Christmas Walk on Orchard Road (21-12-2012)

So this is Christmas and what have you done?  – (Click link to hear song) It is the time of the year again where we will say goodbye to the current Year (2012) and welcoming the New Year (2013). Some of you may be in the middle of a tour overseas having quality time with friends or with the family and others may have no plan this year.

Similarly it is also time of the year for advertisers, the shop owners and the Singapore Tourism Board to light up Orchard Road with a Christmas theme and motifs. As reported, this year will have three motifs; Tree for Joy at the Tanglin zone, Heart for Love at the Orchard zone and Dove for Peace at the Somerset zone.

As with any other years, this is a good time and opportunity to stroll, after dinner, along Orchard Road and try your night photography skill with your smartphone and/or camera. For those interested, please see details below.

Date: 21st Dec 2012 (Friday evening)

Time: 8.00PM to 10.00PM

Meeting Place and Start Point: Tanglin Mall Food Court (junction of Orchard Road & Grange Road)

End Point: Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Program: 8.00PM to 9.00PM: Chat at Mall (free n easy – form your own small group on per table basis). One topic of discussion can be – How different countries celebrate Christmas? How they spend the holidays?

9.00PM to 10.00PM: start walking and picture taking.

Photo taking: You can use your smartphone or camera to take some pictures.

Dinner before chat: for those who can come early, we can have a dinner together in the food court and getting to know each other better. Dinner will start at 6.30 PM sharp.

Size of Gathering: in order not to make ourselves too obvious and attract unwanted attention, registration will close when 20 are reached.


Those registered coming:

  1. Linda Chan
  2. Barbara Lim (not coming)
  3. Annie
  4. Johnny Pow
  5. Annie Loh
  6. Frisna Tan
  7. Gabriella Chua
  8. Sock Cheng
  9. Thomas Goh
  10. Alice Seah
  11. Gingko Tay
  12. Daisy Yeo
  13. Linda Chong
  14. Myra Chia
  15. Olivia Ros (not coming)
  16. Aaron How
  17. Juliet
  18. Daisy Phua
  19. Maureen Lee (not coming)
  20. Rosalind Soh


43 thoughts on “Christmas Walk on Orchard Road (21-12-2012)

  1. Hi Hew Lee,

    If there is one thing I truly appreciate, it’s members like you who take the effort to organise activities for fellow members. You help to bring joy and companionship to SHCians. Many members may have thought of going down Orchard Road to see the lights; but you make it more meaningful. You gather the group together.

    I wont be able to join you; but reading your Post, I can only send my appreciation for the thought and the effort.

    Terence Seah

  2. (#1) Linda Chan; (#2) Barbara Lim, Annie & Johnny Pow – welcome and see you all on the 21st evening. In some countries, Christmas is also an opportunity for family members/relatives and friends to renew their bonding. I hope this Christmas brief gathering will reinforce our friendship for many Christmas to come.

  3. (#3) Terence – Hi Terence, thanks for your feedback and compliments. I am just doing what I can do best. IT is not my profession, it’s just my interest and hobby.

  4. (#6 to #12) – Annie Loh, Frisna Tan, Gabriella Chua, Sock Cheng, Thomas Goh, Alice Seah and Gingko Tay – welcome, welcomeI I hope this Christmas gathering will reinforce our friendship for many Christmas to come.

  5. Hi Hew Lee

    Appreciate your initiative and I shall look forward to doing this walk down “fairyland” and dinner too, of course.

    With thanks

  6. (#21) – Welcome Aaron & Juliet. I hope this Christmas gathering will reinforce our friendship for many Christmas to come. Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi Hew Lee

    When you posted this activity, I reeli reeli wish I could join you and others for this romantic walk but alas…..

    Wishing you and all walkers a happy christmas and an orgasmic Ssssnake yarrr!!

  8. Hi Geraldine,

    A year is ending, so what have you done? Reflect on one of the most happiest moments you have experienced and also check whether you have any uncompleted goal.

    You know, I am writing this comment to you on the 12-12-12 which will not happen again in our life time (or another 100 years later). I only have a brief meeting up with you once – a positive and forward looking person. Hope you can come the next Christmas.

    Orchard Road is like Nathan Road in HK. Is this still valid? – a tourist must visit area.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year.


  9. Hi Hew Lee

    I might not be able to make it for this walk, can I give the place to someone else? Sorry for the change of plans.

    May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!


  10. Hi Hew Lee
    1. just published a post re 12.12.12 and see your #30 comments!
    2. I will join the dinner too
    3. how about if we’ve gift exchange among the diners and/or walkers? if you agree I will help in organising this

  11. (#33 ) – Frisna – thanks for your idea. I think it is not a good idea to change our original plan at this late stage. I always try my best to avoid surprises. Good that you are able to join me to have a simple dinner at food court. We can share our experience on how others, around the world, spend this Christmas break with family and friends.

  12. Hey Hew Lee

    You graciously accepted my invite for our one meeting which I totally appreciated till now…..mwah!

    As to your ‘A year is ending, so what have you done’ errrmmm, I’ve been BAAADDDDD, Hew Lee, gosh, how am I supposed to redeem?? I looked around n everyone gave me the finger! Geeessshhh, jerks and biatches….

    You know, your 2nd paragraph is soooo touching. Why? I was busy at a pub quiz and subsequently doing shisha cuz a dear fren wants to shisha after pub quiz (where the fook is Terence?) and of course, more drinking and just got home and hoping I am still coherent to reply you, totally forgetting 12/12/12 which will never happen in our lifetime. Thank you, dear, for writing to me on this auspicious date.

    If all goes well, I should be back home for good next year and hopefully you and others still want to meet up with me.

    Now, please pardon my old cow big mouth and say I think Frisna raised a good idea to exchange gifts for this romantic walk. Why not, if all walkers are fine with it?

    I think it is sweet (I would gladly and happily do so if I were able to join) and yes, as you are the EO, you have the final decision.

    Just saying, and it’s in no way to disrespect you.

  13. Hi Hew Lee:
    Sorry I cannot make it as I shall be going away on holiday with my niece from 20 to 22 December to Bangkok.

    Kindly assign my place to the next one in the waiting list.

    Maureen Lee

  14. Hi Hew Lee,

    Sincere apologies, as can’t join you for the walk due to bad flu havn’t fully recovered yet. Please assign my place to those on the waiting list.

    Thanks and warmest regards,

  15. So unfortunate that it’s raining cats and dogs when I was about to leave the house. Sorry have to give it a miss, Hew Lee. Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2013 to you!

  16. Hi Hew Lee, EO

    TQ for taking the initiative in organising this Christmas walk for us. Indeed, we had a good time yakking, catching up with old friends and meeting up new ones; and enjoying our stroll along Orchard Road which was transformed into a magical Wonderland! Our eyes got bigger and bigger and bigger as we walk from Tanglin Mall to Ion and ended at Orchard Central. Of course, our photographers were busy snapping away. Hee2 :-) This will go a long way down Memory Lane!

    Perhaps, we can look forward to the next walk cum photo-taking in Chinatown during the Chinese New Year?


  17. Hi Hew Lee

    Many thanks for organising this Christmas Walk. I really enjoyed the camaraderie between our SHC members and the dazzling of the streets’decorative lights and the performers along our famous Orchard Road.

    We were also blessed with such nice cool weather especially after the heavy downpour at about 5 pm.

    Once again, I really appreciate the efforts made by your goodself.

    Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Healthy & Prosperous New Year !


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