How to verify your SHC membership via whatsapp auto- response?

Auto SHC Membership verification (1 min).- Verify your SilverHairsClub membership by sending a whatsapp msg “Am I a SHC member? My name is xxxx xxxx xxx.” to 9489 4360. Exact format within quotes.

Verified members will receive a Club’s verification within 1 min.

If no response within 1 min, this likely means your membership has lapsed, you did not follow the text or your tel is incorrect.

Verified members names will be published in the Club forum.

In future, some activities would require membership verification to participate.

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4 thoughts on “How to verify your SHC membership via whatsapp auto- response?”

  1. SilverHairsClub membership is very easy to apply. Since we established ourselves, we keep making membership application easier.

    Only members know if they are registered members.

    If someone says he/she is a member, simply ask him/her to send a verification Whatsapp msg to 9489 4380. Follow standard format.

    If no confirmation received within 1 min, the person is not a member.

    Terence seah

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