Maria Boey banned from SHC

Maria Boey uses different tel to join SHC. Upon 1st approval, she contacted various members to join her investment schemes, as much as 50,000. She uses other tel numbers for her investment reach.

Upon meeting members, she invites them for dinners.

She is banned from SHC. Members seeing her at any club activity, plse contacted me 9489 4360, in confidence.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


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  1. Dear Fairy Godmother,
    I was surprised if the members can make use of SHC to plays all sort of tricks to fall on her trap for her personal profit is a private affair, no wonder the cheater can survice strong in SHC, sorry this was my 1 cent thought? If I’m wrong please forgive me and delete my comment!
    Alan Ang

    1. Hi Alan,

      I shall go on a dose of Tramadol SS. This is super strong.

      I suggest you take the same dose over 2 weeks. I think your msg is clear. Pls clear with other parties and not use this forum to attack one another.

      Misuse of this forum can lock u out of this forum for 3 – 6 mths. Pls behave as fairy Godmother is still sleeping. Tq.

      1. Thank you very much Terence!
        You adive was good and understood but to take TRAMADOL SS. I must consult a qualify doctor to get a precription slip to subcribe. I hope you accept my explanation.GP tell me I better to go for a long good rest for 3 to 6 months. Once again Thank you Terence.
        Alan Ang

  2. I agreed with both SallyF and Yoon Chin that safety measures need to be there to protect the members’ interests.

    I also dont see why SallyF’s comment need to be posted in BH gathering instead of here since the topic here is about banning of Maria Boey. Btw, I never liked to be approached by any SHC members with regards to MLM or WSQ courses as I am sure I know where to go around to get if the need for them is there. So far so good.

    As for Maria Boey, trying and pushing her luck too far, thus ending in this situation is her own fault. Sometimes, is good to get rid of 1 rotten apple lor.
    Glad that Fairy Godmother woke up before winter coming lor…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  3. SHC’s Motto – No politics, religion (I believe it meant no preaching), sex, race, direct selling & MLM

    Why did our founder have to resort such act? I believe he has his reasons and his rights not to comment unless…

    SCAM vs SPAM – I believe Terence didn’t mention it. Some members must have given him the feedback. I, for one, did it.

    Citing a recent incident at British Hainan. Announcement has been clearly made in What’sApp or Forum that this is a close-door private event – open at their break time (not open for business) to cater for our members – to start at 2:00pm sharp. But she came before that, well, fine enough coz before 2pm it is open to public.

    When we were there at 1:38pm, I approached her and she insisted that she paid for it and she got the right to come. Prior to that, she privately messages me a day before – to me she is spamming my mobile coz I don’t even know who she is – I didn’t reply, she continuously sends further message by telling me she is an Architect, a friend of Frederick (founder of BH) and a regular customer. I do not want to go into details. What is her intention??? Whether she paid or being refunded, I leave it to Ms Dolly to verify and true enough, she was being refunded – then why still there??? Is it a lie or ulterior motive?

    She diligently waited for the founder of BH to arrive as he promised he will entertain our members for a short while after his lunch operation in Carpmael Road which he did as promised. I must say he is a very busy business man but he obliged. I notice he engaged with her over a smattering of words and left hurriedly. Guess what, again she messages me asking for his contact – well, anyone knows if the person is your friend, you would have his contact and not going around fishing for it.

    Lastly, I have nothing against her – just that her approach to me is unethical – rather of a SPAMMING to me. She should gain more rapport before even approach others to share her doings.


    1. Interesting episode. Thanks for sharing. But this story should be published on “September 2022 Monthly Gathering”. Why here ? What’s the connection ?

      1. the SUBJECT is the connection – I believe her doings has cause some concern. INTEGRITY = honesty.

        SPAMMING n UNTRUE remarks. Bottomline is unethical behaviour lor!

        As for SEPTEMBER MONTHLY GATHERING, we do have great feedback and if there are some concern from others do write in their comment in this post –

  4. Thank you Christina for sharing some info. Like many here, I don’t know Maria B at all. But we cannot turn a blind eye when a fellow member is expeditiously (and unceremoniously) removed. I wish Maria well. Going forward, we have to be more accommodating, benevolent and compassionate – as simple as abc, I hope.


  5. I have collaborated with Maria and another of her friend on Marketing wsq courses before.

    Her friend told me Maria likes to take short cut…
    Yes I agreed with her. Maria is not a bad person non does she has intention to mislead anyone.

    If she is really Marketing that coin mining products, she is just eager to make a living just like anyone at our age where employment is impossible.

    If that product is a scam, she is just a victim.

    I can see we are all overly concerned given the many digital scams that are happening here lately.

    And it is a fact that Singaporean by and large are rather naive and not smart enough to detect scam.

    Also sometimes we are vulnerable if MAS or gov is doing nothing to protect our interest.

    Also many are affected by aging, and the number of dementia cases are growing. We really need to be concerned.

    1. To SHC Admins, 25/09/202 Thank you allow me to have a change to post!
      I was wondered if some cheaters are still at large in the club, My experience was then when this cheater approved me to take her courses, she promised many things to me including at the end of the courses I would award $1000 if I completed the given courses by School/Academy and promised to share her commission which she will receive $500 by the requirement set by the School/Academy,
      but in the end, she broke her promise, and now I learned that she is still strong & free in the club activities.
      Alan Ang

      1. Alan
        I only have these words to describe your incorrigible character
        – you are greedy, stupid and ignorant!

        You approached me for a course.
        You took because of 1000, for a 1 month course that is worth 6k but you only paid about 150

        During the course, you kept making noise but refused to quit because of that 1000

        You finally managed because I send you my work (thumbdrive)

        You did collected 1000 from the school. (you are not my only student, I send more than 20s..why only u complain)

        Why I said you are ignorant and stupid!
        You openly wrote here on wanting a cut of my commission

        SSG has strong guidelines on learners taking wsq courses
        plse go and read up!!

        You are now telling the whole world you are corrupted and waiting for SSG to knock on your door

      2. Hi AlanA and ChristinaP,

        Pls settle this issue between both of you. This forum is not a battleground for private disagreements.

        Thank you.

        Terence Seah

        1. Finally, you have said it, “This forum is not a battleground for private disagreements”.

          Reading the squabbles between two members (or worse – a one sided grandmother story) invariably makes my toes curl.

          Indeed, who shall be the judge? Terence?

          Wishing you a speedy recovery. Don’t abandon us yet.


  6. Dear Terence : This is unprecedented. If my memory has not failed me, I think there has never been a ban so explicitly declared.

    This is alarming. This is drastic. What wrong has she done? With due respect to SHC rules, which rightfully members should follow, can we honestly say they are rigidly enforced, especially when religion is concerned?

    This case before us is about money and many things need to be clarified. As you acted as the law enforcer, the prosecutor and the executioner, allow me to play the “devil’s advocate”. This will be in the interest of all members, particularly members who are working on a commission-based income : such as insurance agents, fund managers, property agents and remisiers of stock-broking companies.

    Besides the scant bit of information from you above, members ought to know more.

    1. Did the accused use different tel numbers and names to sign up many SHC membership accounts, or did she simply have several tel numbers, like some of us (including me)?

    2. Did the accused openly market/promote her products and services during SHC events. If yes, were you beside her when she was doing that?

    3. Can a SHC member invite another (or several) for dinner and talk about, among other things, investments?

    4. Can a banned member be barred from going to any place where a SHC event is held – such as coffee shop, hawker centre, public garden or park? Morally, socially and legally, we do not have such a right.

    5. Does it mean a banned member cannot step onto Labrador soil on 9 Oct, when the SHC event is in progress? Standing 100 metres away can or not?

    I am a member of SAFRA and Home Team Club. We discuss money and investments unreservedly and unabashedly when meeting at the Club premises. We are clear-minded and educated adults. Nobody treats us like children. Does it matter whether it is 50,000 or 5 million? Who and what is SHC when trying to interfere a deal between a willing trader and a willing investor? Are SHC members so gullible and naive that they need a gallant guardian to coddle them?

    There are proper authorities to check on cheats, frauds and scams. It is beyond SHC’s jurisdiction. We do not have a “commercial crime unit” to do a fair investigation.

    Why deprive our members of knowing more people through networking, and boost their income? After all they are doing an honest decent job. According to rule, as our membership base gets larger (as reflected in Facebook), ironically there will be less people for our commission-based agents to approach. Isn’t this affecting their livelihood?

    Prohibiting a member from joining activities is not a big deal. But banning a member and telling others to “report if you see him or her” has serious implications. The sad thing is some members will gladly assume the role of detective or policeman. Justice must be done and done fairly and convincingly. The question again is, “what wrong has she done”?


    1. Tq Daniel for view point and comments

      I apologize if I cannot give a better reason.

      I reserve the right to expel any member from the club. Thank you.

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