Social Dance course (15 Feb – 19 Apr) Disco Rock & Square Rhumba

"My friends ask me why I go all the way to Kg Ubi
when there’s a CC nearby, but all my SHC friends are here"

"Eh, when are you going to plan for the next
class.  This one is coming to a close."

 "Teacher does not rush us through the
dance, so I can catch up…….."


Glad to get the 1st course off its feet.  It is ending soon
and we’re going into Course No. 2 – Disco Rock & Square Rhumba.

15 of SHC members converged for the current
course – this is group effort, thanks v much to Ann who linked
me to the teacher and to those of you who brought your own SHC friends to join
us.  With a few outsiders, the class was more boisterous and atmosphere
was relaxed since we’re all from SHC.

Course No. 2 will start on 15 Feb.

Venue:  Kg Ubi CC (Eunos MRT)

Fee:      $65 (10 lessons)

Time:    8.00 – 9.00 pm 

14 thoughts on “Social Dance course (15 Feb – 19 Apr) Disco Rock & Square Rhumba

  1. Hi Susan

    Wow, you’re very ON leh :-)

    But you didn’t indicate time of lesson? Wd like to join in if the timing is suitable.


  2. Hi Gabriella,

    Thanks for your support. Oops, my 2nd half of the announcement disappeared but let me continue here!

    At tonight”s lesson, we’ve replaced OB chacha with Square Rhumba by popular vote, so course shall be:

    Disco Rock & Square Rhumba
    1Feb – 12 April 2013 (Fridays)
    No lesson on 8 Feb
    $65 for whole course (10 lessons)
    8.00 pm – 9.00 pm
    Venue: Kg Ubi CC (Eunos MRT)

    Not bad the current batch can rock and turn to the merry-go-round and the sweeheart and do the walk-walk. We’ve just pulled off the ‘helicopter’ or what you call ‘ comb your hair’ at tonight’s lesson LOL.

    Seems there’re more variations to learn – something new, that can be picked up at the next course. Teacher brought her whole entourage of assistants by special arrangement.

    Everybody needs to pay the CC by next Friday to confirm. Do give a show of hands or email to me at, ok?


  3. Hello there, SHC friends!

    Please let me say a few nice words in support of disco rock, I am not about to join the coming SHC dance course as I learnt social dance nearly 3 decades ago in my hometown of Bt Batok.

    Disco rock is not difficult to learn. Once we commit its dance steps to memory through regular practice, there is no way we can forget this dance. Even if we stop dancing it for decades, bits and parts of the dance should reside in us for life.

    Once the typical disco rock music starts, visions of the associated dance routines immediately spring to mind. Perchance we have a ready partner at hand, why waste precious moments sitting down there staring at the ceiling and doing nothing worthwhile? It pays handsome dividends going down with your partner onto the dance floor and while the night away beneficially like the lovely Cinderalla and her Prince Charming: only this time round there is no 12 midnight restriction.

    “MO DAK DINK!” Cantonese phrase for incomparable advantage or unchallenged supremacy!



  4. Yo Terry #3 – Disco rock brings you back good memories, I see! Yeah, imagine the scenario now 1-2-3-4….5,6,7,8, and a 2-2-3-4….5-6-7-8, and a …..

    Gabriella, Cinderella….it’s allright, not everybody can make it.

    And Lynn, thanks v much for your continued support, going for another round. Dear dear, didnt recognise you and Molly last night at Han’s, pai-seh paiseh.

    Quite a few told me how come they dont know about this course? Haiyo I say and say here until “chui-da” oreidi, still many dont know. Are you all really joining or not? See you on 1 Feb ar, dont bluff bluff hor.

    Those who know, please help me pass the word round OK?

    Thank you all very much!

  5. Hi Susan,

    My husband James Tan and I are interested in joining your dance class starting on 1 Feb, and we look forward to meeting you and the other SHC participants.


    Aye Leng

  6. Hi Aye Leng & James,

    Thanks for coming to add fun to the weekly “party” – it’s a family affair cos we’re all from SHC. We’re so relaxed with one another – there’s a lil’ bickering there too, you know, especially between me and Robert Ong over whose steps are right, haiyo LOL. I always plead with Robert “let me go OK, never mind la, no need to be too perfect, can or not?”.

    See you on 1 Feb.

    Cheers, and HAPPY CNY NEW YEAR! Let’s bring in the new year and wish for good luck EVERYBODY – especially for Big Chief Thundercloud – and PEACE for SHC!

  7. Hi Susan,

    We turned up for the dance at 8pm Friday Feb 1, but there was no class – the instructor was not there and the studio door was locked.


  8. Ooooooo, sorry I’ve informed everybody but somehow both of you slipped my mind. Just yesterday only the teacher informed me that class is postponed to 15 Feb. We’ve got another couple also coming in plus a few individuals. Please email me with your number and I’ll call you.

  9. Hi Susan,

    I’m interested to join in but missed the 1st class as was away. Hope I’m ok to join from the next class on 15 Feb.


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