Learn how to use e-Payments (Lifelong Learning)

Next month of July, I am conducting two zoom sessions through the NLB as follows:

Topic: E-Payments
Date: 1st July (Thurs) – Part 1
Date: 15th July (Thurs) – Part 2
Time: 9PM to 10PM
The two sessions are on zoom (online). These talks are totally free and no skills future funds are required.

Please note: the library has outsourced the registration to “Eventbrite” and the way to obtain the meeting details (meeting room & password) are as follows:

  1. After you have successfully registered with an email address, a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your registration is successful.
  2. A few days before the event, Eventbrite will send you a second email requesting you to RESUBMIT YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS AGAIN.
  3. Immediately after you have done (2), Eventbrite will send you the third email giving you the details of the zoom session. (the meeting room and password).

Come and get yourself familiar with all kind of cashless payments using your smartphones and not your plastic visa or debit cards.

Part 1 registration:


Part 2 registration:



4 thoughts on “Learn how to use e-Payments (Lifelong Learning)

  1. Again, your sessions is indeed rewarding… even tho I have missed Part 1 and yet I still can go back to your link to see or view past Zoom recording and with detailed slides especially for seniors like us who might be slow in catching or absorb what is shown in screen share.

    Thank you HewLee for this refresher course and also allowing me to learn some tips from you on how to guide other seniors into this e-Payment.

  2. Thanks Sally. It is through feedback like yours that I can further improve myself.

    Come Sept 18th, I am conducting a workshop, in Jurong Regional Library (physical lesson) on how to create a movie (digital story) using Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Good for those who have a travel story to tell.

    • Love to BUT
      1. I am a certified Route Idiot
      2. Come September my work schedule might change hence no commitment till then… but night Zoom at 9pm is just nice.
      3. Will you share this in your Blog or any live video…

      Once again, thanks for the offer.

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