SHC team of Weekend Warriors Zoom Meeting with Vintage Radio – 30 July


On the morning of 30 July, SHC team of past and future weekend warriors had a zoom session with Aloysius and Kevin of Vintage RadioSG. Many of our members were also with us to enjoy the morning chit chat with our guests.  Hopefully, they will be inspired to be the future weekend warriors.

It was a reunion for past warriors who had the great experience to deejay a recording session with Aloysius and his team. All we needed to do is to showcase our 10 favorite songs and what the songs meant to us. Under Aloysius’ guidance, we sounded calmed and collected, making the whole session fun and we looked cool.

It was indeed a privileged for me to be their pioneer WW in Nov 2020. I shared the thrilling experience with our members in our zoom sessions, many have participated and have received great compliments. Two members will be called shortly for their recordings.

Aloysius updated us on what’s happening on the Vintage Radio and its various platform whereby seniors can take a peek at his/her own leisure.  E.g National Silver Academy , C3A and the videos covering NSA e-Nuggets series.

Do check in the zoom recording to hear what we discuss and gain more exposure from Vintage Radio.

Take this opportunity to say “Yah! I wanna to be a deejay, and be heard over the soundwave, have the opportunity of play my favourite songs.”

Make this your next challenge in your bucket list. Life is more interesting as we explore new boundaries.

Do let me know and we get in touch.


Agnes Seow

One thought on “SHC team of Weekend Warriors Zoom Meeting with Vintage Radio – 30 July”

  1. Thank you Agnes for updating…

    Good to know what was being transpired during the Morning Chat Zoom. Glad that Aloysius n Kevin shared a little more about Vintage Radio, trying to get more of our members to expose, explore and expand our network via Weekend Warrior program.

    To all members who happen to chance upon this post, get your interest spurred up… it is indeed an interesting way to reminisce your past – Listened to the details of our story – all about happy recollections and thinking back to stories from our younger days.

    It is important for you to be an attentive listener, because reminiscing serves a purpose in older adulthood.

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