ARABIAN NITE – 28 JULY 2012, SATURDAY (Final Update)

Hello Everyone,


  • Theme :  ARABIAN NITE
  • Venue :  Kensington Ballroom, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Heliconia Wing 
  • Date :  Saturday, 28 July 2012
  • Time :  6.30pm – 12 midnight (Registration starts at 6.00pm)
  • Cost :  $45 per pax

Committee Members :

  1. Treasurer – Dolly
  2. Music Director – Caroline Gee
  3. Programme – Lily Ho
  4. Deco – Karen & Boon Lian
  5. Games Master – Sam, Karen, Janie & Dolly
  6. Registration – Marg Tian, Judy Lim & Lillian Teo
  7. Emcees for the nite – Thomas Loh & Peri Liew 
  8. Photographers – Sockie, Boon Liang & Karen
  9. Venue and F&B – Molly Chua

There will be NO CORKAGE CHARGE – so feel free to bring your own bottle.

Programme highlights, we have the following:

  1. Line dance workshop by Hamidah & Team – title "Habibi" ("My Love/Darling" in Arabic)
  2. Belly Dance moves demo by Veronique Lee
  3. Belly Dance Performance – by Belly Dance Instructor
  4. Games by Sam, Dolly, Karen, Janie (There will be lots of laughter for sure.)
  5. A skit — title "I want" ??— directed and performed by SHC members.  A comedy.  Who are the performers?  Mystery till the nite itself lor . . . . . 

But wait that is not all, YOU will be the one to vote for the best dressed (authentic to the theme) Mr. & Mrs. Arabian Nite.  There will be lucky draw too!  Attractive prizes awaiting you if you are 1 of them lor…. interesting rite …..?

  • Please take note :

Registration is now closed as we have already hit the 100 pax.  We will continue to accept late sign ups but from no. 101 pax onward, the price will be $55 per person.

So if you still wish to join in the fun, hurry and transfer payment to: POSB Saving A/C# 146-00513-6.  (No registration without payment.)

For those already paid, please note that there will be no refund.  You may find your own replacement by another SHC member.   But please drop a line here to inform us so that we may up date the registration list.  As with SHC tradition, ALL attendees — please wear your name tag.

Members who have paid

  1. Daniel Ong  Paid  Replaced by Dan Huang
  2. Lily Ho – Paid
  3. Dolly Lim – Paid
  4. Molly Chua – Paid
  5. Janie Leong – Paid
  6. Caroline Gee – Paid
  7. Marg Tian – Paid
  8. Audrey Wong – Paid
  9. Terence Seah – Paid
  10. Karen Thio – Paid
  11. Judy Lim – Paid
  12. Pauline Khoo – Paid
  13. Sockie – Paid
  14. Sam Huat – Paid
  15. Bobby Bok – Paid
  16. Gabriella – Paid
  17. Pauline Ho – Paid
  18. Thomas Loh – Paid
  19. Lilian Teo – Paid
  20. Peri Liew – Paid
  21. Johnny & – Paid
  22. Annie Pow – Paid
  23. Boon Liang – Paid
  24. Janet Chan – Paid
  25. Shirleen Kao – Paid
  26. Alicia Soh – Paid
  27. Mike Tan – Paid
  28. Winnie Tan – Paid
  29. Dennis Tan – Paid
  30. May Woo – Paid
  31. Alex Woo – Paid
  32. Alyn Lee – Paid
  33. Pearl Wong – Paid
  34. Barbara Lim – Paid
  35. Jway – Paid
  36. Richard Ong – Paid
  37. Catherine Koh – Paid
  38. Steven Chan – Paid
  39. Eyvonne Chew – Paid
  40. Pharis – Paid
  41. Karen Wong – Paid
  42. Helen  Quek – Paid
  43. Veronique Lee – Paid
  44. Joe Choo – Paid
  45. Anne Seet – Paid
  46. Sue Chan – Paid
  47. Martin Lee – Paid
  48. Wong HJ – Paid
  49. Bernard Chan – Paid
  50. Hamidah – Paid
  51. June Koh – Paid
  52. Joanne Ang – Paid
  53. Angela Straaten-Paid
  54. Norlinda – Paid
  55. Bira – Paid
  56. Marilyn Tay – Paid
  57. Rene Leong – Paid
  58. Lina Ng –Paid
  59. Hou Chong – Paid
  60. Suz Chang – Paid
  61. Janet Loo – Paid
  62. ANee – Paid
  63. Joe Leow – Paid
  64. Rosalind Lee – Paid
  65. Lam HT – Paid
  66. Bee Gek – Paid
  67. Mega – Paid
  68. Jane Tan Paid  Replaced by Richard Yee
  69. Edwin Tan – Paid
  70. Philip Yeo – Paid
  71. Catherine Lee – Paid
  72. Helen Wong – Paid
  73. Nina Choo – Paid
  74. Sally Kang – Paid
  75. Rose White – Paid
  76. Billy Loy – Paid
  77. Eileen Thean – Paid
  78. Annie Thean – Paid
  79. Robert Ong – Paid
  80. Susan Tan – Paid
  81. Eliza Hee – Paid
  82. Grace Tay – Paid
  83. James Tan – Paid
  84. Koh Aye Leng – Paid
  85. John Howe Paid   Replaced by Kate Lee
  86. Yew Kwong – Paid
  87. Rishan  – Paid
  88. Molly Quek – Paid
  89. Lynn Tai – Paid
  90. Kristine Leong – Paid
  91. Joan Low – Paid
  92. Geok Suan – Paid
  93. Irene Goh – Paid
  94. Charles & – Paid
  95. Cynthia  –  Paid
  96. Abel Tan – Paid
  97. Selena Lee – Paid
  98. Andrew Yeung – Paid
  99. Geraldine – Paid
  100. Debbie Oh – Paid

CLICK here to view Arabian Nite                                                                                                                  See you soon…..    emoticon

From : Organising Committee…….

Published by

Dolly Lim

ACTIVE 2005 / UPDATED - 31.03.2021_SF

107 thoughts on “ARABIAN NITE – 28 JULY 2012, SATURDAY (Final Update)”

  1. Wahpiangz, Lily, very jialat leh.. spent almost 3hrs to adjust/re-adjust this post but hor, still cant leh..

    Pls help to fix this if you can.. I think hor, my laptop kaput liao…. jin chiam liao…

    Cheers… Dolly

  2. Dolly & Lily,

    My colleague, Rishan has made payment of $45 this morning.

    Account: POSB Savings 146-00513-6 Dolly Lim
    Amount: S$45.00
    Transaction Reference: 7784604046

    Cheers! Ah Nee

  3. Hi Dolly,
    Moly Quek & myself(Lynn Tai) would like to attend the D&D. We have transferred $90 to your POSB AC . Our reference no.s are 9652 & 9653.

  4. Thank you – Ah Nee (for Rishan), Lynn & Molly Quek for your payment.

    Geok Suan – no problem. Let us have your payment reference and we will upload your name in the paid up list.

    We now have 89 paid participants.

    Although registration is closed, we will continue to take in payment till we hit 100 pax. After that, late sign ups from no. 101 will have to pay $55 per person liao.

    So if you who still wish to join in the fun, hurry and transfer payment to: POSB Saving A/C# 146-00513-6. No more registration without payment.

  5. Please take note :

    YOU (instead of the committee) will be the judges to pick the best authentically dressed Male and Female contestants for the night …. This is definitely more interesting rite…..?

  6. Dear EOs,

    Best of luck and well-wishes to the SUCCESS of this event!
    Thank you for all your hard work in making this dinner & dance possible. I’m sure all other members appreciate your efforts.


  7. Dolly

    Joan Low and Irene Goh paid – ref. 1279 and 1280.
    Kristine Leong paid – ref. 2854.

    Already updated name list #90, 91 & 92.

  8. Hi Terence

    Was told Irene Goh’s membership was rejected because she was using same email address as Joan Low. She had since used her own email account to register as member. Please verify.

    Will hold her payment refund pending further notice from you. Meanwhile, her name have been strike through in the register.

    Thanks & Regards

  9. Hi Terence

    Noticed your call to form a drinkers’ table …. receive no response. Not to worry, there are enough drinking kakis around. I will form a drinkers table for you next to our committee tables. You will have Molly Chua, Mega, Janie, Richard Yee, Audrey Wong, Veronique, Joe Choo, Yew Kwong & Sockie at your table – exactly 10.

  10. Lily #18,

    You save me some headache. I can now comfortably have two bottles on my table. I shall get to meet my old colleaque Joe; and of course, crazy drinking kakis Molly and Mega. And YK, after such a long time. We will have fun.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hey GT

    Good to have you back.

    You coming to the Arabian Nite? You still have time to book you flight hor. Would love to see you in a sexy Genie costume….. hehe.

  12. Hi Dolly,

    Greetings to you.

    I am itching to join this 28th function and if my duty on that day is from 7.30am to 7.30pm, then my attendence is certain and do humbly request to pay upon entry.

    You may wonder if I feel the “itch” to attend, why do I not take a day off from work. The reason being I have already “booked” four days on July 3rd,4th,5th & 6th for visiting my family in Bandar Lampung, Sumatera and plus a further two days July weekend of 21st,22nd to co-lead a unofficial grouping of retirees to Karimun Island, therefore incurring two days of unpaid leave of $120.

    Thus admittingly frankly, I do not wish to incurr a cut-pay of a further $60. I shall try to arrange with my night-duty shift “partner”, a Malaysian who lives in Tampoi a further 20/25mins away from Johor Baru to oblige me for the second occassion this year.


    Abel Tan

  13. Hi Lily


    Don’t think I’ll be back for your exotic nite; not enough time to nip/tuck and heal in time to look exotic. Kekekekee.

  14. Hi Yew Kwong #25,

    I do noticed you have been MIA too for a long time. Occasionally, you contribute on IT issues, and recently I note your participation in cycling and the soon-to-come Arabian night. I hope to have a couple of drinks with you at the whisky table.

    For members who may be new, you may like to know that Yew Kwong is one of the pioneer members of SilverHairsClub. He inspired club members to be IT-savvy, and during the early days, he conducted IT courses, with a focus on beginners. They were such a success, but today YK has kept himself rather busy, he could not longer conduct IT sessions. But we do hear from him time to time.

    Obviously, he has developed cycling as his most favoured activity. I remembered him as the cycling leader, gathering groups of members along the East Coast Parkway. Members, if cycling is your passion, even on long distance routes, Yew Kwong is the guy to track. Douglas has since taken up the cycling initiatives.

    I have always noticed Yew Kwong to be a strong supporter of SilverHairsClub and its members. He is one person whom I would handover and entrust with the website administration of, if ever I were to kick the bucket before my plans fall in place.

    On this note, I would appoint Yew Kwong as a nominee for our Awards night.

    Terence Seah

  15. Hi Abel

    Noted the situation governing your intention to participate in this one and only Arabian Nite.

    Much as we would like to grant concession to your request, it would not be fair to others who made advance payments not knowing if there might be unforeseen circumstances that will prevent them from attending.

    In the event that they are unable to attend, it would be their sole responsibility to find their own replacements as long as the replacements are SHC members. And until we have been notified of the replacements, we are oblighed to keep the seats for them.

    Please note also, organisers have to pay the expenses upfront according to the number of headcounts. Hence, we are unable to accept last minute walk-ins or pay-at-the-door concept.

    Write to : – when you are certain of your ability to attend and we will do our utmost to accommodate. Your understanding is much appreciated, and our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


  16. Wow, Karen

    These Arabian make-up tutorial is very interesting leh. May be we should get together some place to share and practice on each other. How’s dat?

  17. Lily

    Judy & Carly also find it very interesting … but small eyes like me – very difficult to apply eyes-shadow lei..haha

    Try it out in the meeting with Carly and show us photo in this link and share with the other ..


  18. Hi Selena

    Thanks for the payment. You are listed in the paid list #97. Look forward to meeting you and your friends in about 3 weeks’ time.

  19. ah lily jie & terence hiah ,

    is terence table full liao bo ?
    if not , i may join in & want to overcome my balddy STRESS, pek chek , chim bo song wat ever drinks ,i whack lor….

    only worry is later ve to drive back home ALONE…worst scenario is SLEEP alone in my car lor…hahahaha

    so lei chi hor…betta drink 1 or 2 glass..n kwai kwai ( behave ) our pay & punishment gharem hahahaha

    sam huat huat

  20. Hi Lily

    Do you have 2 more seats?

    Planning to join your exotic and fun event. In the process of finalizing my travel plans.


  21. Hi GT

    Sure we can accommodate more. As long as you are within the 100 pax, you pay only $45 per head. From #101 onwards, we charge $55 per head – not negotiable.

    We are now at #97. Looking forward to your participation in stunning exotic outfit. We have very good prizes for best dressed and lucky draw.

  22. Hi Lily and Dolly

    Have paid S$90.00 for Geraldine Ting and me for the Arabian Nite, Ref 0189. Please check and confirm. Thanks.

    Hi brother Boon Liang,

    Still have vacancies for two in your table? if yes, please include Geraldine and me in. Thanks.

  23. Oh, “ahlan wa-sahlan”
    Sure my dear bro AY, Be glad to have both Geraldine & yourself on my Arabian magic carpet….I mean table la.
    Looking forward!

  24. Thank you, BL

    Looking forward to be at your table, catching up with old frens and meeting new ones, if any.

    Yes, Lily, see you soon. Wear something sexy for me. Turn me on.

  25. Hi GTAY
    Glad both of u are coming.

    Hi BL
    I was told u went Persia for training to fly the carpet. So u back. Think u have no problem.

    Hi Organising Committee
    Thanks for all your hard work. U already made it successful.

  26. Geraldine Dearie!

    So nice to know that you are flying all the way from HK by BL’s Persian flying carpet (maybe) to attend the grand Arabian Nite in MiddleEast. Looking forward to bellydancing with you doing your sexy moves with the flow of the sensuous Arabian music and songs like : Dalaa, Bitwannes Beek, Ya Moustafa, Amina, Egyptian Queen, Saida Ya Bouy, Al Bint Al Arabia, Eshq El hawa and so on……………..

    As for me, am going to workshop to lubricate my joints. Hehehe……………

    Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! to the Organising Committee.

  27. Hey Hottie

    Can’t wait to see you again and your performance!

    Don’t even know how to pronounce some of the titles you mentioned, kekekekee. It’s all right; just have to roll my fat around while drooling over your taut belly.

  28. Hi Caroline,

    Your latest comment on the Arabian is moved here.

    “Almost there – Slightly more than a week to go. We hope everyone has their costumes ready and practised their dance steps to be ready for the dance floor.

    We have decided to include some evergreen music for Line Dance enthusiasts. Below are the pieces to be played and several other pieces of music on standby. Will update you when I have more information. So put on those dancing boots and start practising. The event is just round the corner…dont wait any longer!

    (1) Electric Slide
    (2) Cowboy Cha Cha
    (3) Chilly Cha Cha
    (4) Waltz Across Texas
    (5) Sway Me Now
    (6) Wherever You May Wander
    (7) Cherry Blossom Cha Cha
    (8) Khoo Kaat
    (9) etc


  29. Hi Everybody! Greetings! I’m a newbie in SHC & itz my pleasure to know everyone & the many interesting activities!

    With the help of a member-friend, I managed2take over John Howe’s as he can’t attend. So we shall make mutual arrangement for the takeover. My email is:


  30. Hi John
    Noted you will be replaced by Kate Lee.

    Hi Kate
    Although your comment is still under moderation, Terence had confirmed to me your membership. Welcome to Arabian Nite. (I think it is under moderation because you use the nickname Kittie.)

  31. Hi to all on my table:

    There are now 9 members on my table:

    Johnny Pow
    Annie Pow
    Winnie Tan
    Edwin Tan
    Catherine Lee
    Philip Yeo
    Susan Tan
    Gabriella Chua
    Joe Leow

    C u all there on Saturday.


  32. Paid list updated : Dan Huang will replace Daniel Ong.

    To ALL Who Are Attending ‘Arabian Nite’ this Saturday 28 July, please take note of the following :

    1) Free seating – you may form your own table of 10.
    2) Any table less than 10 – committee reserves the right to seat anyone at your table to form 10.
    3) If you order drinks not included in the buffet – please settle your own bill. SGCC waiting staff have been instructed to collect payment immediately.
    4) Upon arrival, please proceed to Registration Table at entrance to ballroom and collect your ticket.
    5) Your ticket entitles you to vote for the best dressed as well as lucky draw.
    6) Registrars will check your name against registered list.
    7) Name/s not in the registered list will not be admitted.

    Thank you for your kind cooperation. Looking forward to seeing you soon. :)

    Any other enquiries or for further clarifications, please feel free to post your comment here.

  33. ah lily jie ,# 57 ,

    i think u mixed up liao….u see dan huang comment @ # 56
    hahahaha ..too kan cheong hor……

    sam huat huat

  34. aiyo aiyo ..chin jiak lark lah !!!

    lua hui bak !!! ….sorry lilly mistake only me who is kan cheong lah….hahahaha

    sam huat huat

  35. Hi Lily

    A quick update.

    It’s Typhoon 8 now here in HK. Very scary. Fingers and tits crossed that this will pass soon for me to crawl back for your orgasmic nite.

    Praying very hard.

  36. Hi Johnny #56

    Yes, Babara can join our table making a total of l0 members.

    Welcome Babara…..

    C all of you this Sat,

  37. Aiyo GT
    Typhoon last that long meh? I thought they go as quickly as they come…. or, was that tornados? Haha….. Would love to see how you cross your tits.!!

    Orgasmic nite it shall be. The gals are quiet becos they are busy working out to loose those extra flabs. There will be harems of stunningly dressed genies to feast the eyes. Tough job for the voters hor.

    Sam Huat
    You eat full very free issit?

  38. Eeecks, Lily, it’s just upgraded to Typhoon 10!!! An hour ago it was raised to T9.

    Must pray doubly hard. Wanna look at those gorgeous ladies with their please-kill-me-right-now physiques and jaw dropping costumes.

  39. All the Committee Members for the Arabian Night

    I would like to thank all the Committee Members for all their hard work in making the Arabian Night D & D a great success. I enjoyed it v much.

    The food, music, games, programme and decorations were excellent. Of course, we had a wonderful pair of MCs: Thomas and Peri and an interesting Deejay.

    One can’t for more! Kudos to the whole team :-)


  40. Further to my #65, my apologies for the typing error:

    The last para should read as follows:

    “One can’t ask for more! Kudos to the whole team :-)”

  41. To : All who made this event possible.

    On behalf of the Committee, we thank you all for your support and spontaneous participations of the ‘Arabian Nite 2012′.

    From some of the feedbacks given, participants including those who had to leave earlier had indicated to us that they had enjoyed themselves very much. Many also enjoyed catching up and interacting with new members as well as old friends.

    We would have loved to make it more interesting for you all if not for limited resources. We seek your kind understanding and please accept our sincere apology if this event did not meet your expectation.

    Thank you once again. Have a great week ahead!

    From : Arabian Nite Committee

  42. Thank you Gabriella – not only for your prompt ecolates but also for your willingness to help out at the registration desk.


  43. Hi Lily/Dolly/All Committee,

    Thank you for your initiative the theme of “Arabianh Night” event in providing an entertaining evening for SHC, all the hard work had turn up a successful event .

    A big thanks to Boon Liang & Karen the efforts for the unique & beautiful deco to brighten the whole function hall.

    Last & not least many thanks to all the committee members the hard work.

    Well done **(^_^)**


  44. Hi Lily and everybody,

    My apologies for not turning up last night at the Arabian night. I was caught in a delayed flight, as was up in the air somewhere, and couldn’t inform anybody.

    This morning, I read here that everybody had a good time. My apology to others who are on the same drinking table. Hope everbody is bright and breezy today.

    Terence Seah

  45. I woke up this morning thought i dreamt that Annie and me was in the ancient Alladin land. No! No! it was not a dream. All the ladies and gentlemen dress in Arabian coustume looks very real. It was the first time for us dancing among the Alladin people. Thank you Lily, Dolly and all commitee members to make last night so happenning to us. The food was also very good. For those who didn’t attend and if ask me how was last night D&D i will tell them like what Annie repeatably telling me the whole night long. Fun! Enjoyable! Fun! Enjoyable! Fun!Enjoyable!

    Stay Happy! Be Happy! :)

  46. Not only is the food very GOOD, the dessert and the creamy mushroom soup too. The people on my table enjoyed the dark Brownie and the black forest chocolate cake very much! If not for my Arabian costume, I would have gone for 2nd & 3rd round for the buffet dinner.

    Wow….wow……the dancing music, how I wish “The last waltz would last forever”…indeed it was very FUN and enjoyable!

    To all the EOs and committee members, you all are GREAT…thank you for all your time and effort to make this event so successful. Cheers! :)

    Ah Nee

  47. To all the committee, a very Big thank you for an enjoyable evening. Most of them who were there are sporting & dressing up to the theme. It was interesting to see so many colourful costumes. Food & music were good besides the programme. Thank you & well done! Looking forward to the next D&D next year !

    Have a nice Sunday !

  48. Hahaha……you all jokers lah. Suzhang, can see you enjoying yourself also. Hope to see you and Lina on the dance floor more often. So FUN you know! ????

    Ah Nee

  49. To the EO’s & Committee members,

    Congratulations! The Arabian Night was a huge success!!!!! I enjoyed myself tremendously like many others and except for the disapproving looks I got from one lady seated at my table whenever I screamed and shouted at the games participants, I had lots of fun! I hope all members attending such events will let themselves loose and not be so serious ya?


  50. Yes, EO Lily and the Committee members

    Awesome job!! Give yourselves a big hand……thumbs up!

    It was my first Shc dnd and I am glad I was there.

    Will happily do my shisha with my lucky draw prize. Can’t wait. Already high just thinking about it. Mwah, prize sponsor.

    Peri, you were sooooo exotic I was weak in the knees looking at you. You were cool and HOT as the compere. Really neat.

    Had a great time dancing as a group; sweet Giraffe Steven could twist almost to the floor with his 10-foot frame. A wower.

    Boon Liang made we women screamed in ecstacy and we were totally high doing the YMCA.

    Good to catch up with many frens and met a few new pleasant ones. YESSS.

    A good trip for me.

  51. EO and Committee members,

    Thank you all for putting in your precious time, effort, hardwork from food, games, music…deco etc. you have all done well.

    3 cheers for an enjoyable night :)

  52. On behalf of Committee :

    Haha Judy
    You were part of the committee leh! Thank you too.

    Hi Johnny & Annie
    Very glad you enjoyed the event. It’s the first time for you both. Now you know what to expect, that you must also dress up for next year’s D&D hor.

    Ah Nee, Lina & Suzhang
    You and your kakis should volunteer to EO next year’s D&D so that WE can be on cloud 9. You have 1 year to plan. Wanna?

    Rosalind, Geraldine & Rene
    Thank you for your positive feedback. Very glad you weren’t disappointed.

    Rosalind – Thanks for your sponsorship.
    GT – It was an honour to have you flew in for this event.
    Rene – I remembered seeing you briefly on the dance floor. Where were you the rest of the time?

    Terence – Apology accepted. Thank you.

  53. Ti was a BANG! …with all d fireworks in…blingblings…colours…makan…dance…laughters…cameras…thank you organising gang n fellow participants for a wonderful funfilled gratifying evening!..THANK YOU

  54. Dear EO and Committee members,

    Many Thanks to you all for sacrificing your precious time, effort, hours of hardwork for planning food, games, music…deco etc. you have all done well. And year after year I will always join SHC D n D . They always have innovative ideas for a great party. The last was the pyjamas party at Furama Hotel which I enjoy v. much. I can fondly remember that 1 of the members dressed up as Mr. Magoo. with a night cap.


    1) The deco back drop by Boon Liang and Karen was v. impressive and looks v. professional esp. with the picture of the mysterious man ? or lady at 1 corner with a silky texture.

    2) The 3 comperes Lily,Thomas and I cannot recognise her spoke clearly and was they were able to motivate the audience and set the rhythm.

    2) The DJs and dancing music chosen were excellent for dancing although I did not dance much as I am v. poor in co-ordinating my dancing steps and may step on others unlike Ah Nee in Cloud 9 n Thomas Loh who has graduated to a higher level since I first met him . However, I still enjoy seeing some couples dancing graciously on the floor. Well done! I was looking forward to enjoy watching a Tango dance but there was none.

    3) The food was goood esp. the black forest n sour cream cakes and the wild mushroom soup n service too.

    4) If I know earlier from members that the Arabian costume can be rented for the night, I will definitely like to be among the Alladins quoting Johnny Pow comment.

    Never mind. Should there be another ” Costume” theme party , i will definitely want to blend in to add to liven up the environment.
    I really wonder if they had my size for a giraffe.

    Congrats Janet n Boon Liang for the Best dress costume personality. B. liang next time pls. bring along your magic lamp to complete your role as the “Genie” Ha! ha! :)

    5) After loooking Middle East, may I suggest for the next D n D we can have a ” Manchurian” Costume Party NOT the Keong Si type that hops around and suck blood.

    6) The climax of the game show was when the 3 guys and Sam Goh were V. sporting to dress up as belly dancers with huge breasts not implants and tits exposed . Censored!!!!

    7) As Johnny Pow n Annie have commented earlier , I truly agreed that was a ARABIAN night of FUN n LAUGHTER. I laugh so hard that I was almost out of breath.

    Lastly, EO n Comittee members , CONGRATS to all of you for a job well done. :) :) :) Hip hip hurray ! ! ! . ….. If only Terence was at the ALL NIGHT LONG PARTY.

  55. Hi EO and Committee Members,

    Just want to say Congratulations for organising a very successful D&D and Thank you for giving us so much fun and laughter that night. I enjoyed myself very much and look forward to next year’s event.

  56. Redirected to this Post.

    Hi Silverhairs

    Tuah, tuah Kamsia to all the Committee Members of the Arabian Nite Dinner & Dance, last Saturday at the Serangoon Fardens Club.

    The two perfomances, first by females and the second by male members were superb, in particular the lady who sat opposite me and did gyrate attractively on the dance floor, and the three gentlemen “monstrously bosomy” as they “Heow” about and which made me giggled on-and-off to attract bewildered
    stares from two passing teenage couples as I walked to the bus-stop.

    Sorry, Dolly, Lily, Sam Huat and the rest of Committee and plus Terence too “buay tanh lu lai”, that as soon as the “bosomy” males’ act stopped, I had to leave as the next day, my security-guard duty started at 7.30am.


    Abel Tan

  57. Wow pian! Wow lau! Wow say!
    From all the comments/congrats, looks like me missed all the fun….sigh…sigh…sigh!
    Now, can only wait for the pics to be posted! Hahahhaha

    Aiyo….bz eating??? But where all the calories go too??? You still haven’t put on a nano-ounce!! OK, just kidding….

  58. Hi Lily/Dolly and to all the committee members,
    Yes, thank you very very much for the wonderful and enjoyable evening. We really appreciate all your hard work and time in organising this very successful event. Special thanks must go to Karen and Boon Liang for the wonderful and beautiful stage decoration, to Lily, Dolly, Thomas, Peri for the smooth and sweet compereing for the evening, Hamida and Veronique for the gracious Arabian Belly dance performance, to Marg,Judy,Janie,Carly and Sam for the preparation of games and prizes, music etc,etc and to each and everyone for making the event a big success. Also wish that the Last Waltz would last a much longer time but good thing got to come to an end. Look forward to the next D&D. Thank you v much once again. I have posted some photos and a 5mins video clip of the Belly Dance/dressing competition on Facebook. Cheers..

  59. Terence
    The guy in the banner was Thomas Loh – one of the Emcee pair for Arabian Nite. He look much fairer here though. Oops…. the banner have been changed.

    Hi Folks
    In case you didn’t know, pictures of Arabian Nite have been posted in the Photo page.

    Scroll down the menu column on the left hand side. Click on ‘Photographs 2012’ – 2nd line below the subject heading “Pages”.

    Enjoy the reminiscence.

  60. Hi Lily #90,

    Do you have a nice and beautiful video clip of the evening? I am eager to see it, with vocals and music.

    I went over the photos, and am very impressed by the organisation, the efforts put in by the organising team, as well as members who had dressed up for the event.

    Some day, we can make a similar event into a public event. My ears are all open.

    Terence Seah

  61. Hi Terence

    Bobby made a video clip which was posted on the facebook. The content : Cross dressing game segment and half of the belly dance performance. You can hear the music in the background and Dolly calling out “kar chng ai yo hah. tow chen nen liap pun ai yo hah”….. heehee, so funny lor….

    Can Bobby forward the video clip for posting on the website?

    It would have been nice too, to have a video clip of the skit. Sam put up a comical performance pairing up with his love, Dolly.

  62. To everybody who made the Arabian night out of this world,

    I just changed the picture on the banner. Do you know who are these 4 people?

    Terence Seah

  63. Dear All
    I have uploaded the complete set of photos and created a link for the above event for your viewing pleasure.

    There was some problem with my computer when I do the first set resulting in only part of the photos were uploaded.

    I have amended and you should be able to see the whole set when you click on the link.

    Have fun

  64. Hi Karen #101 and Lily #102

    Thank you for your kind words. I dare not claim credit for the uploading of tis album into our website Credit should go to the 3 photographers whom together they took more one thousand photos
    Next Boon Liang painstakingly screened through each photo to ensure no duplicates. This still resulted in an album of more than 700 pictures with a file size of 1.5GB
    Thank goodness th job is don.

    Have fun viewing

  65. Hi Terence/Lily/Dolly,
    Sorry I did not read your request on this website until I met Veronique this afternoon at SGCC. I have upload video of the Arabian Nite Dressing and Bellydance Competition and special performance by Veronique and our Indonesian guest. Click below
    link to view video on Youtube, Cheers..

  66. Hi Admin

    Just want to know why is my response below
    “Hi Karen #101 and Lily #102

    Thank you for your kind words. I dare not claim credit for the uploading of tis album into our website Credit should go to the 3 photographers whom together they took more one thousand photos
    Next Boon Liang painstakingly screened through each photo to ensure no duplicates. This still resulted in an album of more than 700 pictures with a file size of 1.5GB
    Thank goodness th job is don.

    Have fun viewing'” is not published.


  67. Hi King Seng / others,

    A BIG TQ for posting these beautiful memories of the Arabian Night. I had been viewing them again and again. Too many to view at 1 time until my eyes became blur.

    TQ also to the photographers who took professional shots of the SEXCITING event. :)

    Next D nD , die die must also try to rent a theme costume that fits a giraffe. Ha! ha! to add more colours and life to the party.

  68. Hi All,
    Final SOA is out as follows:

    Total collection 101pax x $45 = $4545
    Buffet dinners at SGCC = $3515 (Molly get a good deal for us)
    Cost of DJ/Belly performance = $438
    Misc/Appreciation dinners for committees = $592

    Cheers… Dolly

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