Finding a new SHC management

Dear SHC members,

We have been working on renewing our management last 5 years. However, we have not been successful finding a volunteer management team, especially a team leader, after 17 years in operation.

The Silverhairsclub is still looking for a leadership change to take charge for the next 5 years.

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Closing date 7 Nov 2022.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


6 thoughts on “Finding a new SHC management”

  1. A member has proposed changes to the SHC structure and management.

    They conducted a discussion in Sun 27 Nov. A report should be available soon.

    Terence Seah

  2. Last group a few club members look at the possibility of a new management at SHC.

    The group discuss the possibility of revising the current way of running SHC and re- organizing is activities. The group also touched on setting up an entity to take over the management of SHC.

    No decision was made. And we decided to call off the discussion for now.

    Terence Seah

  3. From time to time we have request to allow advertising on our website and other club media. In general we do not allow advertising because our club does not charge membership fee.

    Some members feel that some kind of advertising should be allowed because they are for the benefit of members.

    We shall now review having advertising on our club. Your suggestions appreciated.

    Terence Seah

  4. It is because we do not charge membership fees that we have every right to put on advertisements, just like Media Corp and YouTube. Members cannot complain because they are not paying anything, and the Club needs revenue. Some products are beneficial to members, such as health supplements, exercising devices, learning programs etc. Someone will have to scrutinise the products before showing it to all.

    Having said that, and as usual being kiasoo, I am more concerned of the accounting part. When there are money transactions, the Govt. must have a say. What are the proper procedures?


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