How to use mobile apps series 1 to 4 parts

** Thur 3 Jun 10.30am “How to use mobile apps?” On Android phones.

Almost everyone carries a mobile phone. Nowadays, you can check almost anything using a mobile app. In our 1st part series, Howard Yong will kickstart “How to use tracetogether, Buying and selling online using Carousell and how to setup Paynow so that can get your GST vouchers.

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SHC1312 Update : Host for Daily Lunch @zoom meeting retired due to fatigue in zoom. I joined in 1995 but low profile until 2017 one night in batam D&D committee member 2018 went for evaluation trip in Chiangmai. 2019 evaluation trip road 2 @khao yai 2020 resurface to host @Zoom meeting (Membership Reinstated 27.5.2018) from then on the road of no return to SHC. Sunshine personality with happy mood - sudoku game alway on my mind. Listen/watch to all gene of music and film with great passion. Eat all kind of food with no limitation except human organ.

5 thoughts on “How to use mobile apps series 1 to 4 parts”

  1. thank you to everyone who support this zoom activities event today. I m enjoying with fun together with members within an hour segment.

    Also thank for your kind support – the next series will be as follow every thursday at 10.30am.

    Series II – Singpass,telegram and drama apk
    Series III – Mahjong,sudoku and mobile game
    Series IV – tik tok, china entertainment apk and how
    to use “hey google” apk

    Looking forward to zoom with SHC member – this is not a classroom learning but sharing contend. Everyone can Q&A sharing concept.

    Just enjoy like friendly discussion – Not Teacher and students role play.

  2. Series III – Mahjong,sudoku and mobile game

    Don’t forget for tmr 3rd session

    i will be adding more mobile apk for eg to check SHC program thru whatapk
    2.Learn how to use whatapk as quick replies
    3.Give everyone a chance to learn and practise so that the more we learn the more our brain active.
    4. More request if the response is good
    5. Need more to come to share and enjoy a morning session

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