SHC Aug monthly gathering, Tue 9 Aug, Botanic Garden, 7am

Tue 9 Aug 2022 is our National Day. Howard Yong and Cola Tan have suggested a public park to hold our Aug monthly gathering.

1. Botanic Gardens, Botanic Gardens MRT, DT9

2. Meeting point: infront of Bandstand.

3. 7am – 10am.

4. Bring own breakfast and coffee.

5. Form your walk group to walk the park, and meet new friends. We have a big open park. Find common interest and hobbies.

6. Bring a mat too.

7. Keep this date and time in your diary. Bring along your grandchildren, children and parents. Let the children meet.

Need updates, whatsapp HELP to 9489 4360.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

1. Kulvinder Kaur
2. Susanna Lim
3. Lim Rosemary

4. Cola Tan

6. Terence Seah

7. Jean lim

8. Birdy Loh

This gathering is now cancelled due to poor response.

Terence Seah





Author: Terence Seah


7 thoughts on “SHC Aug monthly gathering, Tue 9 Aug, Botanic Garden, 7am”

  1. Cancel is good cause not suitable timing .
    Too early.

    So respond is bad and not gathering the park is bad.

    Any event anyway, 7am sure less respond.
    For me I stay nearby so is OK.

  2. pls withdrawl my name for thisaug gathering aws i m invited to join ma trip to desaru – myap0ology

    thanks u

  3. Kindly refrain from whatapk to me about the event because I m not the EO – already stated i m not attending due to oversea trip with thank in advance.

  4. hi eo

    pls withdraw my name for this event as i was invited to join a friend to desaru resort trip , my apology – thanks u

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