SHC Network 2019 – 2022 group

Alice Tan, EO Zoom meeting 2019 – 2022

Starting this month Aug 2022, we are organising smaller networking meetings, for members who join SHC 2019 – 2022.

All members in this group can join this zoom meeting, every Fri 8pm.

Alice Tan has been appointed EO to lead zoom meetings for this group.

Physical meetings are also being organised.

Terence Seah

5 thoughts on “SHC Network 2019 – 2022 group

  1. Hi, I am Jenny. Please whatsapp/email zoom ID n password for next meeting please. I would like to join if I am free. Thank you ????

  2. A little bit about our EO who hosts the networking Zoom meeting, every Wed 8pm.

    Alice Tan was previously an accounts manager with Cosco group, taking charge of more than 20 staff in Singapore and Malaysia. She handled group consolidation accounts, payroll, weekly meetings, liase with bankers, auditors, IRAS for tax and GST matter.

    She stayed for 20 years and then moved on to take up part-time assignments till end June 2022. She handled accounts, admin, HR, events like AGM, organised trip to Museum, co-ordinated with PA directors for Minister to attend our functions.

    Her interest: karaoke, dancing, mahjong, cooking, baking, gardening, travelling, social work.

    Join her on zoom every Wed 8pm

    Terence Seah

  3. Some members gathered together at 313@Somerset to get to know one another..

    EO Alice Tan was happy with the turnout. And invite members especially new members to meet on Zoom every Fri 8pm and physical gatherings.

    Terence Seah

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