Participation and promotion MLM activities

Hi Bobby Bok,

It has come to my attention that you have been bringing groups of SHC members for tours and makan and selling and promoting products from Riway deer placenta pyramid scheme and promoters who claim pills can help stage 4 cancer.

MLM activitites is strictly not allowed in the club. And bringing members on tours, makan and presentations.

I’m about to take action and ban you from Silverhairsclub. If I do not hear from you by 31st December 2022, any justification or consideration, your ban will start immediately 1st January 2023.

Terence Seah

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  1. Bobby Bok trip abroad promotion often connected to Riway. KL free trip few months ago end up for 2 days the SHC members attend Riway office listen to their Purtier deer placenta health supplements sales seminar.. Naturally Taiwan trip be the same.prmote Riway.

    • Please note Aminah , we only take advantage of Riway providing the attractive tour invitation and as I have mentioned & clarify that we are much aware that Riway is been fined by the authorities and hence we never buy their product. I only take advantage of their attractive tour as usually this commercial tour package cost much more but because Riway got the economy of scale that is why their tour is much cheaper. Some of my friends who went never attend their presentation nor buy any of their product and Riway never pressure anyone either to buy their product. I thought that since my good friend from.Riway extend their invitation for only a limited few seats I share this attractive tour package with some friends. Since this MLM topic is very sensitive I can assure you that I will not share anymore of such tour. I do not gain anything from sharing this tour package as I myself is not a member of Riway. Thank you

  2. Dear Terence

    We join the trip is to take advantage of group discount not because of joining riway or buying products.

    Bobby did not pushed us to join, he too merely join for taiwan trip, for holiday with a group of friends just like us.

    Going on Riway trip does not mean we are buying their products.

  3. Hi Terence,
    Many of us do know about Riway trouble with the authorities in the past and I myself dun buy their product bcos firstly it is expensive and secondly they are also been fined by the authorities over some false claim. Regarding Taiwan trip the normal commecial 7D/6N tour to Taiwan cost about $1850 but Riway with same itineary cost only $1315. We just take advantage of Riway attractive invitation. There is no need to join as member or buy anything though Riway naturally would promote their product.
    Please also note that Maria is an old friend of mine but unfortunately she is banned due to some misunderstanding. Recently we had a walk and also many friends join this private walk to see some Christmas lighting etc. I m her friend but I also do not allow any MLM activities to be carry out in my private chat group. Life is short and I just like to have more friends and share some good things with friends. I hope I have clarify my intention and not out to promote Riway or any MLM activities. Thank you Terence for your kind understanding.

  4. Dear Terence,
    I also realised that Riway is a MLM company and promoting their trip abroad is like promoting Riway and their MLM activities. I must sincerely apologise to you that I should not promote their trip also or any related mlm activities. In future I will not share anymore of such activities and only participate in SHC activities. I and many of us in SHC really appreciate that you have done a very good job of bringing many of us together and become friends. I look forward to see & meet up with you again in the future. Thank you.

  5. Bobby invited me to joined the KL tour in Aug 2022 and though they have talk/award ceremony about their product it is not a must and I choose not to attend the talk or award ceremony by doing other activity. Riway also did not ask me to join them as member or buy the product as they are aware of my disinterest in this expensive Purtier product. I am Bobby former colleage & also an old friend and appreciate his good intention to share this attractive tour invitation. He himself did not buy any product or join Riway as member and there is no intention on his part to promote Riway or carry out any MLM activity.

  6. I witnessed an ugly encounter with regards to this issue in 1 of the member-self- created travel group. 1 new member was asked generally abit more details but ended being bombarded by another supporter of Bobby into asking stupid questions despite the fact that new member apologized but left the group after. I was also being identified as asking questions when I asked is there anything wrong for member to clarify issues. Thereafter I left this group too if the Admin is unable to execute the rights to maintain R&R, why would I waste my time to stay put the group right?

    Many emphasis on take advantage of group discounts, no need to be a member and/or buying their products are being inputted as good bargain for cheap travel – Is that our SHC seniors want? No need to attend sales seminars – Is this also make known to all interested members? But contact details were already in their hands when 1 registered for Riway cheap trips – Is this not true – How sure 1 can be that Riway not contacting them after trip? I am very sure most members know how persistent these MLM sellers are as they need to meet their monthly quotas.

    If this is so called good bargain, how come now is blown so huge leading to permanent ban.. so there is something more that was not mentioned at all..hmmmm?

    Yes, life is short – managed to grab a good bargain is always good but I will not go for cheap trip with an unknown tag tied to it.

    Ban or forgiven – is not our call but is Terence. I just want to say my part.

    Thank you….

  7. On our rule of no MLM, I am aware and understanding that a numbers operate MLM as a business and a source of income.

    I particularly pay attention to

    1. SHC members promoting and presenting MLM products during any Club events and media source.

    2. Inviting other members to external places to view presentations and products.

    3. Coorporate with non members or organisations with the same MLM intentions.

    The club is NOT concerned with member’s individual decision and action outside, other than above points.

    Terence Seah

    • Fully support you Terence!. Just my 5 cents worth of opinion. As an illustration, a hawker opens his stall for business though there is no hard push or touting, he is doing a business selling food. In the same way, if a person in general who invited some members of his/her club to an event linking to MLM products, is he/she also doing business just like a hawker does, even there is no hard push?

  8. Generally speaking – about Pyramid sale schemes or MLM business. Camouflage, Disguise, Masquerade, Pretend…..there must be a dozen words to describe this kind of business. In reality, there is no free lunch – not even a “discounted” lunch. Somewhere somehow, they must recover the cost. If not from the “take advantage” people, it must be from some other suckers. Do not be an accomplice in such shady schemes.


  9. Fully agree and support with Terence and Dolly. On the other hand our contacts are exposed once we join an activity chat group. That’s the reason i left chat grps, though i really want to join the activities. Members just have to be careful. Appreciate Terence takes stern actions when it happened and make known to members.

  10. Many activities go on among SHC groups and members. In general, I am not aware of MLM activities going on.

    On this case, 90% wrote in to feedback that there was no push to sign up for MLM programs ie no hardsell to buy expensive health products by the said person.

    However, all feedback by involved participants point out their participation were directly linked to the discounts and attractive prices of the trips.

    Two members felt that even though there was no pushing to sell the MLM programs or products, the said person should be banned as all are part of MLM.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi Bobby,

    I had considered the various trips and programs which were organised by MLM groups, for which SHC members were incentivised into taking discounted trips and meals.

    Most attendees were attracted to the low cost for attending promotions and trips. This over-rides the pressure by the organisers to pick up MLM schemes.

    I have investigated from feedback that you are not a MLM member pushing MLM schemes, but had instead tried to benefit from the low travel fares for members.

    I do not look into this commercial part of the business.

    The rule was designed to protect unaware members into buying unknown investments.

    Still, invitation to marketing and MLM presentations at club activities, are not allowed, whatever the final objective or reason.

    As your intentions are sincere and beneficial to members, I shall not place a membership ban on you.

    Rule applies.

    Terence Seah

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