New SHC membership

Nowadays, applying Silverhairsclub Ordinary membership has been made simpler. Just whatsapp “New Membership” to 9489 4360 with full name. Wait for a welcome msg.

If your telephone number is changed, the membership lapsed.

We have started running new advertising campaigns to recruit new members.

Members have to be Singaporean or PRs, over 45. Our rules remain same ie No politics, religion, sex, race, direct selling and MLM.

Terence Seah

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2 thoughts on “New SHC membership”

  1. Thomas Leiong has submitted his membership but he told me he is waiting for a response from SHC.
    We need to put in his name in Group 1 by tomorrow.
    Thomas will replace John Howe.
    Is he in as a member? Pls advise. TQ

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