Yunnan trip, 18 to 27 Sept 2012

emoticon This is the time of the year for Yunnan trip. The date is from 18 to 27 Sept 2012. I can only take a few this year. Please read the previous years’ trip for details and basic understanding. Those interested please email me or write here immediately. Very limited space. Must confirm as soon as possible. Good for those who has never been to Yunnan, loves nature and culture, has limited Mandarin ability, free and easy and not comfortable with package tours. My email again is  

Author: Feztus lim

I do community development projects, organise trips to Thailand's biggest organic farm and also simple business platforms in Yunnan China and north Thailand.

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  1. Hi StevenC #8 and Feztus,

    The Stone Forest mountains are indeed beautiful, as I see from the photos. There are so many beautiful places to see and visit, before our legs can no longer carry us.

    Fetzus, it is nice of you to offer to lead and initiate trips to Kunming for SHCians. You are truly knowledgeable in this part of China. I look forward to joining you someday.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Feztus @ 4,

    It is ok. after Guilin for 8 days, I will be dead tired and home sick.
    It is such a hassle to fly all the way to Kunming just to see 1 stone Forest ?

    It would be more conducive there n then to see the Stone Forest when I was still there at Kunming.

    Not to worry, I will go to Google and search for the large number of beautiful images of the Stone forest. OOOllalalal !

    there it is at

  3. Hi Feztus @ 4,

    This month Oct is a v. busy month for exams. I had to prepare final revision for my students and doggie babies sitting .

    As such no time to select the photos of N. Vietnam and Kunming to be placed in my facebook photo album. May do it at a later season.

  4. Oh yes, I still have many memorable colour photos of myself at various Yunnan tour sites. If you are tired of walking you can order a sedan with four coolies carrying you on it up and down subterranean caves.


  5. Hi All,

    I visited Yunnan(Southern Clouds)province more than ten years ago. According to a minority tribesman, his ancestors together with other minority tribes jointly fought against Imperial Chinese troops seeking to dominate their country for 1,000years but they lost eventually, only to become a province of Imperial China. The Chinese over there speak a inscrutable dialect amongst themselves which we Singaporean tourists cannot understand. Just as effortlessly they can switch over to speaking Mandarin.

    Yunnan is a very beautiful Chinese province with snowcapped mountains, picturesque countryside and quaint rural villages. The weather is cool and it has intermittent light rainfall on almost a daily basis. Even today in Kunming, there are horse drawn carriages run like “taxis” which Singapore also had in the 1930s.

    Decades ago, The Straits Times ran one full page article reporting on the likelihood of links between the Hani tribe of Yunnan whose customs and dressing bear some striking cultural resemblence to those of the Japanese although the Hani had no written records of historical contact with the Japan at all. This has led to vexing suspicions by the Japanese researchers that ancient Hani tribal people could well have been ancestors of the Japanese.



  6. steven, can you upload your photos either create a link here or a link to an album elsewhere..

    as for the stone forest you can go again.. what you can do is that after you are done with your guilin trip, you take a bus or train or flight to kunming and go visit stone forest

  7. I was disappointed when I do not have the chance to visit the Stone Forest Mountains in Kunming as this is the most popular place of interest in Yunnan travel brochures.

  8. Hi Feztus / others,

    Thanks for helping us in Kunming out despite the long and tiring 10 D Kunming , Dali n Li jiang walking/climbing through steep stairs and steps of cobblestones.

    And also many thanks to the young chubby n cute tour guide name not mention as he is non shc member who help us a great deal to Dali , Li Jiang n back to Kunming.

    The failed cable car ride to Changshan mountains was a BLESSING indeed.

    The 2 hours horse ride through rough terrain, streams and jungle path was indeed a challenge for us as we thought we were given a horse carriage. V. nervous and excited that the horse I rode on was about to fall in to the stream as it walks along the narrow ridges of the river bank.

    Luckily, both rider and horse was firm on the ground as the horses here are very familiar with the daily routes with the troop leader in front of us. :).

    Alan Ang imagines himself as ” Zorro” bending forwards n backwards as I was helping him to take the heroic shots of him from another horse.

    Dali and Li Jiang are indeed v.beautiful ancient cities if one has ample time to explore complete with ancient Chinese architecture. We were surprised to see so many ethnic Chinese tribal folks living harmoniously in Yunnan province. Their music and songs are so lively.

    Thanks Feztus for selecting the appropriate New Era Apartments in Kunming and Dali n Li Jiang guesthouses which are centrally placed in the tourist district which saves us a lot of time to do our shopping,dining and body massages at our leisure time.

    I will contact you further should I need help in voluntarily teaching English in a Kunming school for about 3 months.

    Anyone keen to join me ?

    Also thanks to Nina Choo n Alan for giving us a bbq kampong chicken treat over slow cooked firewood with sweet wine at the Dai tribal village.

    Despite the the long and tiring journey, we had FUN and it was a JOY with such wonderful company of gals n guys.

    To all of you, I thank you for the wonderful memories of Kunming, Dali n Li Jiang. :)

    With sincere appreciation,
    Steven Chan

  9. Hi folks,
    now just short of one lady and one man traveler, separately for rooming arrangement. please respond fast.
    Do you know that we have one SHC member who is born in Yunnan and going on the trip back to Yunnan for the first time!
    those who goes will get to know the person.

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