What a wonderful world!

I just like to share this beautiful song from Louis Armstrong. It brings reminder to all the good things we had and it just great to be alive. To be able to hug, to hold and to have. The good things we have done are always forgotton but the bad are never forgotten. And who was it who said to “offer the other cheek”?


I just joined the “Zipper Club” Had my triple bypass on December 2 and on the road to recovery. Now I am more familiar with term like stent, balloon. An open heart operation is something to reckon with and it something more and more people would come to term with.

I was warded at TTS Hospital on November 20 and transferred to National Heart Centre till today. I just can’t wait to go home, it so boring here.

Desperate Dan.

12 thoughts on “What a wonderful world!”

  1. WHAT a wonderful world indeed, dear namesake.
    Glad to hear (read) from you, Dan.
    Long time no see, though.
    WHEN are we going to have a game of chess together ?
    They may have done something to your heart, but from this piece, your brain is as nimble as ever. So I doubt I can beat you. But must try lah.
    RELAX, Dan. Take care.
    Looking forward to spar with you on the board again.


  2. Thanks Daniel for you thoughts. Everyday I am playing online with players from around the globe.
    It would be good to catch up with you for old times sake!

  3. Thanks Sally, given the Covid 19 situation it not good to add to it.
    I dun smoke nor drink why do I succumb to an open heart surgery, pretty unfair?


    1. Join Jean’s weekly on Thursday Support Group and one of the week is all abt members who have, or know or share abt heart disease. It is good to keep yourself occupied and not having negative thoughts. It is the rich food we intake that causes calcium build up and plaque being form that clog our vessels.

      Nonetheless, do join her session after the Season’s holidays. Zoom will be having a break from 20 Dec 2021 till 03 Jan 2022 both dates inclusive. Or u can pop in on Sunday, 19 Dec and I am the doorman for this LaKopi session… At least, i will know who i am chatting or communicating for the past months. do join us 7:30am – 8:30am.


      1. Thanks Terence,
        Today I will be able to go home after being warded for more than a month.
        It indeed a wonderful world outside and I look forward to living a full life!


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