SHC Sept monthly gathering, ZhiChar coffee shop

For Sep monthly gathering, we will have a big dinner gathering at a Zhi Char place. Date not fixed yet.

Pls recommend a coffee shop, at least 8 tables, budget $150 per table of 10 and MRT convenient. You can form your own table or we help you join a table. Pls register interest below.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Kulvinder Kaur
  2. Susanna Lim
  3. Lim Rosemary
  4. Marie Chong
  5. Terence Seah
  6. Jean Lim


As we have a new place to host Sep gathering, our ZhiChar dinner is posphoned.  The gathering is now changed to British Hainan on Sun 18 Sep 2022. Pls see new post.

Names registered will be informed.

Terence Seah


Author: Terence Seah


6 thoughts on “SHC Sept monthly gathering, ZhiChar coffee shop”

  1. This post is closed. the Zhichar dinner is postphoned as we have a new place to host Sep gathering.

    Those registered, can join the 18 Aug British Hainan event. Tq.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence, please add me to your attendance list for the Sept 2022 monthly gathering. Thank you.

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