Monthly Walk: Woodlands Waterfront, Saturday 14 July 2012

This post is posted on behalf of MaryT as her post did not appear on this blog! 

Date:          Saturday,  14 July 2012

Time:          4.30pm sharp  (about 2 hrs)  

Meeting Point :    Woodlands MRT Station nearby Passenger Service Control Station
EOs :                Veronica Wong & Mary Tan

This easy walk takes us into an urban park in Woodlands  nature area to enjoy its rustic surroundings of a
secondary forest, grassland and the mangrove swamp where you may observe mudskippers in the mudflat.

Woodlands Waterfront attractions – water promenade, coastal forest vegetation, view of Johor Straits,
sunrise and sunset views.  The 400m jetty is one of the longest coastal jetties in Singapore that offers
visitors panoramic views of the park and the Straits of Johor.  This park is so simple yet beautiful. 
A good place for photography enthusiast.

End of Walk – for dinner at 888 Plaza, junction of Woodlands Ave 4 and 7

Our other Walk Team EOs: ChristinaCL Chan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Serene Low, Conrad &

Sally Tang and Lydia Soh.


  1. Andrew Yeung
  2. Barbara Lim
  3. Ron Teo
  4. Terry Tang
  5. Pauline Chew
  6. Jane Chua
  7. Alice Seah
  8. KC Lau
  9. Bernie Chung
  10. Thomas Lau
  11. Lucy Tan
  12. Lydia Soh
  13. Charles Wee
  14. Grace Kang
  15. Hew Lee
  16. Leong Kum Hong
  17. Peter Goh
  18. Malcolm
  19. Seok Cheng
  20. Erik Teo
  21. Juliet Ong
  22. Aaron How
  23. Charles Chua
  24. Rosalind Soh
  25. Johnny Pow
  26. Annie Tan
  27. Christina Chan
  28. Yatsing
  29. Philip Wee
  30. Priscilla Wee
  31. Theresa Seow
  32. Joy Chuang
  33. Ivan Lim
  34. Clara Chay

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40 thoughts on “Monthly Walk: Woodlands Waterfront, Saturday 14 July 2012

  1. Hi Christina, Mary and Veronica,

    I would like to join this walk too. Besides the mud skipper I would also like to see the Attap Seeds (palm fruit) and the small fishes in a tiny water hole with fast flowing clear water. I am embarrassed to disclose that the fishes outwitted us although they are no bigger than ikan bilis. We had six nets and yet failed to catch any.


  2. Hi Mary #4,

    Please go ahead and add in the participants in the registration list. This should work; Christina is watching.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi EOs,
    Sorry for last minute registration. Pls include me too.
    If I do not appear at appointed time…pls go ahead, no need to wait.
    Thank you for organising this walking route again.

  4. Hi Joy, nice we meet again soon.

    Ivan, hope you can make it in time.

    All walkists, aiyoh looks like it’s going to rain all day today.

  5. Hi
    Dear all
    Many thank yous for all who came for the walk in spite of the intermittent rain (drizzle).
    Hsieh Hsieh. It is you all who made the walk successful.
    Thanks to all those who registered but cannot make it. Can always come the next walk.
    A big thank you to Mary and Christina who did the posting and checking.
    I lost my password to log in. I worried I get delisted by Terence, so die die, after the walk, I go home and search high and low and with the St Anthonly help, I found it. The password works, so heng arh!

  6. Dear all EOs,
    Saturday rain did not dampen our spirit to carry on with the walk organized by you with much effort. With strong determination we have completed the walk successfully in slight drizzle under the unfavourable sky. We did not disappoint you. We have all won. Hurray!

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