SHC April monthly gathering, Chinatown complex, Sun 17 Apr 2022 10.30am

Singapore has relaxed its Covid rules, and it is time we start to have physical gatherings to meet one another and find friends with common interest.

April monthly gathering is as follows:

Event: Late breakfast or Brunch.

Place: Chinatown complex, Smith street

Food and drinks: Pls arrange yourselves. On your own ir as per your group.

Seating: As per your arrangement and availability.

Nearest MRT: Outram Park or Chinatown MRT.

After Brunch, you can go marketing, buy crabs, herbs, or arrange to spend the afternoon together.

Time: 10.30am

Place: Chinatown Complex hawker centre.

Sit around: Nasi Rendang, #02-154, Smith Street.

Here is a thinking and plan:. It is likely that Chinatown complex will be our Sunday brunch point, once a month. Walks, starting in the morning, will be identified from various points in Singapore, to end at Chinatown complex, reaching 10.30am. We will confirm if we do so for May 2022.

Registration list for Chinatown Brunch. You can arrange a group among yourselves here.

1. Terence Seah

2. Jean Lim

3. Mike Tay

4. Marlene Yap

5. Lay Hoon

6. Jenny Lim

7. Doreen Chan

8. Kent Chan

9. Agnes Seow

11. Melissa Khng

12. Audrey Wong

13. Chiang Cheng Pun

14. Sherry Wong

15. Gingko Tay

16. Helen Kwek

17. Helen Chiew

18. Cheng Whye Kee

19. Caroline Gee

20. Dolly Lim

21. Theresa Seow

22. Christine Teo

23. Cola Tan

24. Victory Tan

25.Freda Lim

27. Anne Choi

28. Kwie Siew Wah

29. Helen Kwek

30. Bobby Yee

31. Bobby Bok

32. Frisna Tan

Strictly for SHC members only.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


10 thoughts on “SHC April monthly gathering, Chinatown complex, Sun 17 Apr 2022 10.30am”

    1. Done Dolly.

      We had chosen a Sun morning because weekdays are not appealing to working or busy members.

      We are trying Chinatown complex for flexibility. C everybody on Sunday.

  1. Dear All,
    I wish I can join the brunch to meet old members at Smith St. but unfortunately crashes with Easter Sunday I have to attend the few functions then, hope can join next time!
    Alan Ang 9/4/2022 0732 hour

  2. Hi Terence & All,
    Just wonder, iis it possible to hold SHC gathering on a Saturday? Beco Saturday is my most free day besides some weekdays.
    Currently for Sunday, i have to send my grandchild to ballet classes. Hope to attend this coming meet. 50:50
    Thank you

  3. For members wishing to try the Rendang, form yourself in small groups to get a table.. Of course, you can chhose and buy any food from any stall.

    It will be fun to find a table.

    Terence Seah

  4. For Apr monthly at Chinatown complex, members can sit anywhere and buy from any store. Alan Ang has recommended Bamboo Nasi Rendang. You and your group can sit around there.

  5. Hi Terence,
    Good morning to you. Yes we are happy & excited to be able to meet each other physically in larger group. Please register me for this April monthly meeting at Chinatown. Thank you
    Bobby Bok

  6. It is a great idea to have a regular once a month meet up at Chinatown Complex (hawker centre). This hawker centre is very big and not crowded on Sunday at 10.30 am.

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