SHC Admin Role – to ASSIST or OVER-RULE

Ever since I am being appointed as SHC Admin in the SilverHairsClub.Com, I do have throngs of members speaking ill of me, not only in their circle of groups / one to one verbal n msg / etc… just to mention a few.

These inconsiderate beings who have nothing better to do with their spare time but rather spike / malign / defame / criticize about others.

Before going forward to do all these – take a look at yourself in the mirror – are you the Mr n Ms Perfect – if not, refrain from doing so – coz such ill ions in our human body will only do more harm to us causing anxiety, irritability, breathing difficulty and again just to name a few.

Majority of SHCians are half-century-old. What do we gain out of it by maliciously, viciously spiking at others?  I, for sure, gain nothing out of being SHC Admin, this is a voluntary role which I believe no one loves to suck on it.  But if anyone is interested, he or she is most welcome to take over any time.

What prompt me to write this post?  Coz time and time again, I do receive such hateful remarks and maybe who knows my ancestor might have provoked theirs…. Hahahaha…. And this is my payback time?  Don’t forget this old saying…. “What goes around comes around?”

I would truly love to hear more honest feedback from this post… all comments are welcome.  Thank you.


16 thoughts on “SHC Admin Role – to ASSIST or OVER-RULE

  1. Applause for your bold and upfront but also thank you with great appreciation for the service render to the SHC forum admin. My friend compliment your recent zoom meeting “training on word press ” were well execute with informative style.

    “applause again”

    Being direct person alway never get a well complimentary remark due to “dun give a dam what you say” attitude style.

    I always think those gossiper lack of confidence and jealousy that why need to ill remark on you.

    In the end there no right or wrong on who side but life is short cherish the now while you can. Stay firm with your belief, your family and loved one that count the most for your attention.

    Heck care those ill remark on you because they are not worth your time nor anger. Smile and laugh over it lah !

    Is easy to say than done but i alway believe more practise make it more perfect. Why fall into their trap to anger you – just smile and move on.

    ps : alway believe something wonderful is about to happen !

  2. I like your title.
    Both are necessary tobe effective….
    Sally, you are doing fine and much much more and better than me. Agree with Howard.
    Just do what is right for the majority. It’s not easy. Members appreciate your contributions. It’s a thankless task. Appreciate….

  3. Sally I’m saddened to hear that you have been the target of abuse. You are doing a thankless job that nobody wants to do. And you have been doing a fantastic job to keep SHC going!!
    Half of what you hear could be fake news – vicious & untrue. If only you can use POFMA on these people! The other half, take as a compliment because they are jealous of you doing such a good job. So, please carry on. We need someone like you. Thanks, Sally

  4. In engaging with volunteering work, whether to help Terrence (because no other ke-chew) or you have a passion in helping others, you bound to come across all kind of seniors from patting you from the back (and says thanks) to those who have nothing more to do but just to criticize.

    At our age, maybe I have a shorter runway (than you), we have to learn the skills to absorb what we like to hear and filter off those that may make us sad or angry. Like the Hokkien has a phrase, “Hwa he chew ho” – in our twilight years. If not, you will be like the rest, (for whatever personal reasons), just throw in the towel.

    I respect those that contribute for a good course (free & voluntarily) and can weather through the storm. I am an old generation SHCian that have experienced much worst weather, decades ago when I volunteered to share my IT skills with fellow SHCians – in food court, in condo space and in Community Centers (no funds to rent a venue).

  5. “Nothing new under the sun”
    When one does volunteer work and holding office , one will get the brunt of envy , jealousy , sarcasm, criticism and whatever judgement.
    One needs to develop a skin that’s as thick as the cow’s leather , and weather the storm of life. Otherwise , one has to find a hole and bury one’s head under the sand just like the tall giraffe!

    Initially, when I met Sally at SHC Cooking and Baking Chat group , had some reservation about her. She came across as strong willed. However,
    in this past one and a half years , with several interaction in person and on Zoom meetings ,Sally has demonstrated to be a very capable administrator with commitment and spontaneity. In addition she is helpful and generous with her time and knowledge too.
    I believe Sally will continue to take the challenges ahead of her
    Do not be disheartened as there are many supporters here for you .

  6. Dear Sally….like u said “Wish light on others, and the light comes back to you. We all have met Angels at some point of our life and that is why many give their love voluntarily so that positive energy is passed on.

    Lets purge people who are mean-spirited. Stay in the light.”

  7. Wisdom, Graciousness & Inner Peace…3 must have survivor-components in SHC, especially ( Wakaka ) .

    Sally, you are one capable Admin that able to stay on track thus far via those zooms I had attended.

    Thank you for taking up this tough role, voluntarily. Never easy , but you had done well. Bravo !!

  8. I had been been, gone and out of Admin so I can fully understood that this is definitely a thankless task. You are definitely the most dedicated Admin that I had encountered so far. WordPress, to some, may sounded easy to operate but believed me, there are still lots of yet to resolve issues resided in WordPress that Sally is still trying her best to tackle now maybe not too fruitful, that why kena bombarded lor…

    I agreed most to the 2 sentences by Malyn Suen ““Nothing new under the sun” and “One needs to develop a skin that’s as thick as the cow’s leather” so Miss Sally Foo, followed these 2 golden rule cant be wrong lor…

    I sincerely hope that members that faced with any SHC Forum issues, take this up with Sally personally and who know, issues can be resolved amicably. I still having issues with SHC Forum and had been bugging till now. But learn to let it go slowly so that I can move on as it is really a small matter.

    Thank you for holding this Admin, despite of ill remarks and name calling tht she had recd so far… Very brave indeed… Keep it up… Cheers…

  9. SHC Admins and EOs have been appointed to do the various task in the running of SHC various platforms, namely zoom meetings, physical activities and running of the Forum and Facebook for the members’ benefits.

    Many of the Admins and EOs have demonstrated their upmost capabilities in these various areas. They certainly do not deserve the criticism or being targeted by others. Sad to say, most of the people do not say good stuff but only criticize. Please ignore the bashings.

    Yes, It hurts initially, but the best thing to do, is to just turn a blind eye to the bad and look at the good.

    I am sure, a certain percentage of the members appreciate the good job that Admin and EOs have done.

  10. Dearest Sally!!!
    I feel it’s good to “let it out” & I believe you feel better already :)
    I must take this opportunity to give you a HUGE THANK YOU, for you guidance during my first attempts here with my travel presentations :)
    I’ll like to say that in whatever we do, there’ll always be people who agree & disagree with what you do or say, etc. What I’d normally do is to determine whether what they say / do is true/false, correct/incorrect, meaningful/not so etc while managing the way these messages are delivered, esp if they are negative, hostile, etc and see if there’re any lessons in them :)
    Like others mentioned, it’s a thankless commitment (not really a job right?) & I must applause you for taking on this task :)
    You’re given the ‘badge’ so you can take ‘umbrage’ of those who’re “nasty” to you (for whatever their motivations are in doing so) as they’re mostly ‘snowflakes’ and let them fight their own demons while you ride above their “attacks” :)
    We spoke before about the hostile political working environment we went thru in our previous jobs, so I’m confident you’ll come out stronger :)
    You have us and I’m sure more who’re appreciative of your efforts, assistance, commitment etc here :)
    Keep up the good work Sally!!! And THANKS again :)

  11. Hi Sally
    I would like to thanks you for the numerous occasions when you assisted and posted cycling matters on my behalf.
    We know you’re volunteering and had assisted many members.
    I believe, as an administrator, you do have rights to over rule certain posts not deem fit or needs to be removed.
    You’re doing great and we support you.
    Please continue to assist.
    Thank you.

  12. Hi Sally,
    I intend to put up a post on Japanese Cooking Workshop but forgot how to do it as it been a while.
    Date: 25 and 26 October. 9.00am to 6.00 max capacity 6.
    Learn about: Chawanmushi, Sushi Maki(Cucumber, carrot and crabstick)
    Salmon Teriyaki
    Chicken katsu
    Course fee:
    3 hours worship $90.95 after Gst
    NSA subsidy $68.00
    Payable after subsidy $22.95
    Address: 69 Boon Keng Road..
    Managed by Dignity Kitchen.
    Many other courses available.
    Dan Huang.

  13. Hi Sally,
    Sorry to intrude, I will try to find my way to my own post if I can find the link.
    Digital Kitchen employees are all physically challenged. The course fees help to pay for their salary as there also a cafe there.

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