Sun Oct 30 month end gathering 12.30pm Artbites Cafe, TRCC Republic Poly

Come end Oct, we will have our first monthly gathering North Singapore. We welcome all new and old members from different interest groups eg dancing, crafts, walking, cooking, gardening, cycling, travel, Batam, Thailand, JB and makan.

Venue Artbites Cafe, a cosy cafe, right in the relaxed setting of TRCC Republic Polytechnic.

MRT: Woodlands MRT, followed by Bus# 169 from Woodlands Interchange and alight at 2nd bus stop.

Date: 30 Oct 2022 12noon – 3.30pm

Western Buffet. Food certified halal.

  1. Salad
  2. French onion soup
  3. Chilli crab pasta
  4. Chicken nugget
  5. Fried chicken wing
  6. Sambal squid ring
  7. Black pepper prawn
  8. Mini cake
  9. Cut fruit
  10. Coffee / tea

Price: $20 nett / pax, payable to Treasurer Dolly Lim. Paynow 9815 9363.

Limited seating : 80 first registered/first paid SHC Ordinary members only

Refund if cancelled before 20 Oct 2022. Seat will be given to next on waiting list.

Terence Seah

If you like to volunteer to join this commifttee, pls whatsapp me 9489 4360.

Terence Seah

Registered/Paid Members List for 80 members
1. Alvin Lee SC
2. Jasmine Wong
3. Mia Cheong
4. Diana Choo
5. Katherine Yap
6. Terence Seah
7. Jean Lim
8. Dolly Lim
9. Caroline Gee
10. Florence Tay
11. Rosalind Choon
12. Daisy Wee
13. Sylvia Ang  Canceled on 12 Oct
13. Goh Theresa
14. Ronnie Pey
15. Pattiya 
16. Sue WN Chan
17. Joanne Khoo
18. Margaret Wong (Paid by Joy Tang)
19. Francis Lee &
20. Rose Lee
21. Vinnie Mok
22. Anne Choi
21. Nance Chen
22. Maggie Loh
23. Doris Lim Juat
24. Ellie Seow
25. Flora Lim
26. Joy Tang
27. Helen Lee
28. Evonne Hor
29. Eliza Leong
30. Charlie Chan
31. Lisa Ng
32. Bobby Chow
33. Aminah Bee
34. Vincent Hee
35. Iris Lim
36. Stewart Chu
37. Tong Sau Han
38. Jane Ng
39. Chew Teng Lip (Paid by MengYan)
40. Alice Tan
41. Calvin Chow
42. Yvonne Loo
43. Eileen Lim
44. Thomas Loh
45. Jason Ong 
46. Roberta
47. Jessie Ow
48. Birdy Loh
49. Nancy Lim (Paid by Aminah)
50. Marilyn Koh
51. Helen WongLC
52. Cindy Tan
53. Janet Sim (Paid by Cindy Tan)
54. Irene Ng
55. Cola Tan
56. Peggy Syn
57. Chye Chua
58. Daniel Loo
59. Martin Han – Paid by Goh Theresa
60. Joan Ang 
61. Royston Low
62. May Lam
63. Clara Chay
64. Sarah Zariah
65. Andrew Goh
66. Maggie Wu
67. Desmond Tay
68. Dorothy Loh
69. Terence Tay
70. Pauline Ong
71. Joanna Lee LB
72. Celine Ng
73. KC Loh
74. William Heng
75. Jane Tan
76. Mega A
77. Joyce Tham
78. Sally Du
79. Jerry Han
80. Bobby Bok

Author: Terence Seah


33 thoughts on “Sun Oct 30 month end gathering 12.30pm Artbites Cafe, TRCC Republic Poly”

  1. Hi Terence/Dolly,
    Please let me know if there is any slot or anyone unable to attend, I can take over the slot otherwise it is fine. Thank you.

    1. Hi Bobby,
      Regret to say that at this point of time, we had already closed for registration. As of today, i have not heard of anyone dropping out. Perhaps, programs lined-up is just too sweet to miss plus buffet menu is a good bargain. Cheers..

      Aiyo… Next time, register early la… dont wait till the 11th hour lo..

  2. Dear All,
    Kindly note that registration for this event is now officially closed. Thank you for all members that had signed up for this event. See all soon on 30 October 2022

    Cheers.. Dolly

  3. Getting near to targeted headcount for 80paxs for this event. 2 more to go… cheers…

  4. Only 11 slots left for the monthly gathering – Hurry to register before is full house. Programs lined-up for the day is interesting too – ice breaking games for Pioneer and New members to get together followed by Wai Kru (Thai martial art dance) performance and not forgetting the Breathing & Laughing Exercise to complement them. Who are those members performing?.. come and see for yourself la…


    1. Only 3 slots left for the coming monthly gathering on 30 Oct 2022. Apart for 3 programs mentioned earlier. Guess what? We are going to have birthday month celebration for October SHC gals n hunks, Interesting… Any more October’s babies keen to join us.. register now leh… Cheers…

  5. Hi All,
    I seem to have $20 payment via Paynow today and till now, no 1 come forward via watapps me to indicate name and payment done. Kindly note that there will be no way for us to knock off against your payment if you do not come forward to inform me accordingly. Otherwise, you can also reply here to keep me posted. Help much appreciated. Cheers…

  6. Good morning Terence,
    Zahriah (Sarah) Ahmad and Clara Chay will be joining this get-together. Looking forward to meet everybody. Hi Dolly, Ive just paylah $40 to your account too. Do acknowledge. Thanks.

    1. Wowwee, glad to see our 2 pioneer members signed up for this gathering. No time no see and sure to miss both of you too.. See both soon ya… BTW, recd payment with many thanks. Cheers..

    1. Doreen,
      Noted Joan Ang but she will need to re-apply the SHC Ordinary Membership as hers had lapsed. Waiting for her next move. Meanwhile, will put on the pending list.

  7. 24 seats to go. I am sorry we cannot increase the capacity. Cozy place with seatings in 2, 4 or 6.

    We have members with varied interests. Great place to get to know one another.

    If you like to know more members, and for others to know you, come do our ice-breaking sessions. Contact me on whatsapp 9489 4360

    Terence Seah

  8. Dolly, pls register me for Sun 30 Oct Buffet Gathering…kindly advise hw to pay S$20…

  9. Manning the registration table are Jasmine Wong and Mia Cheong.

    To assist you to see and know the name of another member, we will give you a sticker to place on your tshirt or blouse. Write your first and last name on the sticker.

    So, when u arrive, pls see Jasmine and Mia first.

    Terence Seah

  10. Loved to come but unfortunately unable to come on weekends. Next meeting if on weekdays I’ll be able to come. The buffet spreads r so tempting. Cheers!

  11. Morning Dolly, this is Florence Tay here, if I want to join the 30 Oct Sun Month End Gathering at TRCC Republic Poly, I just make payment $20 to register here?

    Florence Tay

  12. I would like to attend, how do I pay the fee of $20, can I pay on that day. Plse advise bus no from Woodlands to go there. Also can I bring a friend who is not a member. Thank you

    1. Hi Ros,

      Please make payment to Dolly Lim. The paynow account is in the same post.

      Our activities are only for members. Tq.

    1. Terrence,
      I wish to join the month end, Oct 2022 gathering at Artbites Cafe at TRCC at Republic Polytechnic.

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