants, we shall have 2 meetings to establish procedures on advertising, pricing, payments and deliveries. All participants will be informed via whatsapp.

    Terence Seah

  2. In response to our program to provide home cooking and baking, 10 members have raised their hands to participate

    10 members have come together to provide home cooked food. They will be allowed to advertise their dishes, display their prices, provide delivery and collect payment.

    The 2nd batch of participants can begin around Aug 2021. To participate, rsvp via whatsapp “home cooking service” to 9489 4360.

    This program aims to allow members with specialty dishes, cakes to begin small, provide lunch, dinner or deliveries or self collect.

    We wish them success starting small, and kickstart their love for cooking, make some money and manage some of SHC makan activities.

    I am open to allow similar concepts in the Club. Whatsapp me your ideas.

    Terence Seah

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