Eating, shopping and dancings in KL 12-14 Nov 2022

Now confirmed, SHC is preparing a free & easy trip to Kuala Lumpur 12 – 14 Nov 2022.

1. Exact Place of stay will be suggested. Members get to book directly. Update: Our suggested hotel is Hotel Royal Bintang.

Members can also book directly at other nearby hotels.

2. Transport:

Members can drive, on your own to/fro Spore/KL and back.

Transport will be arranged for those who do not drive. Cost will be shared and advised before 1st Nov 2022.

No transportation will be arranged in KL. Use local taxi, GRAB or trains. Get your GRAB app.

Tours to Genting and nearby attractions to be arranged privately.

3. Common meeting places for lunch and dinner will be advised.

4. Dancing may be arranged on Sun night 13 Nov 2022. An optional evening event.

Pls put this date in your diary, if interested

Strictly for members.


We are starting planning. If you like to join the committee, pls whatsapp 9489 4360.


A. You know KL, not PJ, esp the hotels and great eating places.

B. Public transport – trains and taxis.

C. Those who knows eating and shopping places will be invited to join committee on 1st Oct 2022.

This event encourages social networking among members. You are encouraged to participate.

Terence Seah

Registration of interest only:

1. Alan Ang

2. Terence Seah

3. Jean Lim

4. Karen Thio

5. Karen’s maid

6. Jessie Ow

7. Vincent Hee

8. Iris Lim

9. Francis Mangalam

10. Kulvindet Kaur

11. Jimmy Tsin

12. Catherine Tan CY

13. Susanna Lim

15. Terence Tan x 4 (2 rms)

16. Sherry Wong



19. Cheng WK

20. Cola Tan

Hotel is your own booking.

You may withdraw from this list before 1 Nov 2022.

20 thoughts on “Eating, shopping and dancings in KL 12-14 Nov 2022

  1. Dear Terence Seah
    My respectable chief,
    I’m waiting as a interested member to visit the LK town,, please count me in.
    Thank so much.
    Alan Ang

  2. For our Nov F&E trip to KL in Nov, we have a suggestion to use Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang as recommended hotel to stay.

    Considerations are room rate, and closeness to eating and shopping areas.

    Plse recommend hotels. We are likely to decide before end Jul 2022. Once decided, members can also book directly any other hotel.

    Terence Seah

  3. A few members have suggested a few more hotels.

    They are:
    Travelodge Bukit Lodge
    Mandarin Pacific
    Federal Hotel
    Swiss Garden

    We will decide soon.

    Terence Seah

  4. tentively add maid n i cos family plann australia trip but so far no cfm date yet

  5. More hotel recommendations coming in.

    Times Berjaya Hotel,
    Bintang Service Apartment.

  6. Members have recommended Parkroyal Service apartments and Westin hotel and Bingtang Service apartments.

    I am looking for a hotel which has many rooms to enable our group to stay together. Near popular shopping areas, theme parks. Aiyoh too many.

    Not clear earlier. Hotel say 4-Star, around 180-200 MYR for a twin room. Members to book directly with hotel.

    Terence Seah

  7. More suggestions for our F&E trip to kl.

    Times Berjaya, Royal Hotel, Park Royal Service.

    We are closing suggestions soon. Members can choose to book directly any hotel.

    Terence Seah

  8. Re our F&E trip to KL sat 12 Nov- Mon 14 Nov, thank you everybody for your recommendations. Suggestions closed.

    Hotel Royal, along Jalan Bintang has been selected to be our central hotel.

    Has 280 rooms
    Very central to food and shopping
    Price now around SGD50 per room per night for this 4 star hotel.
    Big rooms
    Children certain age stay free at hotel
    Free cancellation

    All participants book direct to hotel

    We will arrange coach transport from Spore to Royal hotel. We will know price after we know how many people taking coach.

    All members can also drive direct to hotel. Need not use coach transport.

    Members can also book any other hotel.

    Activities will be discussed in Mid Oct. However this trip is F&E.

    We hope to organise more overseas trips, along this concept, for members to know new and existing members.

    Enjoy. Terence Seah

  9. Hi Terence,
    I am joining KL trip. Pls include me

    Tks/ Cheng WK

  10. KL trip – Next Sun 10 July 8pm, we have a zoom meeting to help members find room mates for our KL F&E 12 – 14 Nov trip 2022.

    Suggest hotel – Hotel Royal, Bintang. You can book any hotel.

    Transport – you can drive. We organise a coach.

    Program – all F&E. Groups can arrange.

    Terence Seah

  11. As for transport Sin/Kl/Sin, two options.

    1. Self drive both ways. Pls arrange your car friends.

    2. Coach with Easybook, both ways. Price per seat advised later. Number of seats limited.

    Terence Seah

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