HARLOW , bros & sisters !

I AM  appealing to all to have a early clear out of your storeroom,garage & office for the charity homes..

we accept old newpapers ,magazines ,clothings of all ages ( kindly no undergarment pls hor )

toys ..computers /laptops new or usedworking electrical applicances ,h.p etc….

kindly email me gohchinhuat@gmail.com or post your queries or contribution here lah…

10q 10q 10q kam sia kam sia lor…..cheers

sam huat huat huat


  1. i , sam huat want to kong 10q 10q 10q to bro james bro J ,

    mei ti jennifer , mei ti julie aso bro lim tiang soo & still ve abt 6 more buddies ..i ve no time to see thru it….pls give me some time hor..pai sei pai sei lah…..

    all reply thru my email & mobil…how come no 1 post here ..i so malu har ? ai ming pei cow cow lor…..( ve to be thick skinned lah…..)hahahahha

    sam huat huat

  2. halo halo ah jenny lee ,

    u can shoot a email 2 me lah……den i tell u my james bond secert nos to dial lor…..or can aso call 911 lah..hahahhaha just kidding hor…mai kee hor…( dun angry )..

    # 3 halo kwai keng ….

    this 1 hor…NO deadline 1 lah….is been my donkeys yrs of helping them lor…so ve any barangs 4 them both har ?

    1 of de home need 2 pcs of bread toaster those standing type 1…got any lobong bo anyone out there har ???

    cheers 2day 4d draw day ..ai huat huat huat….

  3. halo halo kwai keng ,

    1st hor…thank q very much hor……

    2nd hor , pls email me yr house address & yr contact nos lah….i will call yr mobil & we will arrange 1 week day @ nite after my working hours…

    3rd , hor my email is on de post lei…hahahha cannot post h.p cos is open to de PUBLIC lor….

    ai hua yee hua yee tio ho …2day toto draw hor…..

    sam huat huat huat

  4. halo halo ah kwai keng & her handsome ah kor ,

    last nite , thks 4 yr contribution of de stuffs…

    now coming 2 cheong 2 east side oi cheng jie & julia jie..

    most likely this wed or thursday nite..did reply thru yr SMS liao….2nite bo eng damn busy wif de festival on going lor…..

    as for jacq , jennyfier & eyonne chew…will come & whack next week hor….cos week end , i no collection lor….

    sorry hor….mai ki lah…( no angry ) wow..last nite TOTO
    1.7millilon ..1 lucky buyer only….siok man !!!2 dat lucky star…mine 1 went 2 de longkang liao..hahahha

    sam huat huat huat

  5. #8 anne chee ,

    got ho sei bo lah ? loooooooooong time we no meet up hor….

    maybe 2nite or thursday nite lah….subject 2 my work & after dat dun know TIRED bo lah……

    will call yr hp..like wise oi cheng & julia jie lor….

    molly , jie so if i coming hor….can pass me yr old model hp bo ? 10q 10q 10q ..

    sam huat huat huat

  6. Sam Huat Huat

    Me got 2 old printer/scanner, 1 old pc table and an abflex(sit up bench) now collecting dust at home…. you want???? + the dust also ;0) maybe got more barang after I clear some more….children clothing … Still in good condition……..


  7. halo halo ah sockie ,

    yes ..me 1 except de pc table n de dust lah…

    cos my huise got more dust den u hor……..

    will call yr hp lah……..

    just awhile ago , went 2 oi cheng ,anne chee & julia guan

    collections…thks buddies

    sam huat huat

  8. Hi Hi Sam Ko Kor,

    Heartfelt thanks ( 10q 10q, kam sia kam sia ) from bottom of my heart to you for your good deeds to the needy.

    You will always be blessed with love and happiness. Huat Huat and more Huat to you.

    Julie Guan

  9. halo halo buddies in SHC ah …..

    attention hor….de 2piece bread toaster i ve recd 3 to 4 pcs liao..so no need liao hor…..

    i want 2 kong kam sia kam sia to chua sock kheng who purposely ask her yen tao hubby to send de baranngs to my plc in jurong lei….chin kam tong kar lua mai sai liao…( so touch till i ve tear floowwing out ) aso 2 dolly for helping me to whack de barangs last pai 6 ( saturday ) i was damn chin bo eng to collect from i think if not worng is serence ….10q 10q 2 my dolly n serence lor..correct me if i am wrong lah….

    okay 2 nite i am coming 2 jurong east 2 whack up some more barangs..subject to de load of my small small saloon car..if still ve space hor…will come down to sockie plc & jacq plc…if full liao den thurday nite will collect 1 shot from sockie , jacq & evyonne chew..dun know our line dance lua si pai 4 wu eng bo lei ?

    AGAIN toto last nite bo lan tio hor !!! ( no winner )
    so tis pai 4 ai cheong liao lah….

    sam huat huat huat

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