Have Food Will Travel – September 29, 2012 (Saturday)

By popular demand once again we shall go back to this famous Chicken Rice stall to indulge. Last time we were here was in June 2010 where 40 pax attended. emoticon

To help us do away with our guilty conscience we will try to rope in Boon Liang to lead us in a leisurely night stroll at Labrador Park.

Venue: Sin Kee famous Chicken Rice, Blk 38 #01-02 Commonwealth Avenue (3 minutes walk from Queenstown MRT).emoticon

Map : http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_1/travel_site_143810/

Dinner Time: 6.00 – 7.30pm

Night Walk – 8.00 – 9.30pm

Menu: – Steamed or roast chicken/Chicken soup with crab & vegetable/Friend egg with onion/Braised bean-stick & Tau pok/Fried vegetable & mushroom with oyster sauce/Pork Trotter or steamed prawns/Ice cream/Free flow of juices.

No charges for second helping of chicken rice.

Cost: $8.00 nett per pax.

Please register here:

EOs, Dan, Boon Liangemoticon

Registration List:

  1. Dan
  2. Boon Liang
  3. Rosalind Soh
  4. Alice Seah
  5. Anne Chee
  6. SK Chua (Tentative)
  7. Ann Lim
  8. Jane Loh
  9. June Chin
  10. Frisna (Tentative)
  11. Richard Kee
  12. Jane Kee
  13. Esther Mok
  14. Laura Ng
  15. Karen Thio
  16. Lena Wang
  17. Barbara Lim
  18. Pauline Tan
  19. Morris Ng
  20. Terry Tang
  21. Helen Kuek
  22. Judy Lim
  23. Helen Wong
  24. Johnny Pow
  25. Annie Pow
  26. Shawn Soh
  27. Lucy
  28. Gingko Nut
  29. Andrew Koh
  30. Shirley Tan
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31 thoughts on “Have Food Will Travel – September 29, 2012 (Saturday)

  1. There was no Westerlies in August as I was devoted to organising the Sentosa escapade. Neither are we having a Westerlies meeting for September. “Have food will travel’ and the walk was meant to be the Westerlies meeting for this month but I have open it to all member.

    I guess some are shy to be the first to register but no worries I dun bite. Think of the fact that we will be having a sumptuous dinner at $8 per pax and a leisurely stroll to Labrador Park!


  2. Dan,

    I will be the first one but sorry it’s not to register. Sorry sorry I cant go – have registered for a whole-day workshop. Thanks for making time to do this for our privileged group.

  3. Hi Ann Lim,

    Thanks for the support!

    I received your SMS to inform that the following member are coming:
    Rosalind Soh,Alice Seah, Anne Chee. SK Chua, Ann Lim, Jane Loh, June Chin and tentatively Frisna.

    Hi Richard and Jane Kee,

    so glad that both of you coming too.


  4. Some good news:

    I managed to nego for a better deal with the menu.

    1. Chicken Soup with Crab Stick & Vegetable
    2. Fried Egg with Onion
    3. Braised Bean-stick & Tau Pok
    4. Fried Vegetable & Mushroom with Oyster Sauce
    5. Pork Trotter or Steamed Prawns
    6. Roasted Chicken/Steamed Chicken
    7. Ice Cream
    8. Free Flow of Juices

    Just S$8.00 per person

    How that for a good deals?


  5. Hi Dan

    Pls sign me in for the dinner.

    BL n I will cycle to the meeting point. After dinner, a leisure ride around Labrador Park – anyone want to join us for the leisure ride ?


  6. Hi Dan,

    Something this good and delightful shouldn’t be missed by
    any SHCian, me inclusive. After loading calories onto our bellies at a hawker centre, it is about time to burn them off through a leisurely walk over several miles at a stretch while chatting happily away, all in the name of SHCian bonding. As time is ever so fleeting, before long, we are already there at our destination end of the walk.

    We can energise our SHC more effectively and meaningfully only if we are enthusiastic enough to continue to show up for activities to bond with like-minded clubbers. Otherwise
    SHC seems to be only a paper club, one that exists in name and not in fact as we are all aware only too well that so far we don’t have any concrete structure to call our home for clubbing. The obvious spin-off benefit of not having a structure is that each member need not pay a monthly club fee.

    Please count me in on the coming night walk.



  7. Gentle Reminder,

    Those who have sign up for ‘Have Food Will Revel’ see you this Saturday. Those on tentative please confirm your attendance.

    Boon Liang and Karen will be cycling to Labrador after dinner and leading us. Drivers is needed to ferry diners to the Park. Do remember to bring your torchlight!


  8. Hi Dan

    Please include me for dinner & walk. Think their spring onions roast chicken and pig throtter are good. Not sure if its same place.

    Thks n rgds

  9. Hi Helen Kuek, Judy and Helen Wong,

    Great to have all of you joining in the celebration.

    Yes, this the famous chickem rice at Margaret Drive and Commonwealth Avenue.


  10. Hi Dan,

    Please include Annie Tan (Mrs Pow) and me for this makan. I won’t be able to join the walk. Need to charge battery for next morning drive to Mersing/Rompin. Hope you stop knocking your head on the wall, He he! :)

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! :)

  11. Hi Johhny and Annie,

    Wonderful that both of you are coming along to celebrate the Lantern Festival Night with us.

    After dinner the rest of us will head for Labrador Creek to soak in the festive moods. Dun forget your torchlight.

    There will be a door gift for all who are coming!

    Dan/Boon Liang

  12. Hi Dan,

    I am glad to finally be able to join you all for another outing, so please put me down for this and another newly joined member Lucy who will be coming along with me. Warm cheers – Shawn Soh

  13. Hi Shawn and Lucy,

    Welcome to the Club of happy and carefree people. We look forward to meeting both of you for dinner and to the leisurely stroll to the Labrador Creek boardwalk.


  14. Hi Andrew,

    Just got your sms, see you tomolo for dinner only.

    As tomolo is the Moon Cake Festival those who can lay their hands on a lantern, please bring it along. Dun be shy, you probably have not had a chance to carry one when you were young, this is the opportunity!

    Dan/Boon Liang

  15. Hi Boon Liang/Dan Huang,

    My wife has gone out to play mahjong with her friends, leaving me behind to be house jaga until she returns. Additionally, I have to feed our dog and bring him out after his meal.

    In view of the foregoing I won’t be joining you all for the nite walk. Please enjoy yourselves while I clear dog shit as part of my usual mutli-tasking domestic assignment.


  16. Hi Terry,

    No worries, do wat you have to do, live have to go on!

    Last night we have 29 who came for diiner with one gate-crasher. 17 of us adjourned to the walk at Labrador Creek boardwalk. A nice walk toward the Reflection at Keppel Bay and we ended the walk at HarbourFront where 9 of us when for a drink. Andrew and me just need a fix over a cup of coffee to end the day.

    The highlight was when most of us got a lantern to carry and pose for a group photo. The idea of carrying a lantern at our age seems out of place. However with the determination of Boon Liang, Karen and Dan we took time last night to buy it.

    A nice and cheap dinner and a leisurely stroll amidst good fellowship was wat we set out for and we achieve just that!

    Dan/Boon Liang

  17. Thanks n appreciations to Dan n Boonliang for dinner n walk..we had fun walking with lanterns n singing ..yeh liang tai piew wow ti sing..etc led by Judy n some others people enjoying d full moon join in d singing..lovely delightful momeries of childhood days nthank you to all participants for d fellowship!

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