December 2022 (Xmas) Monthly Gathering – CLOSED

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Dear All,
Y2022 coming to the end and we will be organising our last monthly gathering for Y2022 with joyous theme for Xmas. Come dressed up in Red/Green/White or better still, as Santa Claus or others… Details as follows:
Date: 18 December 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 12noon – 5.00pm
Venue: Artbites Cafe, TRCC Republic Poly
All new and old members from different interest groups eg dancing, crafts, walking, cooking, gardening, cycling, travel, Batam, Thailand, JB and makan.
Venue Artbites Cafe, a cosy cafe, right in the relaxed setting of TRCC Republic Polytechnic.
MRT: Woodlands MRT, followed by Bus# 169 from Woodlands Interchange and alight at 2nd bus stop.
Western Menu – Food certified halal as listed
– salad
– french onion soup
– mala pasta
– chicken chunk
– garlic butter prawn
– broccoli w oyster sauce
– fish & chip
– potato curry puff
– mini cake
– cut fruit
– coffee/ tea
– jug of Water
Extras : Xmas log cake
Strictly no outside food is allowed to bring into the Cafe also
No liquor and/or beers are allowed too
Price: $ 25 nett / pax, payable to Treasurer Dolly Lim.
Paynow 9815 9363.
Limited seating : 80 first registered/first paid SHC Ordinary members only
Refund if cancelled before 10th December 2022. Seat will be given to next on waiting list.
Volunteers super required to the committees, kindly whatsapp
EO – Mia – 89388253
Co-EO -Joanne – 93697268
1) Gift exchanges among the members tagged a minimum $5.00 (own expense)
2) Ice breaker games : Anyone games to do this?
More to add ons to be list… Any one keen to help out, let us know your program, we will defnitely get back to you..
Come to register early and enjoy the fun of Xmas…. Cheers… Organising Committes
Registered and Paid
1) Mia Cheong – EO (19/11)
2) Joanne Khoo – Co-EO (19/11)
3) Stewart Chu 19/11
4) Emily Woo 20/11
5) Joy Tang 20/11
6) Margaret Wong – 20/11
7) Yvonne Loo 20/11
8) Rosalind Choon 20/11
9) KC Loh 20/11
10) Vincci Lee 20/11
11) Maggie Loh 20/11
12) Gingko Tay 20/11
13) Katherine Wong – 20/11
14) Ivy Lim 20/11
15) Caroline Gee 20/11
16) Dolly Lim 20/11
17) Calvin Chow 20/11
18) Iris Lim 20/11
19) Vincent Hee 20/11
20) Aminah Bee 21/11
21) Sandra Chuah 21/11
22) Henry Cheong 21/11
23) Katherine Yap 21/1
24) William Heng 21/11
25) Maureen Lee 21/11
26) Susan Shiu 22/12
27) Irene Ng 22/11
28) Pattiya 22/11
29) Jean Kwek 23/11
30) Yew Kwong 24/11
31) Joan Ang 24/11
32) Frank Poh 24/11
33) Joanna Lee 24/11
34) Sue ChanWN 25/11
35) Dorothy Loh 25/11*
36) Terence Seah 25/11
37) Jean Lim 25/11
38) Aunty Miao 25/11
39) Thomas Loh 25/11
40) Helen Chiew 26/11
41) Lydia Poh 26/11
42) Jerry Han 26/11
43) Joyce Bong 26/11
44) Peggy Goh 26/11
45) Eileen Tan 26/11
46) Daisy Phua 26/11
47) Fong WC 27/11
48) Sindhu Missy 27/11
49) Jessie Ong 27/11
50) Doris Tang 27/11
51) Jasmine Wong 27/11
52) Christina Chan 28/11
53) Sarene Teo 28/11
54) Leon Lau 28/11
55) Amy GraceNg 28/11
56) Michael Woodworth 28/11
57) Loh KM 28/11
58) Cola Tan 28/11
59) Julie Khoo 28/11
60) Teresa Tng 29/11
61) Frederick Hu 29/11
62) Marie Chong 29/11
63) Pauline Soh 30/11
64) Hilda Lim 30/11
65) Florence Ching 30/11
66) Chan Nai San 30/11
67) Teo Tian Boo 2/12
68) Christina Quek 2/12
69) Koh Chai Hoon 2/12
70) Audrey Ang 2/12
71) Betty Liang 2/12
72) Winnie Tan 4/12
73) Lawrence Lee 4/12
74) Jessie Khor 4/12
75) James Tan CL 4/12
76) Angela Chia 5/12
77) Marilyn Koh 5/12
78) Jennifer Kan 5/12
79) Vincent Siew 6/12
80) Sheema Conde 10/12

26 thoughts on “December 2022 (Xmas) Monthly Gathering – CLOSED

  1. Wow. This event is moving very fast. Hurry up to register your participation b4 it closes its door. The EOs are in the mid of planning out a fantastic programs, xmas caroling, dancing share-session (in mid of discussion now).. Will update once I get him to do it… Akan datang… Cheers..

  2. Dear All,
    If you happened to do payment for this event but yet to inform me, please do so if not, there will be no way that I am able to put your participation in the groupchat for this event. Advice much appreciated. Thank you..

    Cheers.. DollyL / Treasurer

  3. Getting more and more interesting.. more programs otw … we have the following:
    1) Singalong sessions – some can singalong some can dance.. Both also win-win situation. Very good right?

    2) Calvin, a good dancer, going to the extra miles to bring in good sound stereo system to live up the atmosphere.. Best still, he will walk thru a simple dancing workshop on Disco Rock… hahaha… legs swinging away now..

    So, those that are game enough for all these fun and excitment, dont miss hor,,, hurry hurry to register and chope chope a seat to enjoy to the fullest..


  4. Dear EO

    I would love to join in the Xmas party but I won’t be in SG, away for holidays. Wish everyone here a happy Xmas gathering …..

    Ah Nee

    • Aiyo, ANee, you very bo eng leh… This is 1 last event for Y2022 hor.. somemore hor, wu sup bun given to make u swee swee 1 hor…

      Cheers… Dolly

  5. Hi EOs

    Interested, would like to attend.
    Please register n will update Dolly once
    payment made.

    Thank you

    • Hi Sindhu, Welcome the SHC and your participation for this event. Kindly paynow to the Treasurer (Dolly Lim) @ 98159363. Once payment is done, please send a watapp msg to this mobile for payment done. Thank you

      Cheers… DollyL

  6. Hi dolly
    I have just transfer $25 to.your payla.

    Hey! I just sent you SGD 25.00 via DBS PayLah! app

    Cola tan

  7. Hi, please register for the followings:
    1) Pauline Soh
    2) Hilda Lim
    3) Florence Chng
    4) Chan Nai San
    Thank you. Please let me know when to transfer money.

  8. Hi Dolly,
    I am coming! Appreciate registering my name. Will arrange payment shortly. Thank you.
    Winnie K-Tan

  9. Dear All,
    The registration is closed as we had reached the maximum headcount allowable for this gathering.

    Currently, there are 2 members waiting

  10. Hi Mia/Dolly,
    Please put me on waiting list. I was a bit busy with my company project and happen there is another birthday party(Feng Jiao) invitation at 6pm on the same day so I have delayed registration. Steward & KC Loh earlier suggested that I play my ukelele together with them for the sing along. Let’s see how it goes. Cheers

    • Bobby, thanks for the keen interest but regret to say this event is fully booked and closed for registration.

      Next time, if you are keen to performance side by side with any members, just register early lor..

      Meanwhile, will put you waitlist. FYI, there are currenty 3 members are still waiting… cheers…

  11. It is ok I realised that my timing do not allow me to attend this meeting as my prior appointment buffet/birthday party also start at 12noon on same day ie 18th Dec. Cheers

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