3rd Line Dance Jamboree on Sunday 2 Sep 2012

Hi All,

Firstly I would like to thank all those who turned up at the last jam on 15 Jul. Though most of you do not do line dance on a regular basis and some don’t even dance but you still turned up to give support, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now it’s time again for another 5 hours of non-stop dancing at Kovan CC and I hope to see all of you again.

Andrew ‘Young", you need not wait a 1000 years or more….the dance will be on the list so hope you can dance to your heart’s content …. that is if you are no in HK on that day…then you may have to wait for the next 1000 yearsemoticon

Pauline, since you were so hardworking learning the Shy Waltz from your ‘sifu’ I will also include this dance for you if you are coming

For the ‘E Sliders’ there will always be 1 dance at least for all of you and maybe a few more easy to follow dances.

As usual I will be putting up the dance list in a day or 2, so if anyone of you has an special request, pls drop me a line at my e-mail address at sockie_sg@hotmail.com.

Details of Jam as follows :

  • Date : 2 Sep , Sunday from 2.00 to 7.00pm 
  • Place : Paya Lebar/Kovan CC – Multi Purpose Air-Con Hall
  • Charges : $4/- per pax with a bottle of mineral water

Nearest MRT : Kovan MRT (buses 136, 153, 321, 80, 81, 82, 107, 112, 113 & 119).

Dance List :

  1. Eating Right, Drinking Bad
  2. Bossa Nova
  3. Electric Dream
  4. Tenessee Waltz
  5. Bump ‘N’ Grind
  6. Ghost Train
  7. Multiplication
  8. Footloose
  9. Hit Me
  10. Evergreen Waltz
  11. Cinco De Mayo
  12. JB’s Waltz
  13. Amarillo in the Morning
  14. Back Track
  15. Silver Threads n Golden Needles
  16. Addiction
  17. Hip to be Square
  18. Summer Night Cha Cha
  19. Flying High
  20. Rocking Good
  21. Blue Mountain Waltz
  22. 1000 Years or More
  23. Somebody Like You
  24. Country Club
  25. Stroll Along Cha Cha
  26. Invincible
  27. Seal Our Fate
  28. Kiss in The Dark
  29. Live It Up
  30. Little Rhumba
  31. Dancing Party
  32. Brokenheartsville
  33. Cowgirl’s Twist
  34. Na Mara
  35. On the Rocks
  36. You and Me in the Country
  37. Dedicated Drinker
  38. Down Louisiana Way
  39. D.H.S.S.
  40. Red Hot Salsa
  41. 2001 BC Coaster
  42. On the Promise
  43. My Heart is Your Heart
  44. Mom’s Good Looks
  45. Eagles Rock
  46. Wherever You May Wander
  47. Shy Waltz
  48. Guajira
  49. What’s Your Name
  50. Give Me Back My Bullet
  51. Mucara Walk
  52. Tango with the Sheriff
  53. I’m Moving On
  54. Sweet Joanne
  55. Vertical Expression
  56. Lover’s Hideaway
  57. Perhaps
  58. Sway Me Now
  59. Pizziricco
  60. Sube Amor
  61. Some Beach
  62. Bullseye
  63. Dancing in Line
  64. Fanilow Eyes
  65. Strait Dancing
  66. The Last Dance
  67. Eruption
  68. Lady in Red
  69. Life is a Roller Coaster
  70. Madelaina
  71. Freak Like Me
  72. Getcha Good
  73. No Matter What
  74. My Guy
  75. American Pop

Additional Dance ( Time Permitting )

  1. Black Coffee
  2. Just A Kiss 2
  3. Quanto Amore
  4. D.N.T.O.

Sockie (EC cum DJ) 

12 thoughts on “3rd Line Dance Jamboree on Sunday 2 Sep 2012

  1. Hi Sifu

    Thanks to shorten my 1000 years to less than one month. This time, I don’t want to wait another 1000 years or wait till 3 late, 4 late liao. Please register me. Thanks.

    Besides 1000 years, I missed the Vertical Expression last time, please include it this time.

    I am lazy, only teach my ?? how to waltz shy-shy-ly. Want to use this chance to teach her more about waltz and a bit of Rumba. The following dances is for her (only include if she take part). Hope she can join this time.

    1. JB’s Waltz,
    2. Little Rumba, and
    3. A touch of Rumba.

    Last, Want to sent the following to Karen, you and Judy to end my comment:


  2. ?? and master ??…

    Heard both your callings….^o^

    Have already marked the date / time on my calendar… I’ll be there for sure… **(o^_^o)**

    Cheers – Pauline

  3. Andrew #1

    Got all you requests except for No.3 A touch of rumba.

    Anna #4

    Mdm, it’s a 5 hours non-stop dancing so no time to teach. Some dances are quite easy to follow and you can always called Andrew sifu and he can show you a few moves…so you ‘kambing daun” too :0)

    For those who are coming, the dance list is up now

    Anymore kambing ???


  4. Just a gentle reminder that the line dance jam is on tomorrow, so those who are “kambing” pls remember to put on your dancing shoes and shuffle down to Kovan cc.

    Thank you Lily for updating the dance list for me. And those who did not register but are free and keen to join us do drop by anytime between 2 to 7 tmr ya

    Andrew #7 22 dances out of 75 not too bad lah and there are a few easy to follow ones which you can learn on the spot. Also you need time to pass your ‘kungfu” to my grand tho-dai….:hope the sotong don’t get lost again kekekekeke


  5. Would like to record a vote of thanks to Lily, Pauline n her ‘Yeung’ sifu Andrew, Lai Fong and her ‘XYZ’ who attracted quite a bit of attention from the cc staff who said he is a fast learner :0) and Malcom…hope he was not bored to ‘death’ kakakakakakaka n of course not forgetting Esther and Helen.

    Will be doing a Christmas Line Dance party on 23rd Dec 2012


  6. Hi Master ??

    Thanks for organising the event.

    My good ?? Andrew has taught me FIVE more new dance steps… and he even went on to email me the step sheet as well as the link to the video tutorial… **(^_^)**

    What more can I ask for having found such a dedicated ????? (o^_^o)

    Dec 23… ok, will try to make it on that day and hope my ?? will not be going back to HKG for the holiday… [x_x]

    Meanwhile, I’ll practise hard on these new pieces and hope will not disappoint you both… (^_~)

    Cheers – Pauline

  7. Hi Pauline

    I love line dance, so I want more people like line dance.

    I think in Dec 23, I am no longer your ?? liao, you should be my ?? at that time. You make a good choice, my ?? is a very good ??

    My last advice as your ??: “No need to practice hard, just enjoy it. Not dance for anyone, just dance for yourself” … (^_~)

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