Time to Get in Line(dance) again……. 15 Jul 2012, Sunday

Calling all Line dancers (and non-line  dancers too)

Time again to put on your dancing shoes and bring a few friends to join us for 5 hours of non-stop line dancing on a Sunday afternoon.

For those who do not dance, you can bring your bottle of ‘lethal’ or ‘non-lethal’ liquids, some snacks, kick off your shoes, sit back and relax to some good old music (mostly country western) and watch people dance (if you want to)

Details are as follows :

  • Date : 15 Jul 2012, Sunday
  • Time : 2pm to 7pm
  • Place : Paya Lebar/Kovan CC (air-conditioned hall)
  • Cost : $4.00 (with a bottle of mineral water)

I will put up the dance list after I have collated all the requests, so if you have any favourite dances you want to do then please send me a request via e-mail or through this thread and I will try my best to put them on the list. For non-dancers I can take requests if you have any favourite songs of yours you want me to play too ….that is provided I can find a dance to the songs and there are at least 10 people who can do the dance.

As this is not a strictly SHC event, you can bring your friends along  and have some fun too… yeeehaaaa

As usual for those who have forgotten the steps or want to learn a few more dances for the jam, you are welcome to come to my classes for some practice sessions starting this week for a nominal fee of $5.00 which will cover all the practice sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Participants list (Target 150 pax)

  1. Sockie (EC)
  2. Andrew Yeung – tentative, hope can shuffle back in timeemoticon
  3. Karen Thio – only know ‘electric slide’ but will support and scout for ‘shampoo’ modelemoticon
  4. Lily Ho – bringing a few with heremoticon
  5. Caroline Gee – zero knowledge on line dancing but may be talent scouted for shampoo modellingemoticon
  6. Lai Fong – will support and join ‘electric slide’ club and bring (wonder what is ) XYZ emoticon
  7. Patricia Sin – will join ‘electric slide’ club – will be late emoticon
  8. Bobby Bok – Welcome and bringing your kaki bo huh?emoticon
  9. Rosalind Lee – time to bring them dancing shoes again emoticon
  10. Dolly Lim – MIA for a while, welcome backemoticon
  11. Evelyn Ong – most of your requests will be in the playlist emoticon
  12. Melissa –  – Another new face, welcomeemoticon
  13. Pauline Ho – maybe another shampoo model emoticon
  14. Malcolm – Cannot run from me emoticon
  15. Eileen Thean – Wants to do Wild Wild Westemoticon
  16. Annie Tang – Shuffling in with Eileen emoticon
  17. Janie Leong – will be late and hopefully bringing in a whole gang with heremoticon
  18. Thomas Loh – hope he does not disappear half way like he always does emoticon
  19. Peri – ticket already taken liao
  20. Agnes Seow – no worry just look out for ‘markers’ and follow them emoticon
  21. Susan Tan – Yeah she is Kambing daun emoticon
  22. ………anymore coming?

Dance List as follows


1 Dancin in the Dark 45 Love Me A Little Bit Longer
2 Wherever You May Wander 46 Come Dance with Me
3 Vertical Expression 47 Hot Tamales
4 The Shake/Shaking All Over 48 Poor Boy Shuffle
5 Addiction 49 Just a Kiss 2
6 Stitch It Up 50 Rock & Roll Bride/Rock Around the Clock
7 Delilah 51 I said I Love You
8 Silver Threads 52 Repose Waltz
9 Caballero 53 Smokey Places
10 Body In Motion 54 Write this Down
11 Holding On to Yesterday 55 Jai du Boogie
12 Chilli Cha Cha/Magic Cha Cha 56 Romantasy
13 Kiss Me Quick 57 Tango With The Sheriff
14 Quanto Amore 58 Catch This Moment
15 Lady Cha/Sex Bomb 59 Whole Again
16 Wild Wild West 60 Cowboy Cha Cha
17 Martini Moments 61 Whenever You Come Back to Me
18 Bug in My Magarita 62 My Father & Me
19 Step Back/Walk Right Back 63 Shy Waltz
20 Chill Factor 64 Tragedia
21 Pepito Del Bo 65 Two Shades of Blue
22 Cha Cha Cha D’armour 66 TGIF
23 Who Did You Call Darling 67 Patient Heart
24 Electric Slide/Tush Push 68 La Luna
25 The Way You Look Tonight 69 Corazon Espinado
26 Triggered 70 Ain’t It Funny
27 I’ve Been Better 71 Evergreen
28 Rhumba & Roses 72 Here we go Again
29 What You Mean to Me 73 Kiss On My List
30 Radio Dancing 74 No Matter What
31 Cherry Blossom Cha Cha 75 Shame and Scandal in the Family
32 Back Again    
33 Such A Night    
34 Quando When Quando   Additional Dances (Time Permitting)
35 Live It Up    
36 Be Bop N Boogie 1 Rainbow’s End
37 Cruel Bear 2 Por Ti Sere
38 Loosing the Love 3 Be Mine Tonight
39 Enchanment 4 Fresh
40 RIO 5 Have you ever Seen the Rain
41 Red White & Blue 6 Eternity Ring With Love
42 Champagne On Ice 7 The Long & Short of It
43 Eagles Rock    
44 Twistinacha   CLICK HERE to see photos

39 thoughts on “Time to Get in Line(dance) again……. 15 Jul 2012, Sunday

  1. Sockie

    I only know “electric SLide” after so many year but will go there and support u ..

    Carly – come and take some “shampoo” photo again hor !!!


  2. Hi Karen

    OK will support even though my knowledge of line dance is zero. At least you still know one dance.

    Will try to find time to attend Sockie’s refresher course for others but for me, have to learn from scratch.


  3. Hi Sockie,

    This is my first time joining in, and I think I am going to join the “Electric Slide club” too. Haha!

    Btw Sockie, where will you be holding the practise sessions?
    Would like to have a go at it first.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

    Regards Pat

  4. #7 karen thio ,

    de place for practice tai chi or chi qong is in jurong island take SBS 000 to tuas gu song kah lar pah den change to st john island take a sampan to kusu island half way in de midde of de sea swim 1000metres to sister island catch a motor bike gang to de venue ,..u will see our sockie jie.
    holding a cane & waiting 4 u lah…hahahahha so blur & sotong cute hor….

    sam huat huat

  5. Andrew #1 – Hope you can get back in time for the jam :0)

    A big thanks to the non-dancers/e-sliders for the support…just come and try to follow lah..will put a few easy dances.

    Pat, Karen, Lai Fong – do drop by on Thursday at Cheng San CC (behind Ang Mio Kio MRT) from 7 to 8.30pm…I will be revising the easier dances on these days…BUT DO NOT COME on 14 JUNE hor as I will be away in Kuching.

    Sam #8 – Lu chiak pa kar eng huh, wanna po mia or not hahahaha


  6. Hi Sockie! It’s been donkey years since I last learnt basic line dancing. Forgotten a lot of the steps but if it’s okay I’d like to join your activity.

    Youtube has a lot of line dance steps…I just refreshed my memory for the ‘Electric Slide’…steps the same music not the same hor.



  7. Lily #11 – Thanks for the update, now I got the edit function activated liao

    Ros #12 – I will be putting in a few easy to follow dances by next week so you will have time to refresh a few more. I will do Electric Slide to the song Achy Breaky Heart

    Dolly #13 – You MIA for so long from class hope you can remember the steps :0)

    Pat #14 – No worries, take you time I will try to hold back Electric Slide for you…but I believe we have not met so you have to come to me on your arrival. I will not be difficult to spot as I will be the DJ for the day, soooo look for the one holding the mic :0)

    “Line” still open for requests till end of this week, so send in your requests for your favorite dance asap hor


  8. Oops! sorry Sockie… forgot I have new aerobic dance class on Thursdays … may I join you on Monday and Wednesday instead? same venue? Dementia setting in leow!


  9. Hi Sookie

    Pls register me for the Jul 15 event – thanks.. **(^0^)**

    I am like Carly, know zero steps.. [~_~]

    Oh-oh.. got practise lesson ah ?? Alamak, didn’t have time to log in lately… so guess I’ve missed the sessions… {T_T}

    If you’re starting a class (preferably on Sat or Sun), pls let me know as I would like to join ‘cos weekdays I’m worried I may not make it on time as my work place is almost to the 2nd link to Malaysia… and am highly dependable on the public transport schedules too… (#_#)

    Anyway, am looking forward to catching up with SHC friends on Jul 15… (o^_^o)

    Cheers – Pauline

  10. Morning Sookie,

    Sorry, any practice sessions for this tomorrow (Mon 18 June) and Wednesday? Think I can make it for this week. Thks

    Cheers – Pat Sin

  11. Melissa #16, Pat #17, Pauline #18

    Sorry gals for the late response, just got back from my trip to Kuching and now ‘engine’ still not on full throttle hahahaha

    Pls feel free to drop by at my classes anytime you are free, the days and venues are as follows :

    Mondays – Inter from 7.45pm and we try to stretch to 9.30pm
    Wednesdays – Upper Beginner & Inter- Toa Payoh CC from 8.15 to 10
    Thursday – Inter at Kovan CC from 9.15 to 10.45am
    Mostly beginners at Cheng San CC from 7 to 8.30pm followed by advance class from 8.30 to 10pm


  12. Hi Sockie

    Request for :
    1) Corazon Espinado
    2) Body in Motion
    3) Chill Factor
    4) Traggedia
    5) Vertical Expression
    6) Cowboy Cha Cha
    7) Chilli Cha Cha
    8) Koo Kaat
    9) Rio
    10) It Ain’t Funny

    More coming….. haha… just kidding. Play what you like. I will follow.

  13. Morning Sockie,

    Thanks a zillion for the refresher session on Wednesday nite. Still trying to figure out my right feet from my left feet!

    Is the dance list for the 15 July out already?. Trying to burn the midnite oil for that jam. Haha!! Thanks.

    Rgds. Pat Sin

  14. Hi Pat #25

    Glad we finally get to meet and am glad you were able to join us last Wednesday.

    From what I see, you will have no problem with most of the dances, so no need to use up all the oil…just come and have fun :0)


  15. Hi Sockie EO

    Still not sure can join the event or not, hope can and slide with Karen.

    Check the list, still can remember some. If I join, and time allowed, can add this:

    “1000 years”
    choreographed by: Martin Ritchie
    music: love worth waiting for by Shakin’ Stevens.


  16. Mr Ye(o)ung #27, why you don’t 7 early 8 early put in your request lei, now list full liao….next time I will try to remember to include this…just hope no need to wait for 1000 yrs for this kekekekeke

    Susan #28, glad you are tempted now :0) no need to worry lah, can dance, dance, cannot dance, follow, cannot follow neh…..just kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy the music and la kopi lor :0)


  17. Haha, EO Sockie,

    Now no work, so just like you, 7 early 8 early still sleeping and wake up after 3 late 4 late.

    Not sure can come or not, so not request. Forget about it. ???????,???????. ???????????.

  18. Hi Sockie

    I’m sooo out of touch that the dances that I know can be counted in 1 hand. but I’m coming.

    Please include me ya.

    Kam Siah


  19. Andrew #30

    What me no work? Then who feed me huh :0( ….. just that I no need to 7 early 8 early wake up to join the rush hour and can wake up a bit 3 late 4 late and take my time to go work. So you starting to shuffle back to S’pore for the event ?

    Hi Agnes #31

    Welcome welcome to join the fun…forget the steps just find some ‘markers’ and try to follow…am sure you can pick up quite fast lah.

    Lai Fong, rec’d your sms and Yessss the event is on.

    For those who have not indicated your interest, you can drop by if you are free …..don’t dance at all nvm lah just come relax to some good old songs especially for those who like Country Western songs


  20. Susan #33

    Terima kasei for kambing daun ya :0)

    Btw there will be a few lau cowboys coming in their full gear, so if you have and western outfit sitting in your cupboard it’s time to get them out to air a bit…… Looking forward to seeing one and all in 2 days time….yeeehaaaa


  21. Hi AndrewY

    You have left your precious folder (which contained instruction sheets to various dance steps) on the back table where we sat. Luckily there’s your name printed on one side of the instruction sheet… **(^o^)**

    It’s with me now and I’ll bring it along on Jul 28 nite…

    So see you on Arabian nite ya… (^_~)

    Cheers – Pauline

  22. Hi Pauline

    Thanks for keeping the step sheets for me, otherwise, all those dance will leave me and gone with the wind.

    Really forget everything after enjoyed the line dances I missed long ago. In Cantonese, the people like me is called ??? – ???? (my head is not big, but the brain even smaller)

    See you on the Arabian nite, and we can do the “Shy Waltz” together, still remember how to do? (^_~).

  23. Hi AndrewY (??)

    Yes, I have been practising those “complicated” steps on every available moment that I have (both at home and in the office) until my colleagues warned me that should I “brake”, turn suddenly or reverse unexpectedly, I would need to send out advance signal or else I would either clash into them or they would have to jump aside to avoid me… (>~<)

    Hopefully, this song is in the list to be played on that nite as it will be the ONLY line dance song that I will know how to dance confidently… hahaha….(~_~)

    Counting the days now…

    Cheers – Pauline

  24. Hi Pauline

    If you called me ??, next time when Sockie see me, she will hit me in my head, as I got a ?? without obtained her permission first, haha.

    The song should not be in the list, but when the waltz music come out, we can shy, shy go to one corner to do the ‘shy waltz’ with just two of us, when the other doing their social waltz.

  25. Yo Andrew, your suggestion on the “corner practise” of the shy waltz is fine with me lah.. (o^_^o)

    Meanwhile, ok… I’ll take back the ?? title ?for the time being) as I do not want you to be in trouble with your very own “? ?”, Sookie… kekekeke… (^_~)

    Otherwise, there will be no more extra lesson for me from you… [T_T]

    So see you in 8 days’ time ya… ^o^

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