Going Genting together in Sep 2022

SHC JB eat, shop and travel group brought up the Genting promo in Aug or Sep.  There are 3D2N and 4D3N packages. Thank DavidO and BobbyB for contribution.

The rates for Aug are good, and packages cost $78, 88 for 2 nights and 158 for 2 nights and concert.  However, maybe a bit rush. The rates for Sep are available 1st week Aug.

Coach max 30 pax Sin/Genting/Sin  and insurance included.  Leaving Spore 6am.

Now, exact promo date and price per pax is NOT confirmed yet.

Promo price requires Genting membership.  You will be given a URL  link to apply online. Pls do so if interested to join the group.

Passport details, at least 6 mths, are required. Pls standby

Confirmed seats unrefundable upon payment.

As this is twin share, pls standby your room mate.

The fun and beauty of SHC trips are going together and enjoying each other’s company.

More details soon.

Terence Seah

Registration interested list:

1. Helen Chiew – confirmed

2. Ang Swee Keng

3. Chris Leow – confirmed

4. Celine Clara Ng – confirmed

5. Susan Sia – confirmed

6. Mia Cheong

7. Vincent Hee

8. Emily Koh

9. Sunny Yeow

10. Sherry Wong – confirmed

11. Annie Seah

12. Jessie Ow – confirmed

13. Birdy Loh – confirmed


15. Francis R Mangalam – confirmed


Limited 30 pax


Author: Terence Seah


18 thoughts on “Going Genting together in Sep 2022”

  1. The 4d3n SHC Genting trip 22-25 September 2022 is confirmed and finalized. We have a total of 19 participants . The names of the participants are as follows :-
    1)Sherry Wong
    2)Susan Sia
    3)Ng Bee Gek
    4)Wendy Wee
    5)Ng Bee Lian
    6)Choo Liang Joo
    7)Celine Ng
    8)Birdy Loh
    9)May Peh
    10)Shirley Ngun
    11)Ng Fook Weng
    12)Bobby Bok
    13)Serene Tan
    14)Lim Choon Seng
    15)Francis Rajaratnan
    16)Jane Wong
    17)Aminah Bee
    18)Lim Eileen
    19)Nancy Lim

    Many thanks to Terence for organizing this trip. We are disappointed that he is unable to join us due to his dialysis issue. I also like to thank all participants for their kind support for making this trip a success. Looking forward for a fun and enjoyable holidays with all of you.

    Thank you ,
    Sherry Wong

  2. Hi All,
    The registration for the Genting trip 22-25 September 2022 is still open.

    Now, we have a total of 14 participants and still short of 6 pax to start of the trip.
    Any one keen , please contact me at 90957146. Prices, itinerary, pick up point, passport and other details will be shared on my what’s app chat group with you.

    Hope to hear from any one who like to join us in this travel.
    Thank you.

  3. The group trip to Genting 20 Sep 2022 4D3N closes registration on 11 Aug 2022.

    I have asked Sherry Wong to lead this trip. A tour guide will also accompany the group.

    For last minute participation, re passport, Genting membership, cost, single room, pls whatsapp Sherry Wong.

    Terence Seah

  4. Terence
    I am not going to Genting. Pls delete my name and give my slot to others. Thank you.

    Ah Nee

    1. For the genting trip, i have chosen 2 dates 4D3N

      2 Sep and 29 Sep. Based on most votes, one start date will be selected. We close voting on 5th Aug.

      Pls choose a start date.

  5. Looking at dates, we are looking at ETD Spore Fri 2 Sep 2022 0600 hr and ETD Genting Sun 4 Sep. Guess some will have to take leave on Fri. More details soon.

    1. It is very unlikely I can join on fri because of movement inconvenience. But we will make the trip ON for members.

  6. Genting teip in Sept, we should be having details from the Genting travel agent in early Sept.

    We will organise a zoom get together, so members wishing to get to know who are the other interested members, and perhaps find a room mate.

    We will do on SHC Zoom
    Date: Wed 4 Sep 2022
    Time: 8 pm

    Whatsapp ZOOM LINK here.

  7. Noted your reply with thanks, Terence!

    To facilitate name identification purposes, I just updated my own profile name.


  8. Hi Terence,

    Reckon you must’ve either received some wrong info that I am joining this Genting trip, or key in the wrong ‘Sue’..

    Do delete my name please.


    1. Hi Sue, this is another Sue Chan.

      We have many common First and last names. Over time, we have to rectify name.

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