“One night in Tokyo” – a Dinner & Dance SRC 20 Aug 2022



We are starting planning. “One night in Tokyo” is a Dinner & Dance. It is part of a series of SHC cabaret nights overseas. We had organised One night in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Batam, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, johor Bahru, Chinatown and Taipei last 15 years.

Key activities about this year “One night in Tokyo” include
* Songs, singing, food, dress, drinks and the bartenders all ready to serve the guests.

* All up to our dreams.
* Every guest must be dressed up, made up.

The Club is recruiting mamasans, bartenders, Japanese singers, kimono singers, bouncers, cashiers, Japanese VJs, a HR manager and two Japanese/Mandarin comperes M & F.

The owner of the Cabaret is now asking help to find a suitable cabaret name. Preferable not the regular dance places.

We will decide a date after a brainstorm session to dream about our Tokyo club opening ceramony.

1. Place in Singapore : Singapore Recreation Club
2. Target 80 – 100 pax
3. Prefer Japanese and Singaporean food. Can be catered or by venue location.
4. Live Band or programmed music.

5. Japanese songs priority.
6. 1st segment – 1 hrs Japanese. 2nd segment – international.

First step, we find a venue with dance floor first.

Second, date Sat 20 Aug 2022

Pls help find a place. Preferably asap. Various members have offered to look out for the venue. Thank you.

Terence Seah

A. Venue SRC confirmed.
B. Date Sat 20 Aug 2022.
C. Early birds $65/pax for first 80 members paid. Late Birds $70/pax thereafter from 81 onwards

Registered and Payment @ $65/pax till we hit the 80 payments.

Registered and recd paymentpf $65/pax on 2 June 2022
1) Terence Seah – EO
2) Jean Lim
3) Lydia Poh – Registration Help
4) Dolly Lim – Treasurer
5) Caroline Gee
6) Lesley Low
7) Alicia Lim
8) Petula Chak
9) Gabriella Chua
10) Tony Ang
11) Lee Ah Nee – Co-EO & Liaising Member on SRC issues
12) Nelly Soh
13) Irene Poh
14) Michelle Sim
15) Cola Tan
16) Bobby Bok
17) Rosalyn Khoo
18) Ann Lim
19) Bira
20) Maria Tan
21) Ronald Lam
22) Shirley Wee
23) Theresa Seow
24) Thomas Loh
25) Frisna Tan
26) David Low
27) Lina Ng
28) Lee HC
29) Susan Chang
30) Alice Liang
31) Charles Wee
32) Violet Choo
33) Winnie Tong
34) May Lee
35) Juliet Say
36) Karen Thio
37) Diana Ng
38) Pattiya – Registration Help

Registered and recd payment of $65/pax on 3 June 2022
39) Jessie Ow
40) Debbie Oh
41) Helen Kuek
42) Alfred Ang
43) Wong HJ
44) Sue Chan
45) Judy Lim
46) Gingko Tay
47) Cat Yeo
48) Marlene Yap
49) Barbara Ong
50) Cat Soon
51) Sally Tan
52) Jasmine Wong – Decorations/Backdrop Designer
53) June Peh
54) Doreen Chan
55) Helen Chiew
56) Josephine Wong
57) Rina Tan*
58) John Chua
59) Sherry Wong
60) Audrey Wong
Vincent Hee
Iris Lim
61) Douglas Chan
62) Mega
63) Jane Tan
64) Linda Chua

Registered and recd payment of $ 65/pax on 4 June 2022
65) Jennifer Soh
66) Angeline Ong
Rene Leong
67) Bobby Yee
68) Steve Seah
69) CH Teo
70) Peggy Ho
71) Kelly Ng– Replaced by Frank Poh
72) Shirleen Kao
73) Alex Chan
74) Catherine Lim
75) Anne Choi
76) Sally Foo
Rosemary Lim

Total collected $65 X 75paxs = $4875.00 + $70 = $5010

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 5 June 2022
77) Francis Mangalam

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 6 June 2022
78) Roy Ong
79) Simon Wong
80) Maggie Loh

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 6 June 2022
1) Louis Siah – Refunded on 16 June 2022
2) Rosalind Cheng – Refunded on 16 June 2022

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 7 June 2022
3) Daisy Wee – 5) Continue to support despite of this setback.. cheers..

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 8 June 2022
4) Henry Foo – Refunded on 20 June 2022
5) George Chew – Refunded on 20 June 2022
6) Lydia Chin – Refunded on 20 June 2022

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 10 June 2022
4) Dan Huang – Replaced by Pauline Khoo  6) Joining despite of this setback.

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 12 June 2022
5) Helen Han – Joining despite of music sound setback

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 13 June 2022
9) Susanna Lim – Refunded on 15 June 2022
10) Maggie Loh – Refunded on 16 June 2022
11) Josephine Loo – 1) Joining despite of music sound setback
12) Lee Ah Moi – 2) Joining despite of music sound setback

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 15 June 2022
6) Sandra Chuah – 3) Joining despite of music sound setback
7) Eve SQ – 4) Joining despite of music sound setback

Registration closed.

All refunds done and we will be not accepting registration for DND with immediate effect.

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133 thoughts on ““One night in Tokyo” – a Dinner & Dance SRC 20 Aug 2022”

  1. Some members are already helping to identify suitable venues with a dance floor. The venue should handle 80 – 100 pax, allowing for food and drinks in-house or ordered.

    Thank you for looking out. We hope to finalise the choice of the place before 15 Jun 2022.

    Members can also let me know if u have a place in mind.

    Terence Seah

    1. Hi Terence
      Pls register the following for us :-
      1). Michelle sim
      2). Peg
      3). Sherry wong. (TBC)

      Thank u

  2. From suggestions, members have suggested the following venues for our “One night on Tokyo”.

    1. SGCC
    2. SRC
    3. SSC
    4. Orchid Country Club.

    This event will take place in Aug 2022.

    A vote is taking place. Decision: Sun 29 May 2022 night.

    Terence Seah

  3. Based on feedback, the venue for “One night in Tokyo” is now firmed. Overwhelming preference for SRC, which is 10 mins from city Hall met.

    A member has been appointed to liaise with SRC. A date and the menu will be next in plan.

    Terence Seah

    1. Hi Roy,
      Once you are in this post, we had registered your attendance for the DnD, please advise if otherwise.. Thanks.. Dolly

  4. Hi Terence & Committee,

    Kindly register us for the above event:

    1. Alfred Ang
    2. Wong HJ
    3. Sue Chan
    4. Cat Yeo
    5. Gingko Tay
    6. Judy Lim


  5. Hi EO
    Please register Richard Wong for this event.
    He is unable to log in. Thank you

    1. Issue solved and Richard Wong’s name had already been added. Cheers..

  6. Hi Terence

    Please register Doreen Chan for the D & D



  7. One night in Tokyo, confirmed at SRC. Early birds $65 per member.

    Terence Seah

    1. Morning Terence ,

      Additional two more supporters pls
      3. Dolly Lim
      4. Caroline Gee
      Thank you & Cheers !

  8. Hi Terence
    Please sign up
    1. Josephine Wong
    2. Jasmine Wong
    Thank you

  9. Hi Terence.. pl register Tony Ang for the event. Tq.

    I m trying to arrange more friends at my table if I can get more.


  10. Hi Terence,

    Please register for 3 of us – Winnie Tong, May Lee and Violet Choo for the “One night in D&D at SRC.

  11. Sorry Terence, I accidently hit the post comment.

    The first paragraph should read:
    Please register for 3 of us, Winnie Tong, May Lee and Violet Choo for “One night in Tokyo” D&D SRC 20/8.

    Many thanks n Best Regards

  12. Terence

    Pls include David, Vivian, Doreen Ho and George for this “One Night in Tokyo”. Thanks

    Ah Nee

    1. ANee,
      May I have the surname for George as we have numerous George in our members’ records. Help much appreciated. Cheers..

  13. Hi “One night in Tokyo” guests,

    It is my aim to always bring members together. I was away over the weekend, and when I am back tpday, I realise we have crossed the 30 pax early bird limit.

    Let me discuss with Ah Nee and Dolly Lim how we can handle this good problem.

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi Terence
    Pl register Charles Wee and include him at my table. Thank you!

  15. Hi Terence
    Pl also register Jessie Ow and include her at my table. TQ

  16. Hi Terence & Committee,

    Please include Primrose Kok who is joining us. Will also be asking her to update her particulars if req. Kamsiah!

  17. Under Gabriel Table
    Terence can we still be classified early birds
    1. Diana Ng
    2. Juliet Say
    3. Ros Khoo
    4. Helen Chiew
    Pls register us.
    Thank you

  18. Hi Terence,
    Pls register Ann Lim, Frisna Tan, Shirley Wee & Bira Lupolo

  19. Hi Terence, can we still be considered early birds? Henry is performing, singing Japanese songs, and probably George will play the guitar & sing too. Pls register us:
    1. Lydia Chin
    2. George Chew
    3. Henry Foo
    4. Daisy Ong

    Thanks & regards, LydiaChin

  20. Excuse me Terence,
    Two Pts I want to raise
    1. I hv registered for myself earlier today but my name was not listed
    2. Thereafter I registered for 4 frens namely Ann Lim, Frisna Tan, Shirley Wee and Bira n their names lwere isted. However Bira’s name was wrongly listed as BIRD on Nbr 40 n had caused some embarassed remarks. Please rectify. Thx

  21. Hi EO
    Had registered Richard Wong on 29 May
    At 6.24pm.
    He name was not listed, kindly updated I suppose entitled for early charges.
    Thank you

    1. Richard membership has lapsed, at that time. that’s why we cannot add him.

  22. Terence

    You have used no. 26 and no. 27 two times.
    Duplication in numbering.

    Ah Nee

  23. Hi Terence
    Pl register CH Teo for the D and D. He’ll be seated at my table.

    Thank you!

  24. Hi Terence
    These are the friends to be seated at my table:

    1 Gabriella
    2 Tony Ang
    3 Charles Wee
    4 Jessie Ow
    5 Diana Ng
    6 Rosalyn Khoo
    7 Juliet Say
    8 Helen Chiew
    9 CH Teo

    Closed at 9 ppl for some social distancing.


    1. Hi Gabriella, plse wait to form a table. We will announce soon, Subject to payment. Thank you for being fast.

  25. Dear SHC members,

    Our One Night in Tokyo team is in progress. I hope to finalise the committee by end June.

    Lee ah Nee is handling all SRC venue issues, including the buffet menu. Dolly Lim is Treasurer. Lydia Poh and Pittaya handle registration table.

    I am looking for someone to handle decor, Japanese theme. A volunteer is appreciated.

    A prize team will also be set up. Am finalising the MC and co-MC.

    We will now move to do program arrangements. Once program is planned, we will discuss music requirements. Briefly 1 hr Japanese and 3 hrs International.

    Terence Seah

  26. Dear Members,
    We are going to hit the 80 members’ participation mark soon – I might have missed out some names unintentionally as I am trying to sort out these as much as I could later as I am busy now.

    We will only take final attendance confirmation upon received payment from you. Please make payment via paynow or paylah to 98159363. After having done that, please provide screenshot to me via watapps to avoid confusion. Help much appreciated. Thanks..

  27. Terence

    Pls include Susan Chang, Lina Ng and Lee How Chong in this event, “one night in Tokyo”. Thank you.

    Ah Nee

  28. Hi Terence
    Pl advise how much I’ve got to pay.
    Missed early bird payment.
    Normal rate: how much?


  29. Hi Dolly
    I’ve paid $70 to you (for myself) via paynow. Kindly ack receipt. TQ

  30. Hi Dolly
    Further to my note above, Dolly has refunded me $5. Hence my payment is $65, being the first 80 in the list.

    Thanks Dolly Dear!

  31. Dolly, I’ve PayNow $65 to your account moments ago (2.6). Kindly acknowledge receipt. Thank you

  32. Hi Terence & committee,
    Kindly register me for the event. I will made payment to Dolly now. Thank you.

  33. hi Dolly,
    I will make payment of $65.00 via PAYNOW shortly.
    Thank you
    Juliet Say

  34. Our D&D theme is Japanese. As we have time, you may like to borrow a kimono or Japanese outfit from a friend.

    We will have a Japanese dress competition.

    Have fun.

  35. Our first segment during Tokyo night is in Japanese. This segment is 1 hr.

    If you like to sing one or two Japanese songs, plse contact me ASAP. We are planning to enable you to practise with our musicians.

    NOTE: this is not karaoke, and you will be singing with Live music.

    NOTE: There is no English/Chinese singing during the 2nd segment. All dance music.

    Terence Seah

  36. Hi Terence/Dolly,

    Payment of $390 paid via Paynow OCBC ref: 2022060304628378 @ 0955hrs for following attendees.

    1. Alfred Ang
    2. Wong HJ
    3. Sue Chan
    4. Judy Lim
    5. Gingko Tay
    6. Cat Yeo

    Kindly update.


  37. Update on Tokyo night:
    We have been discussing a few options on music. Finally, I have decided to engage the services of Irene Lee as MC and Jeff Gan as DJ with a 3 pc band.

    Jeff and Irene are long and great supporters of SHC. They are looking forward to giving a great evening after 2 years of lockdown. Tq Jeff and Irene.

    They are liaising with Ah Nee re SRC audio system.

  38. Terence & Committee,

    I am joining and add me in . How much do I have to pay ?

  39. To continue. Please add me as Catherine Soon.

    Malyne Suen/Catherine Soon

  40. Hi Terence & committee,
    Kindly register Barbara Ong, Sally Tan & Marlene Yap for the dnd. Thank you.

  41. Dear All,
    It would be good for those payments transferred to me, would appreciate that you could kindly drop me a sms or watapp thru the same mobile that you make the transfer so that I can update accordingly. Kind understanding much appreciated and also to avoid any ugly confrontation should there is be one.. hopefully none at all… Cheers..

  42. Hi Terence / Dolly,

    Please register Pearl Wong.for the event.

    Thank you


  43. WowWee, Finished collection for 80 pax end… Now looking to collect $70 liao…

  44. With immediate effect, all remaining registered but yet to pay members, please pay $70/pax for the coming DND………..as we had already achieved our goal………………
    Quote “We had just completed collection of 80 paid members @ $65/pax.”


  45. Dear Dolly,
    How to pay? Pay to who? No pay now, no pay lah, etc, only Posb bank transfer. Sorry lost touch.
    Tks & rgds,

  46. Dear Lim Dolly,
    “One night in Tokyo”
    Dinner & Dance
    20 AUGUST 2022,

    Payment :
    *S$70 Done*
    For D&D

    FROM :

  47. Dear All Members,
    For the first 80 paid members, you can start forming your own group of 10paxs and listed them here so that we will allocate on the tables’ arrangement. However, those that unable to form a table of 10paxs within the 80paxs, we will based on the list to try our best to group you together. Cheers….

    1. Hi Dolly ,

      One table for :

      1. Lydia Poh
      2. Pattiya
      3. Linda Chua
      4. Dolly Lim
      5. Carly Gee
      6. Petula Chua
      7. Nelly Soh
      8. Alice Liang
      9. Karen Thio
      10. Sally Foo

      Thank you .


  48. Dear Dolly,

    List of attendees at my table:

    1. Sue Chan
    2. Wong HJ
    3. John Chua
    4. Alfred Ang
    5. Judy Lim
    6. Cat Yeo
    7. Gingko Tay
    8. Sherry Wong
    9. Peggy Ho
    10. Francis M


  49. Hi Dolly

    As requested, the people at my table are as follows:

    Gabriella Chua
    Tony Ang
    Charles Wee
    Jessie Ow
    Diana Ng
    Rosalyn Khoo
    Juliet Say
    Helen Chiew
    CH Teo
    David Low

    All have fully paid up for the D and D.

    Thank you!

  50. Dolly,
    Pls see name list for my table:
    1) Ah Nee
    2) Douglas
    3) Jasmine
    4) Josephine
    5) Lina
    6) HC
    7) Susan Chang
    8) Bobby Yee
    9) Jane
    10) Mega

    Thank you.
    Ah Nee

  51. Hi Dolly,
    I hv 8 pax on my table. U cn add in 2 here. Thx
    1. Theresa Seow
    2. Bira
    3. Frisna Tan
    4. Maria Tan
    5. Ann Lim
    6. Shirley Wee
    7. Ronald Lam
    8. Thomas Loh

  52. Hi Dolly,

    Ref to my earlier msg a table of 10 has been formed as follows:
    1. Theresa Seow
    2. Bira
    3. Frisna Tan
    4. Maria Tan
    5. Ann Lim
    6. Shirley Wee
    7. Ronald Lam
    8. Thomas Loh
    9. Irene Poh
    10. Shirleen Kao
    Thank you ????

  53. Dolly,

    Bobby Yee called me. He wanted to join my table, Pls put in Bobby Yee and remove Rene. Thank you.

    Ah Nee

  54. All those names given to form tables are being noted and taken care of liao..

  55. Another table is formed as follows:
    Terence Seah, Jean Lim, Audrey Wong, Alex Chan, Cat Lim, Steve Seah, Rosemary Lim, Violet Choo, Winnie Tong and May Lee.


  56. So far 6 out 8 tables had been organized and we are waiting for the remaining 2. Hope to receive this soon… Cheers..

  57. Hi Dolly/Terence
    Pls register Dan Huang for this event.
    Had PayNow to Dolly on 10/6.
    Thank you

  58. Hi D&D guests,

    The One night in Tokyo committee is arranging a Japanese singing practice wih Jeffrey Gan, our DJ who will be playng for us on 20th Aug..

    This is for members singing during the 1st segment of Japanes. Pls put in the titles so that we can arrange a day before end of June Sat or Sunday to try out the keys and tempo.

    Plse reply me your interest asap. My whatsapp 9489 4360. Tq.

    Terence Seah

  59. Hi Dolly,
    Please assist to arrange the following members to the same table
    1. Douglas Chan
    2. Jasmine Wong
    3. Josephine Wong
    4. Anne Choi
    5. Doreen Chan
    6. June Peh

    Thank you.

  60. Hi Dolly please ignore the previous comment.

    Updated table members
    1. Anne Choi
    2. Doreen Chan
    3. June Peh

    1. Updated members
      1. Anne Choi
      2. Doreen Chan
      3. June Peh
      4. Simon Wong
      5. Debbie Oh
      6. Helen Kuek
      7. Anyone ? (with full payment made)
      8. Anyone ? (with full payment made)
      9. Anyone ? (with full payment made)
      10. Anyone ? (with full payment made)

      1. Updated members?
        1. Anne Choi?
        2. Doreen Chan?
        3. June Peh?
        4. Simon Wong?
        5. Debbie Oh?
        6. Helen Kuek?
        7. Kelly Ng?
        8. Michelle Sim
        ?9. Rina Tan?

        1. Hi June,
          Yes, please include Rina Tan at your table as she hardly login to the website.

          Thank you for your kind assist.


  61. Updated members?
    1. Anne Choi
    2. Doreen Chan
    3. June Peh
    4. Simon Wong
    5. Debbie Oh
    6. Helen Kuek
    7. Kelly Ng
    8. Michelle Sim
    9. Rina Tan
    10. Roy Ong

  62. 1 Cola Tan
    2 Bok
    3 Marlene Yap
    4 Sally Tan
    5 Catherine Soon
    6 Leasly Low
    7 Alicia
    8 Babara

    1. Hi Cola,
      With reference with our watapp, I will include the 2 members to your table as follows:

      1 Cola Tan
      2 Bok
      3 Marlene Yap
      4 Sally Tan
      5 Catherine Soon
      6 Leasly Low
      7 Alicia
      8 Babara
      9 Josephine Soh
      10 Angeline Ong

      Thank you and cheers..

  63. Dear All,
    All the first 80paxs had finally been allocated with little hiccups but we still need to continue planning… We are going ahead to line up the table’s seating arrangement from 81- 100 registered paid members to be seated as follows:

    81) Louis Siah
    82) Rosalind Cheng
    83) Daisy Wee
    84) Henry Foo
    85) George Chew
    86) Lydia Chin
    87) Dan Huang
    88) Roy Ong
    89) Helen Han
    90) Susanna Lim

    Cheers.. Dolly

  64. Re Tokyo night, the HR department is closing the recruitment of singers and performers.

    We will proceed with practice soon with our MC Irene Lee and Jeffrey Gan.

    Thanks to the members who have responded to our recruitment.

    Terence Seah

  65. As of today, we had recd payment for 91 members and we are still waiting for those registered but yet to pay to come forward to advise us accordingly.

    Meanwhile, we will still continue to allow other members to register their interests to join DND and should in the event that they paid first, we will based on registered/paid as final acceptance for the entry tickets to DND.

    The maximum allowable headcount being given by SRC is only 100 paxs and we are not far from the target liao.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you soon… Cheers..

  66. As of now, we are currently having 93 registered/paid members getting all ready to celebrate the first SHC DND after the pandemic.. Gosh.. it will be great one to look forward too for me…

    Only 7 left to go, we will be reaching our goal to achieve our aim… Come come, where those all others… come forward and enjoy!!!! Cheers…

  67. Confrmed registered/paid members
    91) Maggie Loh
    92) Josephine Loo
    93) Lee Ah Moi

    Cheers… Dolly

  68. Dear All,
    After the discussion with Terence regarding the SRC seating plan, we had decided to make know all of you stated below that you will be seated in tables where the music equipment are located at, hence, it might be an issue of too noisy for some. In view of this, we have decided full refund back should you decided to cancel your DnD paid registration due to these obstacles. However, should you decide to attend despite of this setback, you are most welcome to stay put. Meanwhile, the affected members are listed below:
    81) Louis Siah
    82) Rosalind Cheng
    83) Daisy Wee
    84) Henry Foo
    85) George Chew
    86) Lydia Chin
    87) Dan Huang
    88) Roy Ong
    89) Helen Han
    90) Susanna Lim
    91) Maggie Loh
    92) Josephine Loo
    93) Lee Ah Moi

    I will settle all requested refunds by Thursday afternoon earliest if not by Friday latest. Your kind patience much appreciated. Cheers..

    1. Thank you very much of kind understanding of Josephine Loo and Lee Ah Moi to be first 2 to be brave ahead to attend this DND at all cost. I shall both of you on my reserved list now… Cheers.. Dolly

  69. So far, after my comments with regards to music setback, we are glad that we still recd requests from members stating their bravery to go ahead with SHC DnD. In view of this, I am going to accept the first responded first secured a place to add on these members. Currently, this list of members are as follows:
    1) Josephine Loo
    2) Lee Ah Moi
    3) Sandra Chuah
    4) Eve SQ
    5) Daisy Wee
    6) Dan Huang
    7) Henry Foo
    8) George Chew
    9) Lydia Chin

  70. Only 1 slot for the last table and once we recd this update, we will closed the registration and will not be putting any waiting list. Hope to receive the last signed soon… Cheers..

    1) Josephine Loo
    2) Lee Ah Moi
    3) Sandra Chuah
    4) Eve SQ
    5) Daisy Wee
    6) Pauline Khoo
    7) Helen Han


  71. Seats during One Night in Tokyo closing soon.

    We are now looking at prizes and door gifts. If you have an item to contribute, pls whatsapp to Terence Seah at 9489 4360.

    Preference for vouchers, so there is no need to transport prize to SRC and carry home.

    Terence Seah

  72. All registration closed for DnD as all seats have been registered and paid in full.

    1) Josephine Loo
    2) Lee Ah Moi
    3) Sandra Chuah
    4) Eve SQ
    5) Daisy Wee
    6) Dan Huang
    7) Helen Han


  73. Dear All,
    Kindly note that the registration and payment is now officially closed. With effect from July 8 2022, please ensure the following so as to ensure smooth process as below:

    1) Should you are unable to attend this event, no refund will be given at our end.

    2) You can find your own replacement but the new attendee must be confirmed SHC member (subjected to approval)

    3) All arrangements make to this change, please ensure that the Treasurer is being informed so that updated name list can be given to the registration tables for admission to the function room for August 20 2022, DND.

    4) We will not accept any changes effective from/on August 5 2022 onwards.

    Cheers… and see all soon on August 20 2022…

    1. Yes, Dan and I have updated the attendees’ list already. Thanks for info. Much appreciated.

  74. Hi Dolly/Terence,
    Please note that Cola have removed me from all her chat groups and insisted on some members in her table to be also unfriendly. I have dissociate myself from her and no longer a friend nor dancing partner. Please allocate me to another table as I do not want to seat in her table. Thank you..Bobby Bok

    1. Bobby, all tables have been set. I guess in your case, if some one is willing to take over your seat, feel free to exchange and let us know.

      Terence Seah

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