SHC One night in Seoul

Place and date not decided.

One night in Seoul is a theme Dinner & Dance. This event is part of a series of one night events, held previously in Shanghai, Bangkok, Johor, Hongkong, Taipei and Tokyo.

This year, we move to Seoul. We plan for 100 pax, but if the organisation goes well, we may do 150 or 200 pax.

1. We start by identifying the ballroom, capable of between 100 and 200 pax.

2. Recruiting membets able to sing popular korean songs.

3. Once venue jdentified, we piece together a reception team, a F&B and decor team, a participation team, a music team, etc.

4. After venue, we look for a band or music system to meet our requirements.

Suggestions on the lookout on this forum.

Terence Seah


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