Daily Morning Chat with our Co-Hosts in Zoom

Keep boredom at bay with our list of activities via Zoom that will keep you entertained as you stay home during this Pandemic or Endemic period.

A good start of the day – listen n chat – La Kopi or La Teh with our various Co-Host of the day and share with fellow SHCians your experience, or find something nice to complement or compliment them on.

Keeping Mindful – staying positive

Keeping safe – by now safe distancing, mask on and stay sanitized is our way of life

Keeping fit – home workout is the safest

Do join us every morning….

Meeting ID: 417 852 5736

Passcode: shc

7 thoughts on “Daily Morning Chat with our Co-Hosts in Zoom

  1. Sally,
    do you remember the last post I put up on Hainanese foods. We may not be able to visit now., But we can still share npw and visit later
    The places I can still remember is at Chin Chin at Purvis Street with Boon Liang, Douglas, Glenda and Frank Kaw. Caroline and Joy is also Hainanese.

  2. Now meeting outside is down to two, we have no choice but to share our grandfather and grandmother tales here.
    The other restaurant we visited was at I think at Lagoons View. There were more than 10 of us. I only remember me, Douglas, Frank Kaw and Boon Liang, sorry about the rest of us.
    I once visit Hainan Island where my ancestors.came from. We were from Wei Boon in Boon Chang County, hope I got it correct?
    Next, should I share I met a village girl and took her back with me to Singapore?

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