SHC Private Home Cooking Services – Part 2

This week session [05 June 2021] is hosted by Ms Josephine Wong – another one of our SHC foodie cum private chef. Went to SHATEC to build her foundation… who has an ardent interest in food – eats not only out of hunger but also as a hobby – someone who enjoys cooking for family and pleasure.

This day, she shares with us her passion…

I am sure we do have many more like-minded SHCians who are very good in cooking.  Food is one of the most powerful connective tools we have. To build our bonds over a meal – FOOD indeed is a shared cultural product.

Do come forward to host and share with us what your family and friends like most.

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  1. A tip for Agnes Seow – technically as what Jenny Gan did mentioned Duck is defined as poultry. In the culinary scene, duck is treated as red meat due to its myoglobin content even though it is not.

    Depending on the breed and how the ducks are bred – medium rare duck meat is safe to eat as it does not contain the same risk of salmonella as chicken meat.

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