SHC Private Home Cooking service

Many members are great cooks. Many cooked for own families, while others like to offer their favourite dishes or cakes for sale.

12 members responded to participate in this program. The next batch of participants will start early 2022.

There will be follow up programs. Club aims to encourage social networking, home dining, takeaways and catering at Club events.

Each of the participant will be introducing their favourite dishes or cakes, how orders are taken and delivered and payment methods.

Members are encouraged to support this program.

Schedule: Every Sat 10.30am on SHC Zoom. Recording available.

Terence Seah

The 1st Home Cooking Service video, presented by Susan CH Tan.

7 thoughts on “SHC Private Home Cooking service

  1. SHC Home Cooking program starts this Sat 29 May 2021 on SHC Zoom. The 1st particioant is Susan Tan CH. Susan joined SHC in Apr 2007 and has been active organising activities esp for the earlier and senior members. Some of the activities including monthly gatherings, Line dancing and Dinner & Dance.

    I guess Susan wants to retire but I believe she still loves working in the corporate world.

    Many members remember Susan for her bakzhang.each year when the season is here. This Sat 29 May, she will talk about her famous bakzhang, how she makes them, and how she has been selling them.

    To kickstart this program, Susan has kindly offered to give 5 bakzhangs to one attendee of this Sat program more details later.

    To participate whatsapp RSVP ‘ Bakzhang’ to 9489 4360.

    Terence Seah

  2. Thank you Susan for this session – it really brings back memories of how my mother was like you busy in the kitchen. Your portioning and your skill in tying the BakZhang with bamboo strings is near perfect or maybe I should put is as PERFECT… Gosh! to be the lucky one – looking forward to savour your dumpling.

  3. Susan is always a prolific cook and whatever she whips up? it’s always a Delight

    One never regrets watching her cook or taste her culinary skills

  4. Thank you, Terence, for creating the chance to reconnect with old friends and to meet new friends after some time. I see that there are many new faces now and it’s very refreshing to get to know everybody. Hope to catch with everybody one day after the Covid restrictions are lifted.

    I hope the Bak Zhang demo was useful and interesting and will revive
    SHC members’ interest in making the bakzhang themselves. Bakzhang prices keep going up crazily every year and who knows it may price itself out of the business that. bakzhang lovers will have no choice but to cook it themselves to satisfy their craving.

    To Sally & Pat, thank you for your kind compliments. Cooking has always been my interest so it’s not a chore to do things related to cooking. Who knows when the time is ripe and if I still have the energy, I will invite a few nice SHC members keen on cooking to my house and have fun in the kitchen doing things together. Maybe one day when I’m fully retired which will not be far off.

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