HAPPY FATHER’S DAY – 20 June 2021

No matter what our age are – our father is our role model and the connection is wonderfully complex.  Forging a strong father-child relationship can be hard work, but the lasting bond formed can make all our effort worthwhile…

Yet, another bouts of Covid-19 cases rising – let’s make this day a stay home day and show our dad that we love him for being who he is and for all that he had done for us…  I am sure that is the greatest gift of all… gratitude and affection.

Of coz, don’t forget to say “I love you, Dad!”


1 thought on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY – 20 June 2021

  1. To all the Fathers, enjoy this awesome messages:

    *Mother* – Introduces you to the world.
    *Father* – Introduces the world to you.
    *Mother* : Gives you life
    *Father* : Gives you living
    *Mother* : Makes sure you are not starving.
    *Father* : Makes sure you know the value of starving
    *Mother* : Personifies Care
    *Father*: Personifies Responsibility
    *Mother* : Protects you from a fall
    *Father* : Teaches you to get up from a fall.
    *Mother* : Teaches you walking.
    *Father* : Teaches you walk of life
    *Mother* : Teaches from her own experiences.
    *Father* : Teaches you to learn from your own experiences.
    *Mother* : Reflects Ideology
    *Father* : Reflects Reality
    *Mother’s* love is known to you since birth.
    *Father’s* love is known when you become a Father.

    Dedicated to all fathers in this group. Happy Father’s Day!

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