Freestyle Libre (Continuous Glucose Monitoring)

Hello Fellow SHC members old n new,

My name is Leon and have been a SHC member for more than 10 years. The purpose of my posting today is to bring to your awareness of a nation wide campaign of a collaboration between Abbott Laboratories and Diabetes Association Singapore. I am one of the appointed ambassador/promoter of this campaign. This campaign is also announced in CNA news 2 weeks ago. .

They are introducing a revolutionary CGM ( Continuous Glucose Monitoring)program with a medical sensor that no longer required blood sampling and is painless. The first step to manage diabetes is is to monitor your blood glucose level and then manage it with diet and medication. Many diabetic person don’t do the blood sampling testing for fear of the needles and the hassle. In fact I observe many patient take a indifferent attitude towards their diabetic condition. Currently doctors prescribe medications that need you to take after every meal. Medication have side effects. With this program, you can manage your diabetes with diet first and then medication if necessary. This device is given free to all diabetes patients during this campaign period upon successful registration.

I urge all suffering diabetic persons to take the opportunity to participate in the program. The link to register is in the article near to the end. Diabetes is sometimes called the Mother of all diseases with its linkage to a host of future medical problems (blindness, amputation, kidney failure,etc) if it is not managed well. The campaign is for a limited period only ending in October.

So please don’t hesitate or proscratinate. Submit your registration now.

Thank you for your attention.

Leon Lau

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  1. The campaign ends on 31st October. I have personally applied 100 over sensors onto the diabetic patients. I am trained by Abbott’s So if you are diabetic or prediabetic, this is your last week to register.
    Take control of your diabetes.

  2. Hi all SHC members,. Perhaps health is quite personal such that we don’t share publicly. But there are several numbers of SHC members who have signed up for it. Thus I like to thank you for making effort to take control of your diabetic condition instead of letting it take control of you. One member was shocked with the sensor reading that he is living under untreated hyperglycaemia condition. Without this sensor, he was in the dark previously.

    With proper diet management n medication, a diabetic patient can go into full remission. Just a little worthwhile discipline is required.

    Finally, I like to thank those who reach out to me to sign up and those who know me help those who does not know me to connect with me.


  3. More essential information or answers to my post. The eligibility criteria are a) if you diabetic b) reside in Singapore c) have a mobile phone that can support Freestyle Libre App. I have put up the OR code here to visit the site for you to register via the TryFreestyleLibre button within. Alternatively, you may visit the Bugis Junction Guardian to know more n register there. I will be stationed here for a limited period before posted to Takashimaya next month. If I m not in, another ambassador will attend to you.

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