The Westerly gale is blowing – June 29, 2012 (Friday)

It’s time for  us to meet again Westerner, this time round we shall have a burst of activities!!!emoticon

Venue: Singapore Polytechic Graduates’ Guild, 1010 Dover Road. Gate 4.

Nearest MRT: Dover. Pickup can be arrange from Dover or Clementi MRT

Time:  10:00am             SwimmingemoticonBadminton

           12:00pm             Lunch

Stir-Fried Sliced Pork with Black Bean Paste $9.00
Black Pepper Beef Steak $9.00
Sliced Beef with Bell Pepper in Hot Plate $9.00
Stir-Fried Chicken with Asparagus in Hot Bean Paste $9.00
Wok-Fried Ginseng Chicken in Clay Pot $9.00
Prawn Paste Chicken $9.00

           2:00pm               Karoeke or Bowling

Those keen on playing with the One Arm Bandit (Jackpot machine) also welcome.

Please indicate whether you are coming for one or all the activities.

EOs, Dan & Pat Oeiemoticon

Registration List:

  1. Dan Huang
  2. Pat Oei
  3. Johnny Pow
  4. Annie Pow
  5. Barbara Lim
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Tian Soo
  8. Terry Tang
  9. Peng Peng
  10. Charles Wee
  11. Mike Tay
  12. Catherine Yeo
  13. Primrose Kok
  14. Angela Kok
  15. Yoonchin
  16. Lena Wang
  17. Susan Tan
  18. Janie Leong
  19. Richard Kee
  20. Jane Kee

59 thoughts on “The Westerly gale is blowing – June 29, 2012 (Friday)”

  1. Hi Dan and Patrick

    I like to echo what other members had said earlier – I had
    enjoyed the gathering very much and want to thank both of you for organising it.

    Also, thanks to Annie for teaching us how to play Rubicube.

    Looking forward to more of such gatherings.

  2. What a treat to listen to Cantonese ballads crooned by Peng Peng and Simon – well I may not understand the lyrics but can get the feel of it listening to the beautiful melody. Simon was a bit tentative with his vocals at first but Peng Peng slowly slowly brought out the best in him and he finally pulled off with her in a beautiful duet. Well done PP! Now Simon’s wife is asking when is the next meet!

    Hey Dan and Pat – thanks v much for organising this. I’m sure this is appreciated by everybody from the bottom of their hearts – I know organising an event no matter how simple, is never easy – requires work and sacrifice of time, and worry how it will turn out – just ask any organiser. Well done

  3. Only Dan and Pat get to swim and having a good workout today. We have 26 members who turned up. It was great that Pat managed to book a room where two big round tables were filled up.

    We get to rub shoulder with new menber Simon Lee and wife Pearl Kwan, Inez Lim and James Koh together with Tricia Har, Bobby Bok, Susan Tan2 and Lim Geok Suan.

    After lunch some went bowling, some play card Rumikub and the rest remain to chat in the room. TS seems to be putting on weight.

    For about $5.00 on average per drink we get to sing our hearts out. The karoeke room was equipped with the latest gadget and could take in about 30 pax. It was a really good deal!

    It was good fellowship and getting to know each other better. We hope to meet again soon.


  4. HI Guys & Gals

    See u sooon… Just realised the Restaurant has got some delectable Nonya Sets with the famous Persanakan dishes
    like ayam Buah Keluak, Babi Ponteh and the rest.

    For those of you who can come but have not registered..
    just come at 12 noon…

    Welcome to those who signed up.. sorry have been busy last few not much time to log in…

    Dover Rd Singapore Poly Gate 4.Next to New Town Sec School (junction of Clementi Rd & Dover Rd)
    You can also walk from Dover MRT…. 5 min walk only…

    Dan And I will be at the MRT for those who need a lift at 11.30..

  5. Hi Terry,

    My apology the pickup time is 11:30am. At 10:30am I may be lost in the pool and it look like I will be swimming alone.

    Dun think I have your mobile, hope you read this.


  6. Hi Dan Huang,

    I’m eager to take your tpt at Dover MRT at 10.30am to-morrow as I am unsure where’s the Polytechnic’s location. Without tpt provided from Dover MRT, I may have a hard time locating the place. Rain or shine, I’ll be there.

    Thanks a lot Dan for the offer of pick-up.


  7. Two days to go for the Westerlies meeting!!!

    Those coming to join me for the swim, meet at the pool at 10:00am. If you need at ride to the venue I can pick up at Dover MRT at 9;45am.

    Those coming for the lunch, and not familiar of the place I will pick you at Dover MRT at 11.30am.


  8. Hi Lena, noted your difficulty.

    Susan, so glad you are taking the afteroon off to join us.

    See you TS, it’s been a long time since we met.

    As our usual Badminton game happen on the day before, we shall have swimming instead.


  9. Hi Dan and Pat,

    See you this Friday from 2.00 pm onwards. Need a break and going to enjoy the crooners’ renditions while I sip my afternoon ice cold lemon tea on a hot Friday afternoon. Now I apply for my afternoon leave, See you guys,


  10. Hello Dan & Pat

    I have to travel for a few days from tomorrow, so have to opt out, sorry to miss Friday’s event. Hope to catch up in July.

    Many thanks.


  11. Thanks Charles, noted you are coming for lunch and karaoke.

    Anyone coming for a swim, I will be there for my ten laps of free-style and breast stroke? A good way to loosen all the joints.


  12. Steven Chan,noted that you are not able to join us.

    Gentle Reminder:

    Westerlies meeting this Friday.
    10:00am Swimming
    12:00m Lunch
    2:00pm Karoeke or Bowling.

    Those coming please indicate your preference for us to make the required booking.


  13. Hi Dan

    You are so kind… but I don’t think I can make it.

    Anyway, do have a great time!

    P.S. Do catch The Best and Most Exotic Marigold Hotel showing in some theatres now; I found the story both humourous and appealingly relevant to us seniors.

  14. Hi Kenneth,

    We welcome you whether you are Northerly, Southerly or Easterly. Come lah if the foods is calling you.

    Hi Lena, noted you are coming for lunch and karoeke. Appreciate your graciousness in offering car lift from Jurong East MRT.


  15. Hello Dan & Pat

    Please include me for lunch & maybe karaoke.

    Anyone who needs a lift to the venue, I’ll be happy to pick you up from Jurong East MRT Pick-Up Point 11.40am, just drop me a line at to confirm please, thank you.

  16. Wah, Westerly wind, Easterly wind…

    but West got food, leh! I stay in the North where there’s no wind! Except for the Walkies which take place somewhere in Seletar?? But I am in no condition for a 2-hour walk… maybe a wheelchair jaunt will be more suitable for me.

    Dan, you are certainly good at arranging all these events… Hey!! Some people are attending both windy events!

    Aiyah, there’s also good food at the Swimming Club… besides too much one-armed bandit will give you tennis elbow!

  17. Hi Primrose and Angela,

    So glad that both of you can join us. Btw, is Angela oredi a member?

    Indeed, thanks to Inez and Amy we got a good workout at the badminton session today. I think there are 13 of us present and everyone sweated it out because of the two extra courts available.

    Inez, I asked about the booking because I am hoping that June 29, being a Friday we could have our games at Bukit Gombak and adjourn for lunch at SPGG.


  18. Dear Badminton enthusiasts Dan & Patrick,
    My sister,Angela,and I enjoy your company and fun and will join the sumptuous lunch gathering @ the Singapore Poly on 29th. June. As we would have Badminton practice the previous morning,we would definitely be there for the tantalizing lunch at 12p.m. Cheerio!

  19. Hi Dan #27 – we have not booked the courts for June because we can’t book a month ahead. We’ll discuss with the group which days/date to book when we meet nearer the date.

  20. Hi Dan Huang @ 21,

    I am NOT overdose as you may think.
    Disco ball is just a big black plastic ball which is lighted inside to reflect the different colour spots all over the room. Like what you see in the movie Sat night fever.

  21. Hi Dan,

    Since the club do not have badminton court, consider Annie Tan and me for bowling. I hope Philip can skip his regular private league session to join us. Hope to learn from him how to bowl for consistence strike. :)

    If there are enough learners like me, we can try asking him to be our coach.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! :)

  22. Hi Cat Yeo,

    As you are having problem logging in, we noted that you are coming for badminton, lunch and karoeke. Be seeing you.


  23. Hi Geok Suan,

    No worries, we will have plenty of other interesting venues for our monthly gatherings.

    Hi Johnny, Pat and Mike, when I suggested badminton, I am hoping to get the courts at Clementi CC or Safra Mount Faber. It is too early to make booking now.

    Inez, are you confirmed that badminton on June 28? I am hoping that you can book June 29 instead and we can all adjourn to SPGG.


  24. Welcome Mike… wld be great if Susan and Geok Suan can make it…

    sorry Johnny,told Dan no Badminton court la…..but tennis court is available…

    btw, there is a Spa/Jacussi/Sauna/Steam Room available for the men… $5 guest fee for the spa & swimming..

    for the ladies, I believe the spa will also be available by then

    Bowling….only $2.80 per game…. (before 6pm)
    Starts at 10am…so for those who dont want to swim in the can bowl…from 10am…


  25. Hello Dan,

    Thank you for considering a Saturday to accommodate me and few others who are working.

    I suggest that you keep the Westerly meetings on weekdays to accommodate the retirees who may want their weekends for their families. Also, saturdays maybe crowded, and lunch is Taiwan porridge. Please check this info out b4 you arrange lunch on weekends at the Poly Guild Hse.

    If I can get off early on that Friday, I may drop by for a cuppa at the pool-side, B1’s restaurant. It’s been a while since I had attended any meeting with SHCians.Waiting to be blown over by the Westerlie wind.

    Geok Suan

  26. Hi Dan,

    If there are kakis for badminton please include Annie Tan & me since we will be missing Inez session on Thursday.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! :)

  27. Hi Geok Suan, we will missed you. Perhaps the round we shall have on a Saturday.

    Steven, yes it is next to New Town Sec Sch. A link shall be up as soon I I got the hang of it. Wat disco ball are you referring to as I catch no ball. Are you possibly on an overdose now?

    Peng Peng, so glad you can join us.

    Charles, Pat will answer your question soon. Be seeing you.

    If response to the swimming session is poor, we will most like have a bout of badminton.


  28. Good to know Steven, TS and Terry are coming ..
    Looking forward to hear TS….sing..

    Welcome Peng Peng…
    and looking forward to having Charles join us..

    Good to note (for this rare occasion), the men are more forthcoming..

    If this meeting is successful, was telling Dan,
    I can arrange to have our next few meetings at Hollandse Club and also NUS Alumni.

    Looking forward to more North South East West friends join us..

    Charles, no limit to no. of guests….

    Pat Oei

  29. Dan,
    i will keep the date free. Are there no limit to the number of friends a Polytechnic Guild club member can bring into the premises and use its facilities.?

  30. Hi Terence / others,

    DAN has set a very good example of a monthly meeting with a few activities which members will look forward to participate . This I strongly believe will make SHC club more vibrant . And so the rest N,S or E can emulate. If each monthly meeting coming from N S E or W comes with a few interesting activities, then members from whichever direction will be more tempted to join. They can participate in small groups in quiet and conducive surroundings with ambience which enhances closer interaction among members. Everyone can be heard and sharing their experiences.

    Unlike in the Hans’ Reaturant in South Bridge Road, the LOUD noise coming from 100 + SHCians is indeed v. deafening. And many other customers who also patronise the restaurant gave us cold hard stares showing their great displeasure.

    It seems that down here, if one wants to be heard by others he/she has to talk on top of his voice and the LOUDEST voice wins. You may choose to disagree. It is a fact I hate to say but it is the truth.

    My 8 cts. worth on how SHC can be made more vibrant. Dan has initiated the idea , hope others from N,E or S will follow suit and comes up with more and more interesting, creative and/or exciting activities. At the same time members that come with brainstrom with the EO what kind of activities they want for the future monthly meetings.

    Now back to clean , polish and making sure tat the disco ball is still working after it has been left as a ” white elephant ” in the store room for a few years.

  31. Hi Dan,

    This time round if there is NO disco ball at this place , I will bring mine along to SPICE up the atmosphere. We all can dance to the beat of John Travolta , Saturday Night Fever and Micheal Jackson Beat it Beat It !!! while
    Caroline Gee / Ronnie Wee / others , our best female and male singers from the East will sing while we dance to beat .

    OK Caroline or do you prefer to sing Oh Carol , Sha Na Na or your favourite ABBA songs ?

    Looking 4 ward to this ” out of the box ” monthly meeting unlike the usual
    talk cock sessions.

    Forgive me if i am a bit high today and having the FEVER bug. Ha! ha! :)

  32. Hi all ,

    Where exactly is this place Singapore Polytechic Graduates’ Guild

    Is it next to the New town Sec Sch , a blue building and near the SingTel Tower ?

    Pls. reply. Thanks

  33. Hi Steven,

    Yes, you got it right. We are really glad that you can join us.

    Tian Soo and Terry, we look forward to your good company. I am sure there will quite a few potential crooners in our midst, you will be surprise. I can still remember TS singing ‘Are you lonesone tonight.


  34. Hi All,

    I’m coming for lunch & karaoke. Hopefully, there are enough
    SHCians interested in karaoke. It is my first time there. Hopefully I can find the Polyclinic’s cafeteria. No problem. I can ask passers-by in the vicinity for directions.

  35. Hi Dan,

    THANKS for being the EO for our Westerlies. :)

    Sure we had to support the Westerlies Movement. Like paying Ma jong which I am learning at beginner’s stage , NSEW….

    I will be coming for the lunch and KOK.
    Btw, is this this place Singapore Polytechic Graduates’ Guild is next to the New town Sec Sch , a blue building and near the SingTel Tower ?
    Pls. reply. Thanks

  36. Hi Dan & Pat,

    Pl disregard my post #7, asking for gate number.
    I just noticed you mentioned Gate 4. This is the trouble with eyesight when age advances. Sometimes you see it and
    sometimes you don’t.


  37. Will miss Gabriella and Susan.
    Happy to have Johnny Pow,Annie Tan,Barbara Lim join us.

    Gate 4 is exactly just after New Town Sec School..
    If u are driving…from Clementi Rd along Dover Rd.

    Pat Oei

  38. Hi Dan

    Singapore Poly is a big complex. Can you also tell us
    which entrance to take for those of us who are driving.
    Looking forward to the meeting. Thank you,


  39. Hi Gabriella and Susan,

    We will missed your company, next time then.

    Barbara, we shall meet again after the potluck.

    Bus Service nos may be shown here soon.


  40. Hi Dan,

    Great! I will be away for almost the whole of June, and will definitely be missing local food. Please count me in
    for the lunch and may be Karaoke.

    Thank you, Barbara

  41. Hi Dan & Pat

    Woweee, such an interesting programme and the yummy menu. Sad that I cannot join in as I’ll be away on that day.

    Enjoy yourselves and have fun….

  42. Indeed we have ‘SHC Western Club’ here for us to enjoy at a nominal cost.

    Johhny and Annie, was glad that we had a good workout at the badminton session yesterday. Be seeing you around.


  43. Hi Dan & Patrick,

    Annie and me will be back from Genting on June 28, so we can spend some time at the “shc western club” with swimming pool, restaurant,karaoke,bowling,jackpot room… :)

    We will go for the lunch and bowling. Annie most probably will also go for the jackpot even she have spend 3 days in Genting. Got to be her body guard. :)

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy!

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