How can we digitalise the SilverHairsClub?

The Singapore Government is encouraging SMEs, restaurants, and all businesses to digitalise its its operations. Can we digitalise club activities, membership applications, approvals, membership tracking, etc.

How can we digitalise network working to meet out club objective? Volunteer your time to bring technology into SHC.

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4 thoughts on “How can we digitalise the SilverHairsClub?”

  1. Create an App.
    Touch the screen and there are options to :
    1. Membership Application
    2. FAQ for new / potential members
    3. Upcoming activities
    4. History of events
    5. Zoom meeting schedules
    6. Minutes of meetings
    7. Member list
    8. Useful cyber-links for seniors
    Of course, the Chief shall decide who can see what.

  2. Actually SHC club already into the phase of digitalise era –

    whatapk for checking membership
    whatapk for activities program
    whatapk for form into group

    to be digitalise for more – required fund to start an apk for android or IOS which in near future or if any member keen to learn the developer or coding job. I m sure there are hidden talent in our club but in silent mode.

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