GAME DAY 2nd June 2012 (Sat)

Dear All

Our first board games day is confirmed to be held this Saturday (3-6PM) at:
Eastern Lagoon II (function Hall)
Upper East Coast Road

Buses to/from Upper East coast are 10, 12, 13, 14 & 16
Buses to/from Bedok South Ave 1 – 31, 196, 197, 43, 48

(Or google direction for better map)

For those who didn’t register on my thread published on 6th April 2012 but would like to join this one, you are welcome to just put your name here and show up!

10 thoughts on “GAME DAY 2nd June 2012 (Sat)

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I believe Frisna will welcome both Linda and you even at 5pm. One hour can be also enjoyable. If you want to have dinner after the game Annie and me can join both of you. I really hope you will join us this Saturday or I will be the only gentlemen among 12 ladies. Very shy lah!

    I am bringing playing cards to introduce “Big Two” commonly known as “Choh Dai Di”. Since I learn to play this game I no longer like to play mahjong. I even play this game in the airplane and coach when travelling. If not, those long journey will be very boring.

    Once I even played this game at the Genting Hotel lobby while waiting to check in. However,if any gentlemen who still like mahjong I can bring along too.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! :)

  2. Hi Johnny

    “Choh Dai Di” – HK people’s favourite card game. To be a good player, you must have a very good memory, haha.

    Haven’t play it for more than 10 years, miss it a lot. Sorry not free this Sat, otherwise, you don’t have to be the only thorn among the 12 ladies.

    Enjoy the company.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Yes, when I first learn this game I was told Honkonger even play at the airport while waiting to board the plane. There is also a championship tournament held annually. For those who is interested, I reconmend you watch this very cool video on Youtube to learn. Is amazing to have the British promoting “Choh Dai Di” to the world.

    The link is:

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! :)

  4. Hi Frisna! I would so love to join your Games Day but unfortunately I have a wedding to attend tomorrow – tea ceremony, solemnization, dinner (whole afternoon affair).

    I look forward to your next Games Day.


  5. Hi Frisna,

    Annie Tan & me wish to thank you for inviting us to your organized game day. Despite your busy work schedule & being tired you still make an effort to join us for dinner after the games. Yew Tiong,the food at Mandarin Garden is good.

    Thank you Doreen & Rob for being such a wonderful host and letting us fill your home with noises and laughter.

    Patrick, the walk along the beach under the almost full moon night and ice-kachang will be remembered for many years to come.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! :)

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