Have Food Will Travel

You can have your cake and it too. Allow me to share my adventures with food. Some of the pleasure in life are to be able to come together and enjoy good foods with friends, either in a coffee house or being invited to a home where the host do the cooking. Or having potluck. Better still would be to attend a cooking class and you get to consume the food after the class.

To start with I want to invite anyone keen to join.

Italian cooking workshop:
1-Day Italian cooking – Caesar (3 hour per day)
* Caesar’s salad with chicken breast
* Linguine with mushroom cream sauce
* Pan seared salmon fillet with spinach cream and floret of cauliflower, drizzled with basil coulis

3 hours workshop $90.96 after GST
NSA subsidy $68
Course fee payable after subsidy $22.15.

Location: 69 Boon Keng Road.
Capacity – 6 pax to 12 pax maximum

Date: 20th September, Monday


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  1. I got the post up but got lock out. Trying all mean to do some editing but cannot get in.
    For the upcoming class, time is from 9.00am to 12.00 noon. Closing date 15 September.
    Who coming: 1. Dan 2 Cat Yeo.
    Just need to pay $22.15, balance subsidy will be claim on your behalf from National Silver Academy.
    As you come out from Boon Keng MRTl head for exit C which is opposite the venue.
    Bye. This place is probably the only Hawker Training Center in the world.

  2. Thanks Howard for sharing the link for Dignity Kitchen. Given the present situation most members would prefer to stay at home.
    Let’s me share a quote. ” Life is too short, so love deeply and forgive quickly. Take the good with the bad. Smile when you are sad. Love what you got and always remember what you had. People change and thing go wrong. But realize no matter what, Life goes on”.

  3. As I said before I going to share my culinary journey. I enjoy organizing event but lately I was face with a situation. I need to go on a pilgrimage, a journey to the West for the lost scrolls. But my adventures ended abruptly.

    Many many moons ago I work at an office in Phillip Street. Almost every day I would frequent the Mee Pok stall. The noodles text was just nice. I regretted now I did not ask to be his assistant. I may be better off with a food chain. My other fancy was to cook the best Hokkien Mee. More to come.

  4. Closing date today.
    Citizens and PRs age 50 and above $22.96
    Others $90.95
    Skills future credit claim able for citizens 25 and above.
    Considering food cost, it really a good deal!

  5. I mentioned the two dishes because if given the chance I would want to open a stall. But the opportunity never presented itself or more so I did not try hard enough.
    Once I work as a Supervisor at a coffee house at YMCA on Steven Road. I look after 3 shifts of serving staffs. We have Western, Chinese and Nyona dishes served. I greatly enjoy the task. I attended a Shatec course on Supervisory skills in restaurant management. Strangely after 3 months I did not go back to collect my certificate. I am never a cook, the only item I can cook is a desert known as English Trifles. We also do outside catering.
    I believe some of you may have some experience and may want to share with us? While in Sydney I work for Jacks Place for a short span.

  6. Terence, my prayers goes with you. Soon I will be hitting 70. I am on insulin and to me this is like a death sentence. I skipped all my prescription like Metformin.
    I remember you open a bistro on Robinson Road. While working for you, as your acting chef I learn to cook rosemary chicken among others.

  7. Now to continue my culinary journey. Sometimes back my elder sister and me took up a stall at Roxy Square. Rental cost $1300, hiring a cook $1500. After one month the cook left us. I was left to hold the fort and we closed shop after 3 months. It was a costly lesson. Imagine my early wake up to go to the market to buy ingredients. I learn from my auntie how to cook laksa.

  8. Like to share a word of wisdom.
    Life is like a piano. White keys are happy moments, black keys are sad moments. But remember both keys are played together to give music.

  9. Most of you can tap into your Skill Future to pay for your course. I just found out I have $1000 to claim upon. In the end my class is free of charge. I get to learn to cook for 3 hours and filling myself with Caesar salad, Linguini with mushroom cream sauce and Pan seared salmon fillet with spinach cream and floret of cauliflower for a song.

  10. I am going to list on the post all the forthcoming courses. Bear in mind all are free of charge.Just tap on to the National Silver Academy and Skills Future for subsidy. Dun put to waste the $1000 each of you are entitled to. Now I must find a way to sneak in.

  11. I know the Covid19 put us in a very tight situation. I hope to entice you lovely folks to come out from your comfort zone. The course is free, the foods is free. Who said there is no free lunches in the world?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Plse advise if you get a commission when introducing these courses.

      SHC is a free platflorm for members to meet friends.

      However, we have not been successful in geting a start up operating fund started.

      We feel that members who make money from club members or the platform should not do so. We intend to relax if these members share their collection.

      Plse advise.

      Terence Seah

  12. Terence,
    Getting a commission is the last thing on my mind. You require efforts and and coordination to put up a post. It certainly a good idea for members to share their thoughts on how a fund can be set up.

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