Photography Interest Group – Sculptures Hunting (20th July 2012)

Fellow SHCians,

If you Google and find the ten most famous sculptures in the world, you may
agree they are. Click link below to view:
A well designed sculpture is one that is professionally designed,
constructed, face the elements and can withstand the passage of time. Put a
comment in this Post if you find any interesting sculpture in Singapore. Give
us the location and/or the Building name.
The Project I am planning to do is to go "Sculptures Hunting" in Singapore.
This project only requires a small group, with like-minded people having the
same interests, with a camera and time to pursue the project and at the same
time, acquire some IT skills. This project is most suited to those who have
semi- or fully retired, having a camera collecting dust somewhere in the house
and may not have hold the camera for quite some time. You must like walking and
a passion to take the challenge.  This project will not earn us any money
or fame but just another retiree (or senior) going around spending quality time
with friends having the same interests. For this project, we have all the time
we wanted; so I am thinking of setting the time frame to one year and the
number of sculptures to capture will be around 100 or more. We can document our
findings and, if possible, give a brief description of the sculptures and the
famous artist that was commissioned to do it. We can also do an Internet Search
to find out more about any famous sculpture documented by others. I have in
mind to put our findings in the Internet, so that everyone can have access to
view. Click link below for an example,
The meeting will be once a month and the starting point (or meeting point)
will, most likely, be a a convenient food court. The date/time to meet and the
area to cover will also be stated in the monthly post.
If you are interested, you will be able to learn the following:
  1. How to take reasonably good pictures.
  2. How to transfer your pictures from the camera (or smartphone) to your
  3. How to do simple editing to the digital pictures taken.
  4. How to start a Blog or FaceBook account and have your photos
First Meeting:
Date: 20th July 2012 (Friday)
Meeting Place: Kopitiam Food Court @ Junction of Bras Basah Road by
Bencoolen Street. Nearest MRT –
Bras Basah (Circle Line).
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Area to cover: Civic Districts, Singapore River Walk and (it time permits)
along the Marina Bay.

Those registered coming:

  1. Hew Lee (EC)
  2. Tan Li Li
  3. ChristinaCL Chan (tentative)
  4. Alicia Tang
  5. Toon Foong Zhern
  6. Wendy Koh

CLICK here for selected photos


CLICk for all photos

22 thoughts on “Photography Interest Group – Sculptures Hunting (20th July 2012)

  1. Hi Hew Lee

    The first thing that comes to this very distant mind is the Merlion!

    To me, it represents us or am I sooo dated?? Kekekekee.

    Anyways, it’s good to see you coming up with different topics relating to photography with IT thrown in. Nice.

    Have fun with this project!

  2. Hi Li Li (#1) – welcome. Have a note book to pen down some notes of the sculpture you have taken.

    Hi Geraldine (#2) – it has been few moons since we last met in one monthly meet. Yes, Lions or Merlions are symbolic of our small country since it was named after the malay word “Singapura” – the “Lion City”. I am chasing after the Merdeka Bridge Lions. Those who are 50+ may have taken a picture besides them. View link to see how it looks like

    BTW – any of you know whether SAFTI-MI (in Tuas) is accessible by PUBLIC. I would like to capture a photo to complete my catch.


  3. Hi Hew Lee

    I would like to join this group as and when I am available.

    There are a number of sculptures in the compound of the
    National Museum of Singapore, which may be of interest.

  4. #Hi Hew Lee,

    From what I know, you need to change pass. No reason to access SAFTI-MI unless you are going to the Library which is open to the public. Also, no cameras allowed in the premises cos it’s a military camp.

    However, can try to approach the Liaison Officer for excursion, or for visits if you want to.


    yew tiong

  5. Hi Barbara (#4) – noted.
    Hi Yew Tiong (#6) – Thks for your info. See whether I hv any luck to convince SAFTI PR to allow me (escorted?) just to have a picture of the Lions.

  6. Hi HL, speaking of likeminded pple…? yea! you speak my mind. I have this(taking sculptures) on my mind for quite some moons ago. This had resurfaced time and again when I visited SBG or even walking along Orchard Rd.

    I hope to learn some tips from you on photography. Please put me as tentative for 20July
    C ya!

    ChristinaCL Chan

  7. Hi

    Ihv signed up a ShC member 3 years back but hv not participated in any activities. I am a newbie in ShC and photography. Hope to join u all. Hope I won’t be a hindrance to yr project.


  8. Hi Alicia Tang (#11) – Welcome to our interest group. A great journey starts with the first step forward. In this proposed project, there is a lot of walking and finding. Though I have a map showing where these sculptures are located, the map may be outdated or the owner may have removed it. The fun is in the adventure of getting lost and finding our way back.

    Just a piece of advice if you have not taken part in any walking for a long time – consider the following:

    1) Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
    2) Bring a bottle of drinking water and umbrella.
    3) Bring a hat/cap and sunglasses
    4) Bring your camera (if you have one), if not your mobile with camera will do.
    5) Bring a note book and pencil to take notes if necessary.


  9. Hi Hew Lee,

    Toon Tong Wai would like to join us for next Fri’s walk, but not the whole project. As and when she can make it. Thanks.

  10. Hi Terence,

    She is a member. She says she received the monthly updates, so she must be a member. Thanks. Maybe I ask her to register for this event herself.

  11. Foong Zhern (#16) – welcome to this interest group. Not to worry, though this photo walk will be repeated for another 11 or more times (in order to capture 100 or more sculptures), members are free to decide when to come along. For those who are interested to publish their photos in a “Blog” or “FaceBook”, tutorials will be conducted.

  12. I’m interested in this interest group but not free for this date, hope to join you all the next time.
    When is your tutorial class that I can attend?

  13. Hi Vivian Lai (#19) – Thank you for your interest in this group. Actually, this group has two parts; a) the photography aspects and b) the IT aspects. Based on what you have just commented, I think you are only interested in the IT aspects.This Project is intended for SHC members to start from “zero base” – that is, know a little about photography and a little of IT and now being retired or semi-retired, have all the time to take some pictures and have a go in publishing them in a blog or Facebook.

    For those who are only interested in the IT aspects, if I can find a suitable venue, I can consider organizing some topics for discussion.


  14. Hi Hew Lee,
    I would like to come along for this interesting outing.I think it’s about time I look more closely at our own statues and monuments and learn more about the history of Singapore.

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