SHC BBQ by Changi Beach Park, Sun 5 Jun 2022 4pm, Pit 11

3.  SHC will have a beach side BBQ, likely at Changi Beach park. Date 5 Sun June 4 to 7pm, subject to successful pit booking.

Today, we are successful to book Pit 11 at Changi Beach Park.

Cost:. $10 per person, if paid before 25 May 2022.

$20 per person, for friends of members and non-members.

Payment via PayNow or Paylah to Treasurer Dolly Lim at tel XXXXXXX

$15 per member, paying after 25 May 2022.

Terence Seah

Registration list:
1. Loh Yew Kwong – Paid 17 May 2022
2. Jean Lim – Paid 15 May 2022
3. Terence Seah – Paid 15 May 2022
4. Lydia Poh – Paid 10 May 2022 
5. Kwie Siew Wah – Paid 17 May 2022
6. Bobby Yee – Paid 16 May 2022
7. David Ong – Paid 15 May 2022
8. Lilian Chua – Paid 15 May 2022
9. Doreen Ho – Paid15 May 2022
10. Lee Ah Nee – May 15 May 2022
11. Michelle Sim – Paid 15 May 2022
12. Melissa Khng – Paid 15 May 2022
13. Annie Seah – Paid 15 May 2022
14. Sherry Wong – Paid 17 May 2022
15. Caroline Gee – Paid 15 May 2022
16. Dolly Lim – Paid 15 May 2022. Treasurer.
17. Iris Lim – Paid 15 May 2022
18. Vincent Hee – Paid 15 May 2022. Zoom karaoke EO.
19. Cola Tan – Paid 15 May 2022. Helping Jean to carry thing and start BBQ fire.
20. Eileen Lim – Paid 15 May 2022
21. Bobby Bok – Paid 15 May 2022. Jun mthly EO.
22. Cat Soon – Paid 15 May 2022
23. Audrey Wong – Paid 16 May 2022
24. Cath Yeo – Paid 16 May 2022
25. AnneC – Paid 16 May 2022 
26. June Peh – Paid 16 May 2022
27. Alfred Ang – Paid 16 May 2022
28. Janie Leong – Paid 16 May 2022
29 & 30 Daisy & Steven Phua – Paid 16 May 2022
31. Ronald Lam – Paid 16 May 2022
32. Doreen Cady – Paid 17 May 2022
33. John Chua – Paid 17 May 2022
34. Doreen Chan – Paid 17 May 2022
35. Douglas Chan – Paid 18 May 2022. Cycling EO.
36. Josephine Wong – Paid 18 May 2022
37. Jasmine Wong – Paid 18 May 2022
38. Cheryl Tiong – Paid 19 May 2022
39. Frisna Tan – Paid 20 May 2022. Games’ Master 
40. Jessie Ow – Paid 20 May 2022
41. Kelly Ng – Paid 20 May 2022
42. Rena Chong – Paid 20 May 2022
43. Tony Ang – Paid 20 May 2022
44. Sam Chua – Paid 20 May 2022
45.  Pattiya Thommued – Paid 20 May 2022
46. Margaret Soo – Paid 21 May 2022 – Replaced by Joo Seng
47. Christina Pan – Paid 21 May 2022 – Replaced by Agnes Hong
48. Mega – Paid 22 May 2022
49. Jane Tan – Paid 22 May 2022
50. Lydia Chin – Paid 22 May 2022

All SHC activities are created to enable opportunities for members to find common interests.

Author: Terence Seah


58 thoughts on “SHC BBQ by Changi Beach Park, Sun 5 Jun 2022 4pm, Pit 11”

  1. Let’s closed this BBQ chat.

    The next BBQ will be held at the West Coast.

    C u guys.

  2. Expenditures for BBQ dated 5 June 2021 @ Changi Beach Park

    Total collection for 50paxs @$10 each $500.00
    1 voluntary contribution as requested $10.00

    Expenses incurred as follows:
    Booking of BBQ pit -$16.00
    Mineral water and ice -$29.60
    Cakes -$68.00
    Wire mesh/plates/other utensils -$127.60
    Veggies/Sauces/Salad/Charcoal/Drinks -$131.43
    Prawns/Porks/Wings/Beef -$458.79
    TOTAL EXPENSES -$831.42

    SHC FUNDING FOR THIS EVENT = ($831.42 – $510.00) = $321.42

    All receipts had been checked and confirmed. Thank you.

  3. Tq all members who attended the BBQ. At the start, I was worried the arriving rain would spoil the event, but when suddenly everybody took out the umbrella, there was relief.

    Jean Lim, after buying and ferrying the beef, chicken and prawns from her company, took over the bbq’ing under umbrellas. I love the big prawns, beef and chicken mid wings. Tq for the bee hoon.

    Thomas Loh, contribution of oranges, appreciated to early quenching of thirst.

    Frisna Tan, our Siow Siow entertainer, put up a great game segment. Always a delight. Frisna is usually seen at Singapore airports, looking out for members.

    As usual, our Treasurer Dolly Lim, not only collecting money, but went around Singapore to look for ice, cooling the orange floats.

    Two gentlemen David Ong and Mega A took out their whiskies, contributing to initial excitement. I saw Lillian Chua helping with pouring.

    The fruit cakes were made by Marlene Yap. Hmm, I didnt get to eat.

    Starting the fire, credit goes to Douglas Chan who came early. We have to thank him. Douglas is EO for our cycling group.

    Hard job of collecting water was handled by Alfred Ang. Good to have men around. Alfred owns a Japanese cafe in Joo Chiat.

    We had many bbq’ers making sure the sausages, beef, chicken, prawns are cooked. No worries with helpers.

    All in all, I am very pleased with the turnout, all the food for $10, the club for subsidizing the over runs, NParks for the pit, and the members who keep pushing me under the coconut tree.

    Wr will have another BBQ next time, maybe at West Coast. See all of you next time, especially the members who could not join us.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Caroline, when I was clearing the stuffs on the table Never see it. Nothing on all the table when I left except a bag of ice that I gave to a family after us.

  5. Hi to all who attended the BBQ

    May I know if anyone picked up a small green flask in a fabric bottle bag with a TWG tea tag?
    I think I might have left in on one of the tables.

    Many thanks.


    1. Everything happen with a reason.
      I pick the bottle and had wash it thoroughly.

      Come to.collect at my condo or send someone else.

      1. Thank you very much Cola.

        Shall let you know arrangements for collection.


      2. Hi Cola
        I have gotten a new flask. Please throw it away.
        I don’t wish to feel obligated nor owe anyone any favours.

        Thank you.

  6. Thank you Janie and Ah Koh!

    Well done and much appreciated!

    Caroline/Ah Mai

  7. Dear Dolly, Lydia and Caroline , thank you for your kind words and support. A special shout out to Douglas , Alfred and Janie for their help at the pit. Thank you Thomas for the fruits too.I enjoy myself very much at the BBQ and for the opportunity to be able to meet up with all of you and some new friends for the first time. Looking forward to meet up with more members in other activity that the Club will organise. Cheers, Jean

    1. Dear Jean

      Felt and written from the bottom of my heart! Thank you once again!


  8. Dear Terence, Jean and Team BBQ

    Thank you so much for a great day by the beach albeit the unfavourable weather in the beginning. Fortunately, the weather was much kinder mid way through the event. I take my hats off to you Jean and the team for braving the weather, umbrella on one hand and the tongs on the other.

    There was so much food and drinks to go around. Beef was tender and juicy, chicken mid joint was well seasoned, little sausages were yummy, pork steak was well cooked. I had half a piece of the beef, one piece of pork, one piece of sausage and one piece of chicken. Did not eat the large prawns and potatoes so cannot comment. I could not eat much because I saw so much food and my tummy felt full aready. I heard many raved about the large prawns.

    From the amount and quality of the food and drinks, I assume this event is heavily subsidised.

    Thank you all so much, Jean and her team for the hard work and to all those who attended, thank you for the great company! I had a wonderful time!

    Look forward to the next event/activity.

    Kind Regards
    Caroline aka Carly

  9. I always luv BBQ .
    For only $10 paid for such a good spread of quality BBQ foods which included gigantic freshly fresh prawns , tender beef , yummy marinated porkchop & mid wings , sausages , potatoes & with it’s plentiful quantities that allowed REPEATED servings , where else can to find such great deal ??

    My heartfelt THANKS to Jean especially , whom contributed the most but quietly , working so hard at the pit from start till end by serving all the attendees of this event !

    And oso thank you Mr FRUIT-man ~Thomas Loh for bringing us the very refreshing Guavas & sweet Tangerines for this bonding event ya.

    1. I love BBQ too. And yes! Thomas – thank you for the sweet tangerines. I had one on site! But did not see the guava leh! One of my favourite frutis!

  10. Looking at the poster pinned up at the SHC forum already indicated the much enjoyment of many happy and smiling faced members for this event except 1 tired-looking member (Jean) whom I had noticed that she din even took a short break at BBQ pit at all till almost end.. nibbling on the left over foods that she had been bbq-ing since 4pm despite of drizzling rain. Thank you very much Jean and not forgetting also to those that rendered help to this event super wonderful.

    As for myself, paiseh late as cant get ice from West sides of Spore so have to travel East of Spore to make sure I delivered this Dollpander orders late nia.. Heng, every cloud got a silver lining with super Yew Kwong came to rescue to carry 1 carton mineral water to BBQ site and chiong back as parking marshall scout together with sweetie girl guides, CarolineG and LydiaP trying to get a parking space near to BBQ site. Heng, finally LydiaP hit the bull eye.. If not, will be lagi jialat to carry mineral water and ice from CP5??? Was later told super long walk hor.

    Food and drinks super abundant @ $10/pax is definitely a steal with add-ons for great fellowship among pioneers and newbies coupled with games by Frisna which I had enjoyed tremendously.

    But we still have a 1 missing attendee, Siew Wah which wrong info given by me – aiya.. receed on weekend but did not realised that bus route guide provided was only service weekdays nia and hence he decided to take a long bus ride back home which he told me that plying from Bedok, East Coast…. home after 1 hour and 30mins ride. Paiseh…. Siew Wah…

    Looking forward for more some liked kinds, but not BBQ can, pot luck etc etc…


  11. BBQ guests, see u at 3.30 pm for helpers and 4.00 pm, we shd be ready.

    Quality indivually packed beef, pork and great sausages. Bee hoom for hungry birds. Lots of fruits from Thomas Loh.

    Wish for good weather. C u soon.

    Terence Seah

  12. Thank you members coming to the BBQ this Sunday. I will arrive at 4pm.

    We will finish at 7pm. And you can stay on if you wish.

    Remember Pit 11, carpark 6 Chamgi Beach Park.

    Terence Seah

  13. Dear All,
    I wont be collecting any payments related to DnD during this Sunday outing as I want to enjoy the fun and excitement for the BBQ la… Cheers… cu all soon..

  14. I and margaret cannot make it for shc bbq this sunday
    anyone can take over?
    2 slot = $20 to paynow to me

  15. The BBQ is held at Changi Beach Park, Pit 11, car park 6.

    Come in shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, hats, Sun-Tan lotions, swim gear, and slippers.

    Bring floor mats, ponchos to sit down, balls to play and guitars to sing along.

    Most important, meet one or two new friends.

    Terence Seah

  16. Dear Members,
    As we had reached the 50paxs requirement and we are unable to take any more requests. In view of this, kindly note that there will be no refund for payments collected for this event, should you are unable to attend on that day. However, you can find own replacement (must be SHC member) to replace you or leave a comment here so that any interested members, if any can take over but kindly let us know so that we can amend this accordingly. Kind understanding much appreciated.

    Cheers.. Dolly

    1. Hi Sandra,
      We had hit 50pax participation, thus, we are unable to slot both of you into this event. Hope to see you in the next event soon. Cheers..

  17. Dear All,
    I had received numerous requests for how to go Changi Beach Park Pit 11. I had googled and I think that for those staying around Town, Central, West side of Singapore, you can take Green Line MRT from any locations

    Go to Any Green Line MRT ==> MRT to Tanah Merah Stn ==> walk toward Exit B, New Upper Changi Road B/S B85091 to take Bus 35 ==> Alight at Alp Ave B/S B95191 and walk around 5mins to the end, that is where Changi Beach Park Pit 11/12 locations at.

    Please dont ask me on any car pick ups at MRT stations as I am not sure with regards of the intent for these car drivers. Cheers..

    Perhaps, other members can advise any other transportaton modes to get destination, you are most welcomed to comment here. Thank you.

  18. Dear All,
    This event is selling like hot cakes..

    As of now, total 47 members paid with regards to the BBQ event, thus leaving only 3 places for members to secure this. Kindly note that I will be verifying any said payments against my bank records for Paynow and for Payla, under E-wallet update for reconciliation. FYI, currently 5 members are on the registered but yet to be paid list – so fast fingers do the tricks…. Good luck.

    For those whom still assumed the payment make before/on 25 May 2022 will be automatically be included in this BBQ event. Sorry but regret to conclude that, this is not current scenario now, as Terence did commented that for this event, our target is 50paxs only. So, once 50paxs secured, I am going to stop accepting payment unless otherwise advised. Kind understanding much appreciated. Thanks..

  19. Hi Dolly
    Margaret soo and me
    both shc members
    are going

    I paynow u now
    Margaret make payment to you directly

    1. Margaret, thank you for payment received.

      Christina, though you indicated that you are going to paynow but regret to say I did not received this at this pointing of writing. If you already had, please provide screenshot so that I can check again at my side. Meanwhile, I shall put you the unpaid list first.


  20. Dear All,
    Today, we had a total of 44 members signed up and paid leaving only 6 vacancies to be filled. Those already registered earlier but yet to make payment, please do so as priority will be given to first come first paid. I will put a stop once we reached 50 members signed and paid.


  21. Wow wow wow… News Flash.. we are glad that our SHC Entertainer/Games Master, Frisna, will be joining the BBQ and she had given an indication that she will do some games for us too… interesting, isn’t it?


  22. Hi Terence,

    Please register Sam Chua for the BBQ. Thanks

    Cheryl Tiong

  23. Todate, total of 46 paid members all geared up for coming SHC BBQ event at Changi Beach Park scheduled on June 5 4pm to 7pm.

    Some of you might have noticed that I had split the members’ list into 2 parts, ie paid and yet to pay members’ list.

    Do let me know if yours is not on the paid list after paid so that I can update accordingly.

    Dont know who will be bouncers that day for some that gate crashed hor… hehehe…

    BTW, members did asked on directions to get to Changi Beach Park through public transport – Can anyone care to share this info..

    Cheers.. Dolly

  24. Hi Douglas

    Thank you for initiating the cycling event while bbqing….can pls furnish more details. My foldable bike is too heavy for me to bring along. Any bike kiosks there for rental? Should I go to the SHC cycling chat room to ask you? Thanks.

    Ah Nee

  25. Douglas Chan is the EO for cycling activities. If you like cycling, amateur or experienced, contact Douglas during the BBQ. Those who like cycling along the PCN, plse catch Douglas too.

    Vincent Hee loves karaoke. He is EO for Tuesday Zoom Karaoke. Catch Vincent to join zoom every Tuesday 9pm.

    Terence Seah

  26. After 25 May, all members, plse pay $15 per pax.

    We are also considering closing the event when we reach 50 pax. Haha, too much work.

    Terence Seah

  27. Dear Members,
    I believed that I had updated all payment recd todate, hence, if there is any unintentionally left out payment which was not recorded. Please let me know so that I can verify again. Help much appreciated. Thanks..

  28. Hi EOs

    Please register for two –
    1, Daisy Phua
    2. Steven Phua

    Will update Dolly on payment.
    Thank you.

  29. All members who have indicated their coming to the BBQ are included in the attendance list.

    Terence Seah

  30. Terence
    Please register cat yeo as she find difficulty to join in due to WiFi or data problem



  31. Hi Terence /Dolly,
    Please register me for the BBQ. Will made payment to Dolly now. Thanks

  32. We have recced Changi Beach Park. Pit 11, besides Car Park 6 and next to toilet has been booked.

    Jean Lim will arrange to buy beef, sausages, chicken, charcoal, starters, sauces, drinks, plates, forks and spoons and rubbish bags.

    BBQ starts at 4pm, ends 7pm.

    It is wise to bring your own poncho ro sit down in groups.

    We require help to transfer stuff to pit 11, help with BBQ and pit set up. Members who can give a helping hand, let Jean know.

    If you have a quitar, or music to accompany, we look forward.

    Pay early to our treasurer Dolly Lin to enjoy special price of $10 per member.

    This event is a great opportunity for members to get to know one another.

    Terence Seah

    1. Thanks for participating and TBC is acceptable currently with no payment recd but once confirmation still not done before 25 May 2022 – Please note that payment will be $15 instead of current $10 for early bird bonus. Thanks.. Dolly

  33. I will be updating those paid before/on May 25 2022 on a regular basis for this event.

    Those who paid before/on May 25 2022 are as follows:
    1) Lydia Poh – Paid (11 May 2022)

    Would be much grateful for those members that had paid for this event, please msg me once payment is being done…. Cheers…

    1. Hi Dolly. Pls add us in for 5 June BBQ at Changi Beach Park:-
      9 David Ong
      10 Lilian Chua
      11 Doreen Ho
      12 Lee Ah Nee

      1. Hi David & Team,
        Thank you for the support and payments recd too. Cheers..

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