SHC Private Home Cooking Services – Part 5

Grab ‘n’ Go – presented by Ms Marlene Yap, Saturday, 26 June 2021 @ 10:30am

Why Grab n Go?  Ms Marlene Yap, being a Diet Freak herself, talks about her unique offering of freshness, pictorial appeal, quick service, portable packaging, value and healthy options – another direction that is hassle-free than dine-in meals, but just as enjoyable.

Marlene’s MOTTO – Principles of healthy Eating…  Demand for Quality Ingredients!

Nowadays, consumers are more discerning than ever before.  They tend to spend more on their food if they know the finished product are made of imported ingredients, maintain ethical and ensure their meals are healthy and freshly made.  Marlene’s cooking style is fuss-free and zero wastage. She loves merging cuisine and creating fusion recipes…

Her recommendation for today – Homemade Premium XO Sauce – with an umami flavour, commonly used as an enhancer or table condiments.

Do view her video presentation, Ms Marlene Yap can be reached at WhatsApp 96795008.

Once again, calling all avid foodies, do come forward to host and share with us your specialty on Home Cooking/Dining Services…

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Author: Sally Foo

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One thought on “SHC Private Home Cooking Services – Part 5”

  1. Making XO Sauce at Home

    Luxurious as it may sound, a super-rich seafood umami flavour, combination explosion of both savoury, sweet and a tinge of spiciness. Very good as table condiments for steamed, fried rice, noodles and more to boost the palate.

    Due to its bounty of dried seafood in it, this sauce is considered pretty expensive, but if you make it yourself out of high-quality ingredients, you can save money as well as enjoy that same premium flavour. Why not?

    Making of this sauce requires a fair amount of time and patience. Slow-cooking everything to get it to the perfect texture – I am sure Marlene is capable of it. Do contact her and get your first bottle from her.

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