SHC 17th anniversary registration at Labrador Park on Sun 9 Oct.

Prizes will be based on serial number and reg. Name.

1. Terence Seah

2. Jean Lim

3. Eileen Tan

4. John Lim TY

5. Chye Chua

6. Mia Cheong

7. Lydia Chin

8.  Alice Tan

9. Royston Low

10. Wui Phui Peih

11. Hasimah Hashim

12. Katherine Yap

13. Charles Gerald Chia

14. Kelly Ng

15. Ivy Lim

16. Melissa Khng

17. Catherine Chng

18. Anne Choi

19. Steve Seah

20. Cola Tan

21. Christina Pan

22. Bobby Yee

23. Bobby Bok

24. Henry See

25. Doris Tan

26. Helen Lee

27. Victory Tan

28. Betty Wong

29. Birdy Loh

30. Celine Ng

31. Vincent Hee

32. Iris Lim

33. Andrew Goh

34. Margaret Wong

35. Lester John Lee

36. Jenny Lum

37. Ronald Lam

38. Sherry Wong

39. Catherine Soon

40. Celine Clara

41. Catherine Yeo

42. K C Loh

43. Nance Chen

44. Irene Ng KC

45. Rina Tay

46. Davis Ong

47. Tony Ang

48. Aminah Bee

49. Victor Chee

50. Nancy Ang

51. Maria Chong

52. Eliza Leong

53. Douglas Chan

54. Josephine Wong

55. Kwie Siew Wah

56. Doreen Chan

57. Evelyn Neo

58. Daisy Phua

59. Steven Phua

60. Esther Ho

61. Wong Kim Eng

62. Esther Chan

63. Jessie Ow

This list is no longer valid.

Pls refer to anniversary attendance chatgroup.

64. Janice Wee

65. Peggy Syn

66. Wong Sin Cheong

67. Robin Tan

68. Sandra Loke 

69. Josephine Loo

70. Lee Ah Moi

71. Kelly Sim

72. Margaret Sin

73. Lucy Tan

Those who did not register with < 107> not enter here.

Author: Terence Seah


31 thoughts on “SHC 17th anniversary registration at Labrador Park on Sun 9 Oct.”

  1. Hi Terence,I notice there are 2 Eileen Tan,nos 3&21 in the registration for Shc 17th Anniversary registration.Is it a duplicate or 2 person’s with same names?If it is the latter,pls name as Eileen Tan M.A. Thank you..

  2. I am joining in the 9th Oct 17th Anniversary gatherng at Labrador Park.
    I am not able to bring food.
    Please advise o the $15 payment.

    1. Ooops !

      My apologies hv to cancel my registration due to clashes with another invite.

      If penalty of $15 applies, do let me know ya.

      Thank you .

  3. Good morning EO
    Please register my interest to attend. I had replied 107, yet didn’t see my name being registered.

  4. Hi Terence, I have responded and accepted for the anniversary celeb but my name is not reflected in the registration list. I have also offered to volunteer for the games but as yet there is no response regarding this.

  5. Eileen Tan Meng takes charge of all pot luck items. Pls bring a potluck item during our anniversary.

    She joined SHC many years ago.

    A nurse since 1975. Previously works in many gov.hospitals & 2 private hospitals.

    Passion is nursing. Love to render care & help those in need.

    She is setting up a caregiver agency & have a what’s app chat group.

    Hobbies are travelling, swimming, cycling, exploring places,cooking, organise events & taking courses.

    Through Shc activities, she hope to meet like minded people & make new friends,also volunteer to help SHC in events.

  6. Terence,

    please add me for the 17th Anniversary . Will pay $15 for the food .
    Thank you ,

    Catherine Soon /Malyne Suen

  7. Hi Terence.
    Please register.
    1. Douglas Chan
    2. Josephine Wong
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Terence, please register my friend and my elder sister for this event
    1) Esther Ho
    2) Wong Kim Eng
    Thank you

  9. Hi Terence

    Please cancel my registration. On the same day, suddenly have a family commitment.

    Many thanks.

  10. Dear All,
    We had a great day for this event and all members were truly enjoying to the fullest with background music from having bento set with other foods/fruits brought by the membership followed by games ==> chatting among others ===> lucky prize draw – winner went to KathYap ===> cutting cake===> followed by grand finale of a group photo taking for this event.. See all again soon in other events…

    The final report is as follows:
    1) Total collection of 46paxss @ $15 each = $690.00

    Minus Expenses
    2) Foods (Bento set, cake, bread, min water) = $589.15
    3) Misc expense) (Napkins and others) = $115.88 added as $705.03

    Th over excess amount spent of (690 – 705.03) = $15.03, both Eileen and myself will absorb the cost evenly.

    Hence, we will close as stated as above (agreed between Eileen and Dolly).

    Thank you all… cheers…

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